Declutter 365 Products That Will Help You Declutter Your Home This Year

If you want to get your home decluttered, and have it stay that way, use some or all of these Declutter 365 products, including the printable calendar, text messaging for reminders, and the private, exclusive Facebook group to help you do it.

If you want to get your home decluttered, and have it stay that way, use some or all of these Declutter 365 products, including a calendar, text messaging for reminders, and even a Facebook group to help you do it {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

The Declutter 365 missions are a step by step, detailed plan, that allow you to declutter your whole house over the course of the year, with 365 daily missions.

I've been running these daily missions for almost a decade now, and I've seen results with this approach!

The plan works because it:

If you want to get your home decluttered, and have it stay that way, use some or all of these Declutter 365 products, including a calendar, text messaging for reminders, and even a Facebook group to help you do it {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest
  • Decides for you what should be done each day, so you don't stop and over think what needs to get done, and end up doing nothing;
  • Is comprehensive, and well-thought out, so instead of you forgetting about some major area of your home or life that needs to be decluttered, it covers all the bases for you;
  • Focuses on one area at a time, and then breaks those areas down into small bite-sized chunks so you can get it done;
  • Provides only a short time committment each day. You only have to do the mission for 15 minutes a day, so you can find time to work this plan into your daily life;
  • Builds momentum with time, because all those small incremental changes add up over time to something much bigger;
  • Develops the habits necessary to keep your home decluttered and organized from now on, because the daily actions make the process of making decisions about what to keep or get rid of, and getting things out of your home habitual, and things that are habits are easier to do regularly and consistently;
  • Changes your mindset about clutter, since you are thinking about what is and is not clutter in your home daily, so you begin to realize what is and isn't really needed in your home, and also helps you stop bringing new clutter into your home to begin with.

How To Get Started: Get The Free Declutter 365 Calendar

To get started with the Declutter 365 daily missions you should get the calendar, which is what lists out the plan for the year, and the daily steps.

You can get the entire year's calendar, all at once, when you subscribe, for free, to the newsletter for the website.

Click here to sign up and get your yearly calendar.

Free printable 2021 Declutter 365 calendar {on Home Storage Solutions 101}

(Please note that if you've already signed up for the newsletter in the past, and have not unscubscribed, you were already provided with a copy of the calendar, and each subsequent year you automatically are sent that current year's calendar. There is no need to sign up again. Instead, if you've misplaced your copy of the calendar please send me an email, by replying to one of the newsletters that has been sent to you, so you can get another copy.)

If you don't want to subscribe to the free newsletter to get your full year calendar then you can click here to find out how to donate money to the site, and get the yearly calendar as a thank you gift.

In addition, you can also get the calendars, monthly, one by one, from the website, without any strings attached.

These monthly calendars, available as one page PDFs, are available starting a few days before the next month starts, directly from the site. All you've got to do is go to the monthly calendar page, scroll down, and click the link to open the PDF of the calendar. Simple! Then come back the next month and grab the next calendar after it is released.

Click here to find the current month's calendar and get started.

Month by month guide to declutter your home, incuding free printables for each month {on Home Storage Solutions 101}

Additional Declutter 365 Products To Help Remind You Of The Daily Missions & Keep Motivated

All you've got to have to follow the Declutter 365 missions are the monthly calendars, but I have found as more and more people have gone through the program that there are some additional items that can help increase participants chances of success with the program.

The first consist of reliable, consistent ways to be reminded what you're supposed to do each day as part of the plan, so you can do it.

The second is to realize you're not in this alone, and that you can stay motivated, get encouragement when the going gets tough (because we know it always does, at some point), and to get help when you feel stuck or need some more guidance.

That's where these additional paid products really can help.

Get Daily Reminders Of The Missions Via Text Messages

Over the years I've tried LOTS of ways to remind people, daily, of the missions. This year I'm offering daily reminders of Declutter 365 missions via text messages. (You can click the link to read the article with more information about this product.)

How to get the Declutter 365 daily missions delivered via text straight to your phone

Please note that the texting service only will text to U.S. based phone numbers, so only get this if you've got a U.S. based number.

To receive daily text messages, for each day's Declutter 365 mission from now, through December 31, 2021, costs $36.50, and can be purchased here.

Click here to buy Declutter 365 daily text messages

Click here to purchase daily text messages for 2021

Stay Motivated & Encouraged, And Get Help When You Need It With The Declutter 365 Premium Facebook Group

Along with daily reminders, getting support through motivation, encouragement, and help when you need it can make the process of decluttering your home much easier, and give you the tools to succeed.

To help with all these tasks I've created a special, private and exclusive Facebook group that you can join where I can help you with group coaching through the missions and tasks, and you can also get help and support from like-minded Declutter 365 participants as well.

This Premium Facebook group is for you if you want:

  • Daily reminders of each mission through a private, exclusive Facebook group
  • To stay motivated and encouraged, even when the going gets tough
  • To celebrate accomplishments when you get something decluttered or organized, and want to do a little (private) victory dance
  • To ask questions or share concerns with a group of like-minded non-judgmental people that can help you when you feel stuck, or help making decisions about the stuff in your home when it feels tough
  • To get weekly group coaching from me (Taylor) for each week's challenges and missions
  • To hold yourself accountable and make progress throughout the year in decluttering

Both annual and monthly subscriptions to this private Facebook group are available. Find out how to join the Declutter 365 Premium Facebook group here.

Get your 2021 membership to Declutter 365 Premium Facebook Group

If you're already ready to purchase, you can purchase your annual membership here:

Click here to buy Declutter 365 Premium 2021 Membership

Click here for a 2021 membership

Get The Declutter 365 Bundle Of Both Text Messages & Premium Membership Together {Best Value}

If you want to get each day's Declutter 365 mission texted to your phone throughout 2021, plus get an annual subscription for the Premium Facebook group, make sure to purchase the bundle of these two products together, instead of purchasing them separately, since you get a discount for the bundle!

By purchasing the two products in the bundle together you'll save $10.50, compared to purchasing them separately!

You can purchase your bundle of Declutter 365 products here.

Click here to buy Declutter 365 Bundle

Click here to purchase Declutter 365 Bundle

Support Declutter 365 With A Small Donation

Finally, if you feel like the Declutter 365 daily missions have helped you get your home decluttered, and youu want to support the work I'm doing, and make sure that I can continue to share the basic calendar with as many people as possible, I would appreciate it if you made a small donation to the site.

You can find out more about how to make a small donation to support Declutter 365 here.

How to support Declutter 365 with a small donation

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