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Creative Storage Solutions And Home Organization Hall Of Fame

Here's my Creative Storage Solutions and Home Organization Hall of Fame. This is where you can share your own triumphs for organizing your home, and also see what other readers (including me) have done too.

Creative storage solutions and home organization hall of fame for participants in the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge {on Home Storage Solutions 101}

If you've organized even a small area of your home, or worked on storing items better, either as part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge, or on your own, and are proud of your accomplishments I'd love for you to skip down to share them with me here.

I'm slowly trying to work on my own home's organization too, and am participating in my own challenge. You can also see the report of my accomplishments, creative ideas, and my struggles below.

Hall Of Fame For The 52 Weeks To An Organized Home Challenge

Here's what I and other readers have done so far to get our homes organized!

organize kitchen
Week 1: Organize Kitchen Counters & Sink {Part 1}
organize kitchen cabinets
Week 2: Organize Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers {Part 1}
organizing a pantry
Week 3: Organizing A Pantry {Part 1}

inside refrigerator
Week 4: Refrigerator Organization {Part 1}
inside refrigertor
Week #4: Organize Refrigerator {Part 2}
freezer contents
Week 4: Organize Freezer

how to organize recipes
Week 5: Ideas For How To Organize Recipes
organizing recipes on the computer
Week 5: Organizing On Computer: Electronic Recipe Organizers
Week 5: Organizing Cookbooks

home recycling bins
Week 6: Home Recycling Bin & Containers {Part 1}
home recycling containers
Week 6: Home Recycling Containers {Part 2}
organizing coupons
Week 7: Ideas For Organizing Coupons

menu planning cards
Week 8: Weekly Meal Planner Ideas
make a grocery list
Week 8: How To Make A Grocery List
basement storage shelves
Week #13: Organize Basement

contact information
Week 16: Organize Contact Information
organized mail center
Week 17: Mail Organization
bills on pin board
Week 18: Organizing Bills

password organizer ideas
Week 22: Password Organization
organized home office
Week 23: Organizing Your Home Office
before and after kids closet organization
Week 33: Kids' Closet Organization

kids bedroom
Week 34: Kids' Bedroom Ideas
kids playroom storage
Week 37: Kids Playroom Storage Ideas
medication organizer baskets
Week 46: First Aid & Medication Organization

holiday decoration storage
Week 49: Holiday Decoration Storage Ideas
gift wrapping center
Week 49: Gift Wrap Organization Ideas
pet organization
Week 51: Pet Supplies Organization

family calendar
Week 52: Family Calendars That Work

If you have your own blog and post about your accomplishments there, you can still get featured on this site's Creative Storage Solutions and Home Organization Hall of Fame. All you have to do is give me a link on your blog, notify me of your blog post, and give me permission to use a couple of your pictures.

In addition, make sure that you grab a badge for the challenges that you can display on your site. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the code.)

Join The 52 Weeks To An Organized Home Hall Of Fame

Have you participated in one of the 52 Weeks To An Organized Home Challenge, either while it was running for the week or when it was convenient for you?

Are you proud of your accomplishments and want to tell the world about the creative steps you've taken to get your home organized?

Here's your chance to tell me about it. Pictures aren't necessary, but are highly encouraged. You can send up to four in each submission!

52 Week Home Organization Challenge Hall Of Fame Submissions

Here are the Hall of Fame submissions that have already been submitted. See what inspiring and creative things readers have already accomplished!

Password Organizer Ideas: Paper & Electronic 
A password organizer of some sort is essential these days, to help you keep track of the myriad of passwords that you have set up for websites, online …

Organizing Bills Hall Of Fame: Ideas & Solutions 
Here is a hall of fame, showing how lots of participants of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge, go about organizing bills in their homes. …

Organizing Kitchen Counters Before & After Pictures: Hall Of Fame 
The first challenge in the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge is decluttering and organizing kitchen counters and the sink area. Lots and lots of …

Kitchen Counter Organization Hall of Fame {Part 6}: Before & After Pictures 
So many people have taken the kitchen counter organization challenge that I'm now sharing part 6 of the hall of fame! Wow! And trust me, when people …

Mail Organization Hall of Fame: How To Deal With Daily Mail 
This week's challenge was all about mail organization, and making sure that you both kept track of your incoming mail and also your outgoing mail. …

Weekly Meal Planner Hall of Fame: Ways To Plan Family Meals 
Below you'll find the weekly meal planner hall of fame, where I've gathered ideas from readers who have shared how they plan their family meals each …

How To Make A Grocery List That Works 
There are many ways to make a grocery list, and several readers have shared great ideas with me about how they do it in their home. While …

Ideas & Solutions For Organizing Coupons 
Need some inspiration and ideas for organizing coupons? If so, this is the place to be. During week #7 of the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home …

Home Recycling Containers Ideas For Your Kitchen And Other Rooms 
Do you have home recycling containers throughout your house? That was one of the tasks in the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home Challenge, which …

Electronic Recipe Organizer Recommendations From Readers 
Along with the traditional paper ways to organize recipes, electronic recipe organizer software and apps are now becoming all the rage. It …

How To Organize Your Freezer: Real Life Ideas & Solutions 
Lots of people have taken the organize freezer challenge, which is part of week #4 of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge. As usual, the …

Ideas For Home Recycling Bin And Containers: Where To Place Them 
Adding a home recycling bin or containers to your kitchen or other area of your home is essential if you and your family want to start recycling …

How To Organize Recipes: Real Life Ideas 
Ever wondered how to organize recipes? Well, there are actually lots of different methods, and none of them are right, or wrong. All that …

How To Organize Your Refrigerator 
Here's the second part of the Organize Refrigerator Challenge Hall of Fame, where readers who have taken the challenge for the week can show off …

Real Life Refrigerator Organization & Storage Ideas 
Lots of people took the refrigerator organization challenge here on the site, and below is the first part of the hall of fame showing how these participants …

Pantry Storage Ideas With Before And After Pictures 
Lots of people have sent me in their pantry storage ideas, shown in pictures, for this hall of fame. These before and after pictures are from participants …

Pantry Organizing And Storage Ideas: Hall Of Fame {Part 2} 
Lots of readers have participated in the Pantry Organizing Challenge, whether they have a formal pantry or use their kitchen cabinets and cupboard to hold …

Kitchen Drawer And Cabinet Organization Before And After Pictures {Part 3} 
Here's another round of kitchen drawer and cabinet organization hall of fame pictures from readers. I continue to be amazed by each lady that has …

Organizing Kitchen Cabinets And Drawers Hall Of Fame: Before And After Pictures {Part 2} 
Lots of people took the Organizing Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers Challenge for week #2 of the Organized Home Challenge, and so I've got lots of before and …

Organizing The Kitchen Countertops: Before And After Pictures With Ideas How To Do It 
As you can see, lots of people have participated in the Organizing The Kitchen challenge, since we're now on part 5 of the hall of fame. Specifically, …

Kitchen Organizing Challenge: Before And After Pics For Hall Of Fame (Part 4) 
Lots and lots of you have taken on the kitchen organizing challenge. So many, in fact that I'm already on Part 4 of the hall of fame for this challenge, …

Organizing A Pantry Hall Of Fame: Before & After Pictures 
Many of you have now completed the organizing a pantry challenge, which is part of week #3 of the Organized Home Challenge. I want to thank each …

Organize Kitchen Cabinets Hall Of Fame: Before & After Pictures 
I've got so many submissions for the Organize Kitchen Cabinets Challenge that I've also broken down these hall of fame pages into several parts. …

Organizing & Storing Spices: Ideas & Solutions For Your Kitchen 
One of the tasks in the Organize Pantry Challenge was storing spices, and keeping them organized for use. There are both fancy ways to do this, using …

Click here to write your own.

Under Kitchen Sink Cabinet Organization: Ideas You Can Use 
The area under your kitchen sink cabinet can be a vast wasteland of cleaning products, supplies, and other stuff (like the picture above), or it …

Organizing Your Kitchen Challenge: Hall Of Fame Part 3 
Wow! I continue to have so much participation in the Organizing Your Kitchen Challenge, week 1, where we worked on clearing clutter from our kitchen counters …

Gift Wrap Organization Ideas: Hall Of Fame 
Gift wrap organization was the topic of a recent Organized Home Challenge here on the site, and I asked readers to share how they've organized this …

Family Calendars And Organizers That Actually Work For Families 
Family calendars are the focus of week #52 of the Organized Home Challenge, and as usual I asked for those who completed the challenge to show how they …

Organizing Kitchen Challenge Hall Of Fame: Part 2 
Here's the second part of the hall of fame for the Organizing Kitchen Challenge, which focuses specifically on clearing counters and the kitchen sink. …

Organize Kitchen Challenge Hall Of Fame: Part 1 
We've had a lot of participants in the organize kitchen challenge this week, and I have to say I'm so very proud of each and every one of you. Honestly, …

Kids' Closet Organization Hall Of Fame: Before And After Pictures 
I tackled the project of kids' closet organization this week, for Week 44 of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge , which was all about organizing …

Click here to write your own.

All participants being featured here in the Hall of Fame can also grab this badge if they wish:

52 Week Organized Home Challenge

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