Home Storage Solutions 101:
Ideas And Organization Tips

Are you trying to find the right home storage solutions for your family and house?

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If you've ever searched for a place to store your stuff in your home, let me, Taylor, provide ideas and organization tips to find a place for everything in your home that matters.

Why do I say "everything that matters," instead of everything you own?

Well, that is a good question, and it is something that I learned the hard way myself.

Finding A Place For Everything That Matters

We suffer in this day and age with owning too much stuff. So, the first thing we all have to do is get rid of stuff that doesn't matter, and then we only need to find room for the rest of the stuff -- the stuff that matters.

It will just waste your money and your time to try to store everything you've ever owned. You've got to get rid of some of it first, even though I know this can be a daunting task.

I'll Provide You With Action Steps You Can Take, Starting Today To Get & Stay Organized

To get your home organized, and get all the right storage solutions in place is not rocket science, but I know from first hand experience it can be overwhelming to try to do it all at once.

Free Printable Declutter Calendar

That's why you will find action steps, checklists, forms, and discussions to help you with all the steps in the process, one room at a time, or one type of item at a time.

The best place to start is by joining over 160,000 other people and taking on the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge, so you can slowly get your home in order without becoming overwhelmed by all there is to do.

In conjunction with these challenges I've also created a free printable containing monthly calendars with daily missions to help you declutter your home in 15 minutes a day. Doing these daily missions will help you get each weekly challenge completed, and help you toward real progress in your home!

You can click here to get your free 2018 printable and join the challenges today!

Should You Buy Some Storage Containers Today?

While I love a good storage container as much as the next person (or perhaps more or I wouldn't have decided to write this site) you won't see me recommending that YOU actually buy a container or another storage solution today, unless you've already gone through the action steps for the space you're working on that I recommend.

When the time is right I would love for you to see what types of items I've recommended, and perhaps even buy things through the links I provide since the small commissions I receive help keep this site free to you. But first, make sure you get the right home storage solution for you.

Follow the tips provided, declutter, think through the space thoroughly, know and explore your options, and then buy (or make) something that you will be happy with not just today, but for years to come in your home.

Such an item will actually meet your storage needs, fit your budget, be convenient for you to use, and help you stay organized.

Are you ready to begin to get your home organized and find the right home storage solutions for you? Let's begin!

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