Gift Wrap Organization & Storage Ideas

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Gift wrap organization was the topic of a recent Organized Home Challenge here on the site, and I asked readers to share how they've organized this area of their home.

organize wrapping paper and gift bags challenge
I've received some great tips and progress reports below, that I wanted to share since I think it is so motivating to hear what people have accomplished in their homes.

If you'd like to share how you organize your wrapping paper and other gift wrapping supplies I'd love to hear from you too. You can share your results and organization tips here, to get featured in the hall of fame.

In addition, if these ideas and information gets you inspired to do this for yourself, you can check out my step by step instructions for how to organize wrapping paper and other gift wrapping supplies in your own home.

Scroll down to see some of the best examples sent in by readers!

Top photo courtesy of drcw

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DIY Gift Wrap Station Repurposed From Old Toy Organizer

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Theresa says:

I always love seeing how others use and repurpose things in their home, so I wanted to share this with your followers.

I repurposed a kids toy organizer into a gift wrap station. I think it is better than others I have seen selling upwards of $100.

I am sure many people have this organization unit at home, and can make their own too!

DIY gift wrapping station from old toy organizer

Taylor says:

Wow Theresa! This is such a great idea, and I love that you got to reuse something you already had.

I also really like your labels for the bins, I think they both look very pretty and will definitely help keep things organized. Great great job!

DIY gift wrap station made from an old toy organizer, for storing wrapping paper and other supplies {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101} #WrappingPaperStorage #GiftWrapStorage #HolidayOrganizationuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Keep In Labeled Plastic Drawer Organizer

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Ashley says:

I keep all my gift bags with my cards and wrapping paper and tissue paper!

Taylor says:

ideas to store and organize gift bags
Thanks for sharing this photo Ashley! It looks great, and I like that you've kept everything together since this makes it really convenient.

The only thing I'd mention about this method is that you've got to consider how long your rolls of wrapping paper are. You obviously have short enough rolls that they fit within the drawers, but if you get the really long rolls you'll be frustrated when they don't fit.

To prevent this, at least somewhat, choose a wide organizer, such as the ones below. Even the wide ones won't accommodate all long rolls though.

Just something to consider when deciding for yourself what you want!

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Create A Gift Wrapping Station From A Trunk

Create a gift wrapping station using an old trunk {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}
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Here's another great idea sent in by a reader, Erin. She explained in the Declutter 365 Group, "I decluttered my gift wrap mess into this cute and functional wrapping station/trunk!"

I like how she added the tension rod across the trunk which serves the dual function of holding ribbons, and also creating a partition where she can hold some gift bags.

She also added some baskets to further containerize the space, and even some command hooks which help keep the scissors and tape handy!

In the corner of the space you can also see she uses an over the door gift wrap organizer to help corral her rolls of wrapping paper.

Erin actually wrote a blog post with even more details of how she did it which you can find here.

Here are some trunks you could use:

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Unique Gift Wrapping Center: Hanging Wrap Rolls With Antique Fishing Rods

by Melinda

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Melinda shared this picture on the Household Management 101 Facebook page, which is the sister site to this one.

She made a very cute area to wrap up all her gifts, with a nice flat surface.

She explained that she "used antique fishing rods to hang my rolls of wrap!" How cute and unique!

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I Store Wrapping Paper Tubes Under The Bed In Long Plastic Boxes

Patty said, "We use an under-the-bed-box, a large plastic one that I believe we got at Walmart for around $10.

I actually have TWO, one for Christmas wrappings and the other for everything else.

It is long enough for wrapping paper tubes!

We cut the foot off of old socks and use the cuff to gently hold the paper to the tube without tape. This works for us!

I store them under the guest bedroom bed."

how and why to create a tickler file
Patty continued, "I also have a tickler file for cards and mailing supplies (including thank you notes, invites, etc). This I keep in by our office desk."

Hope these ideas help someone else!

Taylor says:

Thanks for these ideas Patty! If you don't know what a tickler file is, make sure to check out my article at the link to find out. They are a wonderful and simple way to not forget to send a card to anyone, along with many other uses from bill paying, and even more!

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Tip For Reducing Wrapping Supplies To Be Stored

by Rebecca

Rebecca says:

Two years ago I started stocking plain colored wrapping paper so all I have to do is add a colored bow (pink, blue, black) and a themed tag and I'm all done.

It's much less to have to store.

Taylor says:

That's a great suggestion Rebecca, and one I actually recommend myself.

Some people can't bear to do it, they like having variety and I completely understand that. But, having only one or two rolls of paper and a couple choices of ribbon and tag colors can make it so much easier if you're willing to go that route.

Good choices of colors would be something holiday neutral, such an elegant white or cream, black, or perhaps a blue. Of course if you've got a signature color that will work too.

People love a nicely wrapped gift, but honestly they like the present inside better so whatever color choice you make isn't that big of a deal in the long run. :)

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Organize Wrapping Supplies: My Progress From The Challenge

by Dawn
(Minneapolis, MN)

Dawn says:

I am fortunate to have a cupboard in my kitchen that I could give up for my wrapping supplies. I always do my cards and wrapping in the kitchen so this seemed a logical place for me to keep these items.

I was so focused on getting this job done that I neglected to take a before picture, but let me tell you that this cupboard had become the 'junk drawer' of my kitchen. It had old party napkins, cups, cards, paper, manuals, a graduation frame, candles, room fresheners and even an old laptop! What a mess.

I also had wrapping supplies/cards all over my house. In my office space, the linen closet and in boxes in my basement. I really didn't know what I had! I would usually end up buying new for each occasion because of that :( .

I now have plenty that will probably last me years! I am so relieved to have this job done. It feels good to know what I have at a glance and it's handy too! As I go through more challenges, I will probably find more items for this cupboard.

Thanks for the challenge! It was sooo needed :)

Taylor says:

Great job Dawn! I love your after picture. It looks like a great little area to access, and should make wrapping presents both fun and easy.

I like how you made yourself a gift wrapping center in an area where you already do that task, so it made it really convenient for you.

In addition, gathering your supplies together from around the house will save you both time and money in the future, since you won't have to hunt for stuff and you don't have to buy more each time a present needs to be wrapped.

More Home Storage Solutions

{A-Z} Storage Solutions & Ideas
I hope you enjoyed these ideas for organizing wrapping paper and other gift wrapping supplies.

There are even more ideas for storage and organizing on the site in the {A-Z} Storage Solutions & Ideas round up page. Go check it out if you'd like to see even more ideas.

Plus, make sure to check out the Organize Wrapping Paper & Supplies Challenge here on the site, which is part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge for more information specifically on this topic.

Finally, do you have a great way you like to store your gift wrap and other wrapping supplies? If so, I'd love for you to share it with me for the hall of fame.

You can share your creative storage solutions and home organization ideas here, and I'll add the best ones here to the site.

Lots of ideas from readers for gift wrap organization and storage that really work, including DIY organizers {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #GiftWrap #OrganizingTips #HolidayOrganizinguse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for Organize Wrapping Supplies: My Progress From The Challenge

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Need suggestions for large quanties of Wrapping Supplies
by: Anonymous

Very nice, but it does not touch the quantity I have/need. Any suggestions for a larger supply?

additional ideas
by: Mary Beth

I have found if you use Tulle, the kind that is on a 6 inch roll, you can create beautiful ribbons without them being squashed.

Also, I would like to add to your recommendation about tissue paper. You can iron it! That way if it gets wrinkled, you can iron away.

Large quantity wrapping paper storage
by: Brenda

I would use a laundry hamper for large quantities of wrapping paper.

DIY storage method
by: Anonymous

I got one of those hangers from store that have clips on each side, got a long pillow case and clipped each corner and stuffed wrapping paper and supplies in it and will hang it in closet and it didn't cost a penny.

use an empty wine case for rolls of wrapping paper
by: Anonymous

I stand them on end in an empty wine case, one or two rolls per bottle slot. They stay neat and accessible.

maybe declutter before storing it all
by: Anonymous

The laundry hamper is a great idea! It would keep it from getting dusty. The first idea would also hold a lot of paper.
I wonder if you need all that wrapping paper or if you would be better off decluttering it (donate or give away.) Not judging; you are the best judge of your needs.

Storage for Rolls of Wrapping Paper
by: Anonymous

I seem to have rolls of wrapping paper that have different diameters. Therefore I am able to slide one roll (smaller one) inside another roll (larger). I can store 2 rolls in the same space as one.

Store In Garment Bag
by: Karen

I saw this hint somewhere else on the Internet: Store rolls of wrapping paper in a hanging garment bag. I had one that I was not using, and the few rolls of paper fit in the bag just fine.

use old toilet paper roll to keep paper from unrolling
by: Audrey

Cut through a cardboard toilet paper roll and slip it over a long roll of wrapping paper. Eliminates using tapel

repurposed toy organizer
by: Becky

Best organizing idea I have seen yet! Organized, neat, labeled, easy access. Love it! Now I just have to find a shelf like that and paint it!

Repurposed Toy Organizer
by: Karen

Hi, I have been looking all over for a toy organizer like this, but can't find one. Love your idea. Could you tell me who sells these? Or similar for not too high of a price.

any other ideas for repurposing the toy organizer?
by: Anonymous

I have this organizational unit. Any other ideas how to repurpose it?

under the bed storage works great for us!
by: Allison

We also use the under the bed containers for storing wrapping paper. One for paper and one for bows, tags, ribbon, etc. Works great for us!

Wrapping all in one paper make big impact under tree
by: Anonymous

I learned a few years ago how pretty it is to have all gifts under the tree wrapped in the same paper. Since I do theme trees each year I pick a wrapping paper that goes with the theme. For the items in gift bags I usually select one solid color gift bag that coordinates with the wrapping paper. Though I save the gift bags, as they may match another year's wrapping paper, whatever wrapping paper I have left, I donate. Then I start over the next year.

under the bed long plastic storage boxes
by: Ann T.

I have finally found gift wrapping supplies peace. The answer: under-the-bed long plastic storage boxes. I use 3 for holiday supplies and 3 more for year-round supplies. Each set of three are filled with 1) bags. 2) tissue. 3) ribbon. Recycle-reuse-recycle! I may get a 4th for the rolls of wrapping paper.

Spare Dresser as Storage
by: Brittany

I had a spare dresser in the guest bedroom that had a few empty drawers. I kept birthday wrapping paper in one drawer, Christmas paper in another drawer, and small gift bags, tissue paper and a shoeboxes full of ribbon, cards/tags, and other gift giving necessities in a third drawer. Bags that were too large to fit in the drawers were slid underneath the dresser. Unfortunately we've eliminated the guest bedroom so now I use an extra clothes hamper as a wrapping station. I liked the dresser method the best!

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