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Under Kitchen Sink Cabinet Organization Hall Of Fame

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The area under your kitchen sink cabinet can be a vast wasteland of cleaning products, supplies, and other stuff (like the picture above), or it can be organized and uncluttered.

kitchen cabinet organization challenge
One of the parts of the Week # 2 challenge for the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home series was to organize under our kitchen sinks so they were uncluttered and functional again.

Many people took up the challenge, and what follows are before and after pictures readers have submitted sharing how they organized this area in their kitchen.

How to declutter under your kitchen sink
But remember, before they organized they decluttered. So if you have a lot of clutter underneath your sink now, make sure to also check out the declutter under your kitchen sink article, which provides more tips and ideas for dealing with this problem, so you're only organizing stuff you'll use, not clutter.

I hope these pictures inspire you (scroll down to see them). If they do, I would love it if you shared your own pictures in the Creative Storage Solutions and Home Organization Hall of Fame.

You can also read the entire Kitchen Cabinet Organization Challenge here.

Things To Consider When Undertaking This Organization Project

Before looking at the ideas below for inspiration though, make sure to keep these two things in mind.

Child Safety Is Important To Remember

This is often a very accessible area for your kids, and often there are some dangerous chemicals kept here (such as cleaning products).

If you want to store things under this area like that make sure to use appropriate child safety latches and locks to keep little children out.

Leaks Happen: Ideally You Can Remove Everything From The Area Quickly

A reader, Christine, brought up this point, and I thought it was worth repeating. She said:

"As a contractor's wife, I've been educated that under the sink must be set up to quickly empty, everything in tubs/trays/baskets that protect items from leaks.

He thinks it should be empty actually -- says there's too much going on in there (drain, P-trap, water lines, garbage disposal, water purifier perhaps, etc.)"

I personally think this is a great storage area -- handy and definitely should be utilized, but Christine (and her husband) have a point. So before you begin organizing think about how you'll get stuff out of there in a hurry if the water pipe leaks, or the garbage disposal needs to be worked on.

How to organize under your kitchen sink cabinet, with lots of real life examples from Home Storage Solutions 101 readers.use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Top photo by Keith Williamson

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Added Additional Storage On Doors With Mesh Pocket Bags

by Aimee

Aimee sent in a picture from underneath her kitchen sink on the Household Management 101 Facebook page.

It looks absolutely wonderful.

I especially like how she added additional storage and organization with the mesh pocket bags she's hung up on the inside of the cabinet doors with hooks.

She explained that she bought those storage pocket bags at Dollar General. They were too long when she bought them for the cabinet doors, but she cut them off to fit.

I've found something similar on Amazon (see picture on the right) which is technically designed for the shower, but looks like it would work here as well although it might be too long or need to be cut, just as Aimee had to do.

***Update: I featured this on the Facebook page and got this comment from a reader which I thought was relevant:

Tina says: I think it is a neat idea but you have to be careful not to put too much weight on the doors; definitely only use this for lightweight items.

Good point Tina! ***End Update

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After Picture Under Sink From Amy

by Amy

Amy from Amy's Corner shared an after picture of this area of her kitchen.

It looks wonderful, and I like how she used a hanging organizer on the inside of the door for some extra storage space.

Similarly, you can also add command hooks to the inside of the doors to hang things like cleaning tools or whatever else you need to store there. Here's an example from another reader, Debra.

Debra said: "The top drawer has my dish cloths and towels and the bottom is garbage bags and extra sponges etc. You can't see it in the picture but I have a tension rod to hold my spray bottles and on the door are command hooks for my duster and lint roller as well as my paper towel."

Add storage space under your kitchen sink by adding hooks for cleaning tools or whatever else you need to store there {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

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Adding Rolling Tiered Baskets Transforms The Space Under The Sink

by Jan @ The Crafty Mermaid's Grotto



I'm featuring Jan at The Crafty Mermaid's Grotto in another section of hall of fame, to celebrate all the great organizing she did in her kitchen cabinets.

However, I just had to also showcase her awesome under the sink transformation she accomplished since it looked so good. She just decluttered a bit, and also added this three tiered rolling drawer organizer which she had previously used elsewhere in her kitchen cabinets and voila, a totally transformed area!

I found a similar organizer on Amazon (see the picture to the right), although it has only two tiers instead of three. I think it could work really well in a lot of under sink spaces though! Thanks for the inspiration Jan!

In addition, here's another photo from another reader, Joan. She said, "My daughter won this at school? Love it! Don't forget the fire extinguisher tucked behind the center cabinet!"

Organized under kitchen sink area shown by a reader, Joan, who took on this #Declutter365 mission on Home Storage Solutions 101

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Transformed The Space With Under Sink Shelf

by Lee-Anne



Lee-Anne from Life In A Peanut Free Shell showed quite a few pictures of the transformation of the storage area under her kitchen sink after tackling this week's challenge.

She said of the before pictures: "Under the sink was a nightmare. Not only was there a ton of piping, but it also went all the way back into the corner – such wasted space. We stuck our deep fryer back there when we moved in 2.5 years ago and it hasn’t seen the light of day since!"

Then, she explained about the after pictures: "I bought an under-sink shelf but when I got home I realized that the pipes were in the way! Hubby took a hacksaw to it in order for it to fit. It works great!"

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Put Many Cleaning Supplies In Caddy To Help Organize



Tina shared before and after pictures of this area.

The main difference was the addition of a cleaning caddy to hold many of her cleaning supplies.

If you use these supplies throughout your home, not just in kitchen this can make your life a lot easier, so you can carry them where you need them to be when you're using them.

You can check out more ideas for organizing cleaning supplies here, plus the Challenge for creating a household cleaning schedule.

In addition, here's another photo from a reader, Roberta, who used a similar concept to organize under her own sink. She explained, "Pulled everything out and thoroughly cleaned space. Got rid of a few items I never use. Was going to use the tension rod idea, but after I decluttered, I didn't need it. (Great idea, by the way) Everything in containers for easy evacuation. Mission accomplished."

Use containers and cleaning caddies under your sink to containerize your items, and make it easy to remove everything in a hurry if you've got a leak or plumbing issue {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

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Tricky Under Sink Area Tamed

by Bev

aluminum foil, plastic bags and kitchen wrap storage & organization ideas
Bev shared her before and after pictures on the Household Management 101's Facebook page, which is a sister site to this one.

She explained, "I have a tricky under sink area, but found an easy solution to my wraps all sat on top of the drawers."

Further, she said, "I bought one of those 5 drawer plastic units for my child to keep paper and other crafty bits in. The kids are 19 now so I click clacked it down to fit under the sink. On top there's enough room for all wraps to sit. Happy with that!"

Thanks for the pictures Bev! You did a wonderful job.

If you'd like to see even more ideas for kitchen wrap organization click here.

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Tackled Under The Kitchen Sink Today!

by Divinity Pagel



Thank you so much for all your inspiration! I tackled under the kitchen sink today.

I have the before, after and also a close-up of the cleaning bottles I made.

They are much cuter than the boring store bought ones. Happy Decluttering!

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Use A Tension Rod Under The Sink To Hang Spray Bottles Of Cleaners

After - notice the tension rod

After - notice the tension rod

Kathleen from Life With the Z's was featured last week for clearing her counters and her sink.

However, she also worked last week on organizing underneath her sink, and so I wanted to feature those pictures as a part of this week's challenge hall of fame which included under kitchen sink cabinet organization.

I love how she used a tension rod to create a place to hang her cleaning supplies spray bottles, which helped her clear some space on the floor of the cabinet for other supplies.

She also has cleaning caddies, which is a great thing under your sink.

Finally, I applaud that she's got a fire extinguisher in a prominent and easy place to reach in her kitchen. This is a must for all kitchens! You can learn even more about fire extinguisher placement guidelines here to make sure you place an extinguisher in all the right places in your home.

You can also click here to read an article, and see a how to video, about how to use a fire extinguisher, and how to remember how to do it using the acronym PASS.

Here's another photo, from a reader, Pam, who also used a tension rod in this way. She said, "I dreaded this. It was a dark and scary mess under there. But I pulled it all out, scrubbed the floor and sides, and threw away a pile of ruined damp old stuff. Then organized the rest with a couple of containers for sponges and cleansers, an over the door holder for dishwasher stuff, and a tension rod for spray bottles. Hung my little and most-used cutting board on inside of cabinet with a command strip hook. Big cutting board is just right there too, slid in sideways."

Use a tension rod under your kitchen sink to hang spray bottles for easy organization {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

More Home Storage Solutions

{A-Z} Storage Solutions & Ideas
I hope you enjoyed these ideas for organizing under your kitchen sink.

There are even more ideas for storage and organizing on the site in the {A-Z} Storage Solutions & Ideas round up page. Go check it out if you'd like to see even more ideas.

In addition, if these ideas have inspired you to organize even more things in your kitchen make sure to read the Kitchen Cabinet & Drawer Organization Challenge, which is part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge I run on the site!

How to organize under your kitchen sink cabinet, with lots of real life examples from Home Storage Solutions 101 readers.use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Some links on this page are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase a product through them I receive a small commission which helps me provide this information to you for free, plus support my family. My integrity and your satisfaction are very important to me so I only recommend products I would purchase myself, and that I believe would benefit you. To learn more please see my disclosure statement.

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Comments for Use A Tension Rod Under The Sink To Hang Spray Bottles Of Cleaners

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used square ice cream bucket
by: Marybeth

I used a square ice cream bucket to hold the strong but hardly used stuff/chemicals in the back. My dad want to look at my faucet under the sink once and said oh it's probably packed full and a mess under here right? WRONG it it not even close to that, nice and neat with very little ;}

tension rod didn't work for me
by: Aimee

I tried the idea with the tension rod but could not put any weight hardly on the rod before it slid or fell down. I must've done something wrong.

what's under my sink right now
by: Shirley

Under my sink is one box of dishwasher detergent and one plastic Dawn detergent, one box of sponges and the trash can. That's it.

used drawers from old refrigerator to organize mine
by: Domai

My kitchen cabinet is deep. When we got a new refrigerator I used the drawers from the old fridge under my kitchen sink. Love it. I use each one for different like items and then I can just pull out the drawer to get to all items and then just push the drawer back.

You can get deep / long baskets at dollar store or flea markets all the time, but I like to reuse when I can.

use large tote box
by: Effie

I keep a large tote under the sink. When I want something it simply slides out like a big drawer.

Tension Rod
by: Anonymous

I LOVED the tension rod idea, but have not been able to get it to work in my cabinet. It can't hold the 4 spray bottles I tried to hang on it :(

VERY good point about organizing under the sink so that you can remove the items quickly! Our garbage disposal leaked and it was a mess trying to get all of that stuff out quickly!

under sink rod for spray bottles
by: Jean

Tension rod under the sink can't take much weight on it, so my husband installed round clothes rod holders and dropped in a length of sturdy pvc. Works great!

What to store?
by: Jennifer

I've recently found an alternative storage space for my cleaning products, but now I'm wondering what to use my under sink space for. I have lots of things that need better storage than they currently have, so to leave this space empty would be such a waste (especially since it's the second biggest cabinet I have), but I am concerned about leaks and just general heat and humidity that this area is exposed to. I'm wondering if anyone has safely and successfully stored anything other than cleaning supplies under their sink, and if so, what?

tension rod
by: Anonymous

I also have tried the tension rod and had the same problem with rod sliding.

Don't hang anything from pipes
by: Anonymous

I'm not so sure that you should hang bottles from a pipe under your sink. The weight of the bottles will cause the pipes to come apart and you will end up with a sink full of dirty water under your sink.

My under the sink after
by: Carla

I did my under the kitchen sink out of necessity. I got a new faucet for Christmas! My neighbor is a plumber and installed it for free! I took the opportunity to organize and declutter under my sink. I found things that belonged in the garage, in the storage shed, and in the bathroom! It looks amazing, and feels great! Looking forward to continue with the decluttering, and organization of my home!

under sink storage
by: Judy

I keep everything under my sink in tubs or pull out bins that can be pulled out quickly.

Corner sink
by: Anonymous

My kitchen sink is in the corner so most of the ideas listed below won't work as well. Tension rod would be really long and at an angle so pretty hard to get to anything. Also any shelves would either leave dead space on the sides or if placed on the sides can't come out easily because of the angle they are at. It is basically a huge catch all area for me. I need to get it cleaned up but there is so much dead or unused space (especially in the very back. Also dead space behind the sink up top in the counter area too. A friend of mine hated her corner sink and told me to never get a corner sink in the kitchen. I can really see why. Help!

by: Tammy

I picked up three buckets at the dollar store. I use one for everyday use, the other for refills and the last one for things used sometimes, but not often. If anything leaks I can just wash out the bucket and not have to clean out the whole cabinet.

Leak Protection
by: Sheryl

I always keep a dish pan under the gooseneck of the kitchen sink and store SOS pads, bottle brushes, scratchy pads, etc. in it. It serves a double purpose of both storage as well as catching any leaks that may occur (have learned the hard way!).

How to Utilize Dead Space Under Corner Sink?
by: Anon625

I also have a corner sink which has LOADS of available space, but most of which is hard to get to. Any suggestions on how to use this space efficiently?

Under the Sink is not just for cleaners
by: Patty

This may seem weird, but I run a Family Preschool/Childcare program. We are not allowed to keep cleansers/poisons under out sink, so I thought, "why not keep our canned goods under there." They are in a rack, so it can be easily removed if we need access to all those pesky pipes. Under my sink is just as clean as in a cupboard above, so why not use it for canned goods.

All my cleaning supplies are in a cupboard above, out of reach of little fingers which my licensing analyst loves.

I love your blog on organizing, keep 'em coming.


Spray bottle storage
by: Sandy

I ailed the supports a small scrap of woodtrim (or could use a tension rod) run front to back in the unused space to the right of my doors. It is strong, holds several sprayers, up out of the way yet available.

Out of reach
by: Jude

The only things under my sink are the kitchen bin and dustpan and brush. All the cleaning products are in an overhead cupboard. Much safer when the granndchildren visit.

tubbys are the way for me
by: Belva

After a couple of unnoticed leaks occurred under the sink, I started putting things in a tubby under one side and under the other side are things that are used everyday or very large - easy to pull everything out quickly to clean or emergencies.

Love the drawers
by: Anonymous

Your plastic drawer units make it easy to access and empty the space, while keeping items sanitary. I'm stealing your idea!

More space
by: Carol

When we replaced our sink we decided to have a custom sliding shelf installed. We opted to forego the nasty disposal which gave us a lot more room for the shelf. We don't miss it and under sink storage is always neat as a pin. Well worth the expense for the slide out shelf.

Trash & dish drainer under sink
by: Janet

I am surprised that none of the pictures or comments for under the kitchen sink include my 2 largest items. I have always lived with the kitchen trash under the sink. It's absolutely the only place there is any space for trash. Plus I think an exposed kitchen wastebasket is clutter and gross.

Also, where else would one store a dish drainer? I use it each time I wash very many items by hand such as cookware, knives, wine glasses, the plastic lids for glass storage containers, etc.

Under sink storage
by: Anonymous

I put my cleaners in an upper cabinet...but under my sink I put my smaller Coleman lunch coolers and inside the coolers I put all my kids water bottles. If there is a leak the lunch boxes catch the leaks and the leaks won't hurt the water bottles (I may have to wash them). It's a perfect place for ALL those bottles! WARNING....sometimes that cupboard can start to look like the storage container drawer so you need to gut it out once in a while! Lol!

Protect under the sink
by: Anonymous

I was able to fit a boot tray in my Cabinet under the pipes. Sometimes our faucet leaks and water travel down the hose and this catches the water. There is also a dishwashing pan that holds spare dish liquid and wipes and the dishwasher tabs come in a plastic container. Finally, there is a curtain rod that I hang Clorox Clean Up, and pledge on. These things work well for me.

2018 Resolution Solutions
by: Anonymous

I've DREAMED of an organized home since...forever! I found Home Storage Solutions 101 a few months back when looking for new ideas to simplify my home. I've been hooked ever since 3>

These solutions are right on track with how I attempted to organize in the past; the tips & encouragement to stay on track are the extra boost needed to make changes stick!!
I'm kicking this off on New Year's Eve. I'm driven to succeed & there are 2 1/2 hrs to the stroke of midnight, so I'm not taking pictures tonight! lol When the new year arrives, I'll be ahead of schedule, so I'm going to implement improvements daily to keep maintenance on track. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

p.s. Eliminating or limiting under sink storage in kitchen & bath is great idea.... The biggest setback to fixing a clogged sink is clearing out all that (wet!)stuff--been there, done that!

Corner sink under storage
by: Charmaine

Hello, have you tried to use the wire (or plastic) turntable shelves that one would normally put into a corner cupboard for your under sink storage? Just a thought

Thank you for a lot of amazing ideas to solve an age old dilemma. Just got me inspired to go and do something about the 'storage facility' under my kitchen sink.

Corner Sink
by: Maryann

I struggled with this for a while. Then I bought two sturdy black plastic "dishpans". I put one on each side against the walls. I keep the Fantastic and a few rags in the open front space and I line up rarely used cleaners against the back wall. You can pull the bins forward or out completely when you need to reach something.

Trash and recycle cans fit under the sink
by: Anonymous

I use my under the sink space to hold my recycle and trash cans. Easy to get to and easy to carry out to go into the large recycle and trash containers that go to the curb. I also store dishwasher liquid and sponges there.

Under the sink reverse osmosis and garbage disposal
by: Catherine

Would you have any under the sink organization ideas or pictures regarding a situation of a reverse osmosis plus a garbage disposal that’s under the sink? That’s what I have in my house and I find that the storage under there is extremely limited and I could really use some ideas on how to store stuff creatively because of those other items that are under there.

Tension Rodd
by: Melodye

I like all of your suggestions, I tried the tension rod but could never get it tight enough to hold anything.

Corner sink cabinet solution
by: Cindy

I used the (extra?) large Rubbermaid lazy Susan in my corner sink cabinet. No photo cuz I have moved from that apartment.

Had to store shorter items in the middle due to the pipes; served me well.

Organizing while renting
by: DeAnna Downey

I rent in a senior apartment building so I need to consider their property, too. I like the command hooks for hanging everything. They are ideal to hang under sink on doors. They strip off with no trace when it's time to move on.

broken pipe
by: Laurie

I had a dishwasher hose break under the sink. Slightly flooded my kitchen, luckily I had the bucket of sponges in the right spot and they soaked up most of the water. So out of habit I always have my cleaning bucket under the pipe connection.

Corner Sink Suggestion
by: Linda

It's difficult to use square containers under a corner sink. Instead try round containers such as ice cream pails. Place extra hand soap, dish soap, scouring pads, or less used items in the pails and slide them to the rear. It is also a nice place to store a pail with few vases. In the front place open dish soap, pods, and a small container for brushes and pads that are being used.

Under sink storage
by: Anonymous

I don't keep cleaning stuff under the sink. I do have things relating to dishwashing -- soap, dish liquid, dishwasher things and dish brushes. All other cleaning things are kept on a high shelf in a storage cupboard in my laundry, which is next to the kitchen.

tension rod solution
by: Anonymous

A cheap solution to keep your tension rod from falling from under the weight is to get two caps from soft drink bottles. I just used a little E6000 to attach them to the cabinet and allow it to set. The rim of the cap holds up the rod.

Under Sink Rubber Mats
by: Maggie

I am currently dealing with a leak under my sink. It took 3 visits from a plumber to solve the problem. I found rubber mats with a lip around the edges to contain spills on Amazon. Protect your home!

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