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Declutter 365: A Year Of 15 Minute Decluttering Missions

Take the year long Declutter 365 Challenge, and each day 15 minutes of work will transform your home. I guarantee very quickly you'll begin to see results, even if some days it didn't feel like you made much of a dent.

Join the free Declutter 365 missions to get a plan for how to declutter your entire house over the course of the year, 15 minutes at a time. These missions deal with all rooms of your home, lots of types of common objects we all have, and even has missions for digital clutter! {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #Declutter365 #Decluttering #Declutteruse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

What Is Declutter 365?

The idea behind Declutter 365 is simple, yet powerful.

It is to make decluttering a habit by doing some declutter task every single day, so you can reap the rewards without feeling like the process of decluttering is taking over your life.

Each day I provide a 15 minute mission for you to accomplish. This keeps you from spinning your wheels, wondering what to do. It's simple. Just do the mission for the day, and then done. Whew!

I've already developed a year long plan for you, and thought it through. I've hit the major areas in every room in the house, thought of all the hidden and obvious clutter problem areas many of us face, and give you access to this plan so you can begin immediately!

Just think about it. If you actually decluttered every day, for the whole year, for fifteen minutes a day, you'd be able to declutter for over 90 hours! Imagine how much impact you could make in that amount of time!

You can grab your copy of the year-long calendar here. All you've got to do is turn to today's date, and do the mission. Then, rinse and repeat tomorrow. Easy peasy!

Get your free 2024 Declutter 365 calendar printable, to give you a simple plan to get your home decluttered over the course of the year, without overwhelm, while simultaneously learning the skills necessary to maintain that clutter free existence from then on {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #Declutter365 #Decluttering #Declutteruse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

But I Need Someone To Remind Me, Because I'll Forget!

Take the Declutter 365 challenge, which is 365 fifteen minute daily #decluttering missions on Home Storage Solutions 101, and see real results. This free plan has over 90 hours of decluttering for your whole home! #Declutter365 #Declutteruse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

I hear you! It is easy to start out with good intentions, but easy to forget to check a printed calendar daily.

First, I recommend that you post a copy of the calendar up on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror, or wherever, to remind yourself to do the daily mission. (You can purchase a printed version of the calendar here, that I'll mail to you, if you need it.)

But if it was that easy everyone would do it.

So here's the things I do to try to help remind you:

1. Sign Up To Get Weekly Reminders Through Email Of That Week's Daily Missions Plus That Week's Organized Home Challenge

Everyone who subscribes to my free newsletter joins the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge, and these Declutter 365 missions.

As the names suggest, these two programs, combined, are a system to get your whole house decluttered and then organized, slowly, over the course of the year, without it feeling overwhelming.

These two systems, the Organized Home Challenges, and Declutter 365 missions, are highly intertwined and complement one another. When you do one it makes sense to do the other, and that's how they are designed.

How this works in real life is that, for example, when we're decluttering in the kitchen, with the Declutter 365 missions, the weekly challenge will also be organizing the kitchen.

As part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge you get weekly emails from me, right into your inbox, reminding you of the next week's challenge so you don't forget.

In those emails I also remind you what that week's daily missions are.

Fill out the form below to join the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge so you get weekly reminders of what we're organizing and decluttering each week and day. When you sign up now you'll get this year's calendar.

* indicates required

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2. Join The Declutter 365 Premium Group For Daily Mission Reminders Plus Monthly Group Coaching Session

Get your 2024 membership to Declutter 365 Premium Facebook Group

Although you can follow along with just the emails from me, plus the calendar, many people begged for more interaction and guidance during the missions.

You asked and so I delivered. I've created a closed Facebook group called Declutter 365 Premium which follows along with the Declutter 365 mission schedule I've created and posts each mission, daily, to help remind you of the challenges and missions, and keep you on track. In this group I also provide monthly live video sessions to discuss the habits and routines necessary to maintain your home from now on, plus provide access to the video archives for the group which provide coaching for all the Declutter 356 missions and 52 Week Organized Home Challenges.

You can find out more about how to join this group here.

Learn more about the Declutter 365 Premium Group

3. I'm Slowly Creating 365 Declutter Mission Pages Here On The Site For You To Reference

Finally, I get that some of you may want to declutter or organize at your own pace, or in your own order that best suits your needs.

That's why, slowly but surely, I'm taking all of the 365 missions I've created and making them into articles on the site.

These articles provide you with lots of resources and inspiration. They contain some or all of the following, depending on the mission discussed:

  • More in depth information and strategies for how to declutter that particular type of item, or within that room.
  • Discussion of ideas of what you can do with those items you're decluttering, such as good places to donate, sell, and/or recycle those particular things. Many find this helpful because knowing what to do when getting rid of an item makes the process of decluttering easier.
  • Inspirational pictures from other readers who've taken on that mission to show their success, to fire you up, or pictures showing what they're tackling so you don't feel alone.

I've linked below to the articles that have already been written, and there are plans for even more, obviously.

So check back often as I add more and more of the missions, and start the count down to 365 declutter missions with me!

Bathroom Missions

clear bathroom sink
Bathroom Sink
bathroom drawers
Bathroom Drawers
bathroom cabinet
Bathroom Cabinets & Shelves

under bathroom sink
Under Bathroom Sink
shower and bathtub clutter
Shower & Bathtub
makeup and toiletries
Makeup & Toiletries

toothbrush replacement
Toothbrush Replacement
bath toys
Bath Toys
hair accessories
Hair Accessories

Bedroom Missions

Make sure to also check out the kids missions, below, for more kid related bedroom missions.

Nightstand or Bedside Table
under the bed
Under The Bed
Dresser Top

guest bedroom
Guest Bedroom

Cars & Vehicles Missions

car interior
Car Interior
car trunk
Car Trunk
glove box
Glove Box

Cleaning Supplies & Scheduling Missions

cleaning products
Cleaning Products & Tools
create daily cleaning checklist
Create Daily Cleaning Checklist
weekly cleaning schedule
Create Weekly Cleaning Schedule

house cleaning checklist ebook
Create Personalized Cleaning Checklists
tidy up routine
Adopt Daily Tidy Up Routine

Closet & Clothes Missions

Make sure to also check out the kids missions, below, for more kid related clothes and closet missions. You can see a full round up of missions to declutter your excess wardrobe in this article.

pile of clothes
Clothes You Don't Like Or Don't Fit
backward hangers in closet
Turn Hangers Backward
hanging clothes
Hanging Clothes

closet shelves and drawers
Closet Shelves & Drawers
closet floor
Closet Floor
dresser drawers
Dresser Drawers

Shirts & Tops

Pants & Jeans

Sweaters & Sweatshirts
Dresses & Formal Wear

worn clothes
Worn Clothes Storage Area
Coats & Jackets
gloves, hats and scarves
Gloves, Hats & Scarves



Crafts & Hobbies

unfinished craft project
Unfinished Craft Projects
craft supplies
Craft Supplies & Equipment
craft room
Craft Room

photography and video equipment
Photography & Video Equipment

Digital Information

email clutter in inbox
Email Inbox
stop unwanted emails by unsubscribing
Stop Unwanted Emails
create folders for organizing email account
Organizing Email With Folders

computer files
Computer Files
ICE information
Add ICE Information To Phone
delete apps and digital clutter from smart phones and tablets
Smart Phones & Tablets

delete 3rd party  Facebook apps
3rd Party Facebook Apps
digital photos
Digital Photos
password organizer ideas
Password Organizer

stop telemarketing  calls
Opt Out & Stop Telemarketing Calls

Dining Room Missions

decluttered dining room table
Dining Room Table
cloth napkins
Tablecloths, Napkins & Placemats
china and silver
China & Silver

china cabinet
China Cabinet Or Hutch
dining room
Dining Room

Entryway & Mudroom {Entrances & Exits To Home}

shoes in entryway
Shoes From Entryway

coat closet
Coat Closet
Stairs {Including Under Stairs}

Finances & Bills

paying bills online
Switch To Online Bill Payment
paid bills
File Folders For Paid Bill Stubs
printable monthly bill organizer form
Fill Out Monthly Bill Organizer

Old Receipts
receipt organizer
Create Receipt Organizer
tax records
Old Tax Records

tax organizer
Create A Tax Organizer
printable grocery price book form
Create Grocery Price Book
Expired Coupons

printable list of coupon categories
Sort Coupons Into Categories

Food Storage Areas

Eat From The Pantry & Freezer Challenge
Eat From The Pantry & Freezer
Pantry & Food Cupboards
canned food
Canned Food

food cupboards
Shelf-Stable Food
donate unperishables to food pantry
Donate To Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

printable pantry inventory
Fill Out Pantry Inventory
food in refrigerator
pack lunches
Lunch Packing Station

freezer inventory form
Fill Out Freezer Inventory
Stockpile From Couponing

emergency supplies
Emergency Supplies

General & Whole Home

flat surface
Flat Surface
Rugs & Mats

home recycle bin
Place Home Recycle Bins In Key Locations
trash bin
Place Trash Bins In Key Locations
reusable shopping bags
Reusable Shopping Bags

broken objects
Broken Objects
medicine disposal
Vases & Flower Pots

musical instuments
Musical Instruments
Trophies & Awards

pet supplies
Pet Supplies
fire extinguisher placement
Fire Extinguisher Placement


car care products
Car Care Products
Large Appliances
Bicycles & Gear

fitness equipment
Fitness & Sports Equipment
telephone and home message center
Create Telephone & Home Message Center

Holiday Missions

Valentine's Day candy
Valentine's Day Stuff
spring decorations
Spring Decorations
summer decorations
Summer Decorations

Halloween candy
Halloween Candy
fall decorations
Fall Decorations
party supplies
Party Supplies

gift bags
Gift Bags
Christmas mess
Christmas Day Mess
put away Christmas presents
Put Away Christmas Presents

used Christmas cards
Christmas Cards
Christmas storage inventory form
Fill Out Christmas Storage Inventory Form

Home Inventory

home inventory checklist
Use Home Inventory Checklist
home inventory form
Fill Out Home Inventory Forms
Video Or Photos Of Home Contents

Home Office

pens and pencils holder
Pens & Pencils
home office supplies
Home Office Supplies
messy desk
Desk Drawers

messy desk
Clean Your Desk Top
Cords & Cables

Kids Missions

baby clutter
Baby Gear, Supplies & Equipment
chore chart
Create Kids' Chore Chart
school supplies
School Supplies

kids clothes
Kids Clothes
kids closet
Kids Closet
hand me down kids clothes
Hand Me Down Kids Clothes

kids bedroom
Kids Bedroom
kids books
Kids Books
Outgrown & Broken Toys

small toys
Toys With Small Parts
toy box
Toy Boxes & Containers
stuffed animals
Stuffed Animals

board games
Board Games, Cards & Puzzles
video games
Video Games & Electronic Toys

rock collection
Kids Collectibles & Collections
kids craft supplies
Kids' Arts & Crafts Supplies
kids artwork
Kids' Artwork

Kitchen Missions

kitchen sink
Kitchen Sink
uncluttered kitchen counter
Kitchen Counters
kitchen island
Kitchen Island

kitchen table
Kitchen Table
kitchen towels
Kitchen Towels
Potholders & Oven Mitts

front of refrigerator
Front & Top Of Refrigerator
kitchen drawer
Kitchen Drawers
Utensils & Gadgets

silverware drawer
Silverware Drawer
junk drawer
Junk Drawer
kitchen cabinets
Kitchen Cabinets

under kitchen sink cabinet
Under Kitchen Sink Cabinet
food storage containers
Food Storage Containers
pots and pans
Pots And Pans

water bottles and travel mugs
Water Bottles & Travel Mugs
small appliances
Small Appliances

coffee mugs
Coffee Mugs
serving dish
Serving Dishes

plastic grocery bags
Plastic Grocery Bags
take out supplies
Plastic Cutlery & Take Out Supplies
kitchen wrap organizer
Kitchen Wrap {Foil, Baggies & Plastic Wrap}

recipe categories
Sort Recipes Into Categories

Laundry Room Or Area Missions

laundry room
Around Washer & Dryer
laundry shelves
Laundry Shelves & Cabinets
laundry supplies
Laundry Supplies

ironing supplies
Ironing Supplies
stain removal station
Create Stain Removal Station
sock bag
Lost Or Unmated Socks

laundry basket
Place Clothes Hampers For Dirty Laundry
laundry basket
Put Away Clean Laundry
catch up on laundry
Catch Up On Laundry

laundry schedule printable
Create Laundry Schedule
sewing supplies
Create Mending Basket
laundry room decor
Add Fun & Functional Laundry Room Decor

Linen Closet

sheets and pillowcases
Sheets & Pillowcases


Living Room & Family Room

living room
Living Room
Under & In Between Couch Cushions
entertainment center
Entertainment Center

Media Missions {Books, Music, Movies, Photos, Etc.}

Music Collection
Movie Collection

Gather Loose Photographs
Organize Photos By Setting Up A Routine

Outdoor & Yard Missions


outdoor storage shed
Outdoor Storage Shed
gardening tools
Gardening Supplies
yard tools
Yard Tools

pool toys
Pool Toys & Supplies

Paper & Files Missions

Create Daily Routine For Paperwork
Weekly Paperwork Session
command center
Home Message Board & Command Center


phone book
Phone Books & Directories
warranties and owner's manuals
Manuals & Warranties
file folders
Old Files

file categories
Create File Categories
vital records and important documents
Vital Records & Important Documents
create a file index
Create File Index

home filing system
Annual File Purge
tickler file
Create Tickler File
shredded paper
Recycle Or Shredding Paper Piles

home paper shredder
Set Up Paper Shredding Area
junk mail
Get Rid Of Junk Mail
stop junk mail
Stop Junk Mail

contact information
Update Contact Information
business cards
Business Cards
important contact list template
Create Backup Important Contact List

emergency contact list
Fill Out Emergency Contact List

Purses & Bags

Purse Contents
Key Ring & Loose Keys

what to do before you wallet is lost or stolen
Create A Wallet Inventory
Bags {Gym, Work Or Diaper}

Sentimental Items

memorabilia and keepsakes
Memorabilia & Keepsakes
Collections & Collectibles

Storage Spaces

printable basement storage inventory form
Fill Out Basement Inventory

printable garage storage inventory form
Fill Out Garage Inventory

printable attic storage inventory form
Fill Out Attic Inventory
storage room
Storage Room
storage containers
Storage Containers

declutter storage unit
Storage Unit Or Locker

Time Management Missions

7 things to do tonight when preparing for tomorrow
Do Something Night Before
daily time block planner page
Make A Daily Time Block To Do List
printable morning routine chart
Fill Out Morning Routine Chart

evening routine chart
Evening Routine Chart
errands and shopping list template
Create Running Errands & Shopping List
meal planner template
Weekly Meal Planner Template

menu planning ideas form
Menu Planning Ideas Form
printable grocery shopping list
Grocery Shopping List

Routines & Tasks To Get Clutter Out Of Your Home

gather decluttering supplies
Gather Decluttering Supplies
clutter to remove from home
Clear Out Of Home To Complete Process
how to set up a clutter donation box
Set Up Clutter Collection Station

taking out the trash
Develop Trash Day Routine
drop off donations
Drop Off Donations
schedule a donation pick up
Schedule A Donation Pick Up

Want More Information About The Declutter 365 Missions?

If you want even more information about the Declutter 365 missions, make sure to check out this set of answers to frequently asked questions about this program here.

FAQs about the Declutter 365 missions

Join the free Declutter 365 missions to get a plan for how to declutter your entire house over the course of the year, 15 minutes at a time. These missions deal with all rooms of your home, lots of types of common objects we all have, and even has missions for digital clutter! {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #Declutter365 #Decluttering #Declutteruse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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