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Will You Support Declutter 365 With A Small Donation?

Will you support Declutter 365 and the website with a small donation, to help keep the plan free and available to everyone?

Will you support Declutter 365 and the website, Home Storage Solutions 101, with a small donation, to help keep the plan free and available to everyone? Here's how to do it.use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Hi, it's Taylor here, and this is my website, Home Storage Solutions 101.

Each year, for the past ten years, I've created an annual Declutter 365 calendar, which is a detailed step by step plan for how you can declutter your whole house, over the course of a year.

Will you support Declutter 365 and the website, Home Storage Solutions 101, with a small donation, to help keep the plan free and available to everyone? Here's how to do it.use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Through the years I've seen with my own eyes, with participant testimonials and photos, that the plan works, and people's homes are becoming clutter free! Woo hoo! In fact, over the years over half a million calendars have been downloaded, and guess what? I gave them all away for free.

Why do I give something valuable like this calendar away each and every year, and also work hard to keep it updated and improved year after year?

The answer is that I want everyone to have a clutter free home, if that's what they want too, and I figured out the secret -- incremental change, that turns into the habit of decluttering, to get you there.

I can't just keep that information to myself! It's like when you make a huge discovery and you have to share it with the world.

Over the years this website has grown, as has the number of people asking for the calendar each year, and with that growth comes more opportunities to share the life-changing Declutter 365 missions with the world, but also it comes with costs of time and actual money to run the website.

The site is actually now the family business, and what my husband and I both work on each and every day, and as such it's also what allows us to support our family of five (three wonderful kiddos, and ourselves!) Meet the Flanery family!

Meet the Flanery family

Over the years I've had lots of people basically beg to let them give me a small donation because they so appreciated the free printable calendar and were excited by the results they were achieving in their homes. But I felt a bit hesitant. After all, as I explained, I give away the basic Declutter 365 plan for free out of a place of love and desire to help, and so accepting donations didn't seem to fit with that.

But people kept asking, insisting actually, and finally I've gotten it through my thick skull that hey, what I'm providing really is valuable, and who am I to stop someone who genuinely wants to express their appreciation from doing so, and why would I stop someone who has benefited from this method of decluttering from helping others get it too?

So if you are one of those people who'd like to support Declutter 365 with a small donation I've created several ways you can do it, which I'll explain below.

Donate One Time And Get The Free Declutter 365 Calendar As A Thank You

If you'd like to make a one time donation I've set up a system where you can "buy" the free Declutter 365 calendar from me.

I've set up this method for donation so that you can pay any amount that you'd like (with a $5 minimum donation) for the calendar, as a one time fee, and after you make your payment you'll receive the Declutter 365 calendar as your thank you.

Click here to make a small one time donation

Monthly Donations Through Patreon

A second way you can donate to the site, and support the Declutter 365 missions, is through Patreon, by making a monthly pledge.

You can donate any amount you wish each month (and can cancel your monthly pledge at any time), but on Patreon the minimum pledge is one dollar a month, which works out to paying $1 per month for each monthly calendar.

As a thank you, once you become a monthly Patron, I post each month's calendar directly into the Patreon system so you can access that month's calendar without having to go to the Home Storage Solutions 101 website itself. (Note, this thank you bonus does not include the full Declutter 365 calendar.)

You can click here to donate monthly with Patreon.

Please note that Patreon charges you for your first month on the date you sign up, and then for subsequent months on the first of the month. If you sign up to give monthly donations toward the end of one month you're going to have two charges close together, such as if you make your pledge on December 23rd you'll be charged on December 23rd for the month of December, and then again on January 1st, this time for the month of January, and then the subsequent first day of each subsequent month. I want everyone to be aware of how this charge works, in case you make a donation toward the end of any month, so your credit card bill isn't a surprise to you.

Click here to make a small monthly donation using Patreon

Send A Donation Through The Mail

Finally, you can send a donation through the mail, via check or cash. (Please note that this donation method does not provide any type of bonus, and I cannot mail copies of the Declutter 365 calendar to anyone.)

If you would like to do this, send your mail here:

Flanery Companies, LLC
P.O. Box 2554
West Lafayette, IN 47996

Whether you end up donating or not, I want to say thank you for trusting me to help guide you through the process of decluttering and organizing your home, and I sincerely hope that my free gift of the Declutter 365 calendar helps you achieve the goals and dreams you have for yourself, and your home.


Support Declutter 365 with a small donation and get a PDF of the 2022 Declutter 365 calendar as a thank you {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #Declutter365 #DeclutterHome #DeclutteringTipsuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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