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My Top 15 Storage Solutions Picks

Welcome to the Storage Store for Home Storage Solutions 101, or at least what my dream store would carry.

top 15 home storage solutions

Below you'll find my top 15 picks of storage products for your home, which I believe can solve the majority of the organizing and storage dilemmas in the average household.

The beauty of the home storage solutions I've listed below is that they almost always can be used in multiple ways, so even if you stop using it in one area of your home chances are you can find a new use for it somewhere else.

This list isn't designed to recommend a specific product, typically, since what works best in your home will depend on the size of the space you'll put it in, design and color preferences, etc.

However, it will get you thinking about what "type" of an item might work best for you. I'm also hoping it will help you with some light bulb moments so you can utilize some space in your home you hadn't even considered for storage yet.

About Taylor's Top 15 Picks Storage Store Series

The first week of this series, I'll introduce you to my list of the top 15 types of storage solutions that I would want in my ideal Storage Store.

Then, each week hereafter I'll tackle each item on the list, one at a time, in more detail sharing in the article examples and ideas for how to use this type of storage solution in your home, some common uses, and things to consider when purchasing or using these in your own home, to make the most of them.

Here are my top 15 picks of storage solutions I would stock in my own Storage Store.

1. Wall Mounted Storage And Organizers

wall mounted storage

One of the most under-utilized storage areas in any home are typically the walls. Adding a wall mounted storage unit or organizer can help you by keeping items at eye level, where you can easily see and use them.

Plus, putting things on the walls keeps things up off the floor too, and floor space is always at a premium.

Here are some tips for using the walls to their maximum for storing items in your home, as well as ideas and popular wall storage solutions you might want to use.

2. Hooks & Pegs: Hang It Up Easily

hooks and pegs

Hooks and pegs are actually just a sub-genre of wall organizers, since that is where you typically put them (although they can also be on the ceiling or doors), but they are so awesome and useful I gave them their own place on my list.

Even when you don't have room for a whole organizer mounted on your wall, you most likely have a space for a little hook or peg.

3. Overhead Storage: Use The Space Above You

overhead storage

Just like using your wall space can create a lot of storage area you may not be using right now, the same can be said for overhead storage.

Obviously, you've got to have a high enough ceiling so you don't whack your head on stuff, but the space above our heads is great for little used items that are bulky (but not too heavy).

4. Over The Door Storage And Organizers

over the door storage

Another underutilized area to store things is on doors. Just think, this can be such wasted space that you can easily add shelves, pockets, etc. to, so you can store all kinds of stuff.

There are all kinds of organizers and storage solutions that can be installed over your door, or installed onto the door itself to put things in a handy place which is still out of the way.

5. Hanging Storage & Organizers

hanging storage

A similar solution to overhead organizers are hanging ones. Some are designed to hang directly from the ceiling, while others hang from rods in your closet or other such places.

These can be a great way to utilize otherwise wasted space, creating shelving, baskets, or holders for all types of items.

6. Drawers (And Drawer Dividers)

drawer divider

All homes come with some build in drawers, and you can also buy them to add to all types of areas of your home.

The nice thing about drawers is that they can hide things from view, since not everything you own needs to be on display all the time.

However, drawers can get messy so I love drawer dividers to create designated space within the drawers for various items.

7. Storage Shelves

storage shelves

Another classic item that should be in any storage store are shelving units.

You can get all kinds, from beautiful wood bookcases to metal utility shelves, and in all kinds of heights and depths.

You do always have to consider how the items look on shelves though, since the contents are not hidden, but instead are exposed for all to see.

In addition, items on shelves can begin to all become a jumble, or piles can topple onto one another. You can "containerize" or compartmentalize shelves by using shelf dividers, to keep what you've got on the shelves organized.

8. Storage Cabinets For Hiding Your Stuff From View

storage cabinet

The fact that you can't hide items on a shelf is, in my opinion, one of the reasons that storage cabinets are so popular. Cabinets give you much of the same storage space as shelves, but with a door you can close to hide the stuff inside.

Cabinets come in a variety of colors, sizes and depths to fit almost any area of your home.

They tend to get messy inside though, so I'm also a fan of cabinet organizers to accompany them.

9. Turntables (a.k.a. Lazy Susans)

lazy susan

One such type of cabinet organizer, and storage solution in its own right, is the classic lazy susan, also known as a turntable.

Shelves can get crammed with stuff, especially very deep ones, which makes it difficult to get to items in the back.

Lazy susans, and their close cousins the storage step risers, help you create rows or groupings of items on a deep shelf while still being able to access everything easily.

10. Storage Containers, Tubs & Bins (With And Without Lids)

storage container

I bet when you first think of what should be included in a storage store you think about storage containers, tubs and bins. I know I do.

They definitely have their place within your home, both for long term storage of items and also for an everyday place to hold items when you're not using them.

They can be used on their own, or in conjunction with some of these other storage solutions mentioned on this page.

11. Baskets (With And Without Lids)

storage basket

Another similar type of solution to storage containers are storage baskets, both with or without lids.

I like baskets, since they tend to look a bit more attractive than plastic bins and tubs, and so I tend to favor them for use for everyday storage.

On the other hand, they don't store things long term well, so they definitely have only certain preferred uses.

12. Bags, Bags, Bags (From Vacuum Sealed To Ziplock)

storage bag

One often overlooked item for any ideal storage store are bags. They come in all kinds of varieties and for all kinds of uses, but they can be one of your best friends for storage.

There are huge bags which can be used to hold items like comforters and other fabric items, while others are small and can help you organize tiny stuff that needs to stay together.

13. Filing Cabinets And Other Paper Storage Solutions

file cabinet

Although years ago they started talking about a paperless world that still hasn't happened, has it?

In the mean time, before the paperless revolution finally takes hold you've got to have some type of way to hold all your paper for files, bills, financial matters, and more.

A tried and true item that should be stocked in any storage store is the classic file cabinet, but there are lots of other variations of paper storage solutions that are also quite useful for the home.

14. Storage Carts: Movable Storage Rocks!

storage cart

I love a good storage solution that is movable. These can come in handy all over your home, to move the stuff you need to use into an area when needed, and then wheel it back out to another area to store later.

The most classic example of a portable or movable storage solution is a storage cart, but these days they've also got drawers and shelves on wheels as well.

15. Furniture With Dual Purpose Of Storage

storage furniture

Finally, last on my list, but definitely not least, is storage furniture.

If you've already got furniture it most likely isn't practical to replace it just to get more storage space at the same time. However, definitely keep in mind that many types of furniture can double as storage when you're shopping in the future.

There's nothing better than having a place to sit and knowing you've got something stored there, under your bottom or feet, for example.

Well, that's my list of the top 15 types of solutions I think should be in any storage store you might visit.

Have I missed an item you think should have made my list? Or do you have a great way to use one of these items I haven't thought of yet? If so, share what you think should be in Taylor's Ideal Storage Store below in the comments.

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