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Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas: Hall Of Fame

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One part of the first week of the kitchen organization challenge is all about sink organization.

Now, at first, you may wonder what I mean by organizing your kitchen sink, since after all there is not much to the area.

Kitchen Organization Challenge
However, you do a lot of activity in this area of this room, such as both food preparation and washing dishes.

So, it is important that the sink itself stays relatively clear and empty (most of the time), and the area around the sink is set up to accommodate the most common tasks you normally do there.

(Note I'm not talking right now about the area under your sink, that is a different matter all together, although I've got a under kitchen sink organization hall of fame you can check out.)

This includes an area for washing and drying dishes, for storing dish soaps and sponges or washing rags, and perhaps other things like storing baby bottles, a place to hold your ring while washing up, etc.

What you'll need to make your sink area organized is unique to your personal needs. However, readers who've tackled this challenge have done some really cool things that I wanted to share with you, to give you some ideas you might want to execute in your own home.

So scroll on down to check out what they've done, and if you get inspired and tackle this task as well please send me your before and after pictures here and I'll add the best ones to the page.

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Top photo courtesy of Rachel Zack

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Kitchen Sink Storage Solutions: Tip Out Tray & Built In Soap Dispenser

by Kathleen

Tip out sink tray

Tip out sink tray

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Kathleen from Life With The Z's did all kinds of awesome things with her kitchen sink as part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge.

This included installing a sink tray that tips out to hold some of the small clutter that often gathers around your sink, such as sponges, etc.

She says about the tip out sink tray: "No more disgusting sponges laying out. I left the screws for the trays a bit loose so I can take them out and wash them, bonus. And my favorite part about them is" the place to hold her rings.

I looked at found a couple online at Amazon if you wish to install one yourself. I will note there are many different lengths available, so measure your sink cabinet first to make sure you get the right size!

In addition, she said: "I also put my Ms. Fix It skills to work and installed a soap dispenser! I put regular dish soap in there, and you can fill it from the top, bonus!"

Think this stuff is hard to install? Not according to Kathleen, who said, "with the help of our local handy man letting me borrow some tools (aka, My Father In Law Gary), I did both of them myself!"

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A Sink Caddy Can Keep Your Sponges From Staying In The Sink

by Katy

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Do you have a problem with people leaving a wet sponge at the bottom of the sink, where it stays wet and absorbs all kinds of nasty stuff as people dump drinks and food scraps into the sink during the day?

Do I sound like I know a lot about this? I personally do because my children are notorious for doing this.

One possible solution: a sink caddy.

Katy from Thrift Me installed one (from Simple Human) in her sink as part of this organizing challenge.

It looks great doesn't it?

Here are some available ones you could use:

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Removing Clutter & Keeping Dish Drainer Clear Make A Visual Difference

by Jessica



Jessica from His Plan Not Ours shared before and after pictures of her kitchen area.

She said of the before pictures: "Our sink area. Dirty dishes, too many mildew-y sponges, medications in the windowsill, and a framed meal planner that I got from a MOPS meeting, but have never used."

"And the right side of the sink where there are lots of coffee accessories and Tim's dump bowl. And clean dishes that need to by put away."

She decluttered the old medications and old sponges, as well as some of the stuff on the counter close to the sink which was interfering with drying dishes.

In addition, notice the huge difference once she put away the clean dishes in the dish drainer on the look of the whole room.

There is a point to those drainers, they are to allow you to let items that you've washed dry a bit before you put them away.

However, if you catch yourself just grabbing the pots, pans, or baking sheets back out of it again the next time you need it you've begun to use it as a storage area instead of for its intended purpose. (Confession time -- do as I say, not as I do! I am VERY guilty of doing this sometimes. I totally get it. But visually I know it isn't very attractive.)

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Declutering The Sink Area Can Make A Crazy Difference Visually

by Lee-Anne



Lee-Anne from Life In A Peanut Free Shell shared these before and after pictures when she organized this area of her kitchen.

How to declutter your kitchen sink area
She said of the before picture: "Here’s one of the sink area. This space was ridiculous. Sink full of empty dishes (almost constantly), miscellaneous items around it and on the windowsill."

Then, she commented of the visual difference with some decluttering, "I know – crazy right? So different!"

I agree Lee-Anne, and it looks lovely! Great job.

I've now written an entire Declutter 365 mission article about how to declutter your kitchen sink area that you can read for more instructions and tips for getting this area clutter free. There are also lots of great photos from readers who've already decluttered to show you what you can accomplish!

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Corral Your Soaps & Lotions With A Decorative Plate

by Amy

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Amy from Wine Country Mama shared the little touch she added to her sink area as part of the challenge.

She says: "I love this cute little red plate it adds some color and corrals my soaps."

Not only does this add a festive touch of color to a kitchen counter, it is also imminently practical.

Sometimes these bottles of dish soap can leak, and make a mess on the counter. It is much easier to wash the plate than scrub the counter.

Plus, it keeps things from sprawling all over the countertop, but instead in one smaller designated area.

Here are some similar trays you could use:

Has This Inspired You To Get Organized?

{A-Z} Storage Solutions & Ideas
I hope these ideas have gotten you in the mood to tackle your kitchen sink and spruce it up a bit.

You can make it both more visually attractive and functional at the same time.

If you've enjoyed these ideas, make sure to check out even more in the {A - Z} Home Storage Solutions round up page on the site.

In addition, I'd love it if you'd join the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge, where over the course of the year we will organize our entire house, room by room, item by item.

Finally, once you've accomplished this mission I'd love to see what you've done. You can share your before and after pictures here and I'll add the best ones to the page!

Kitchen sink organization ideas to keep the top of your sink clear and supplies easy to use while still clutter free {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for Corral Your Soaps & Lotions With A Decorative Plate

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damp sponge concerns
by: Joan

Doesn't the closed off damp sponge stay damp and, perhaps, get icky?

soap dispenser
by: Nancyinne

I have the soap dispenser in the spray hole - bought it at the hardware store, just screws into the hole where the sprayer goes. No more soap on the counter! Easy to use - hold enough for a month - easy to fill - Love it!

baby stuff
by: Marie

Thoughts about how to handle the constantly washed, drying, multi-pieced baby bottles and other stuff? The bottle drying rack drives me crazy by the sink, but not sure what else to do.

Sanitizing sponge
by: Becky

I store my sponge in the top rack of my dishwasher. It is right beside the sink. This way, when I run my dishwasher the sponge gets washed as well and I don't have to remember to put it in and it's out of sight.

Accessory sink holder
by: Mikoniko

I really need one of those things that hangs over the edge of the sink. My sponges and brushes and sink stopper are in a dish on the counter on the left, hand soap and dish soap on the right. I would like to not have to buy something. Any ideas on something I could make or repurpose to do the over-the-edge job?

Pretty sink tray
by: AwesomeMom

What a great idea! Putting soaps and lotions on a pretty tray to keep it from moving around!! Thank you!!!

baby stuff
by: Betsy

I saw on pinterest someone had hung a shower caddy on their fridge with a command hook to corral all the drying baby bottles, etc. Next time I'm at BB&B I plan to pick one up to hang on the side of the upper cabinet next to my sink.

Sponge vs dish rag
by: Angie

Is it better to use a sponge or dish rag. I have always used a dish rag, I put out a new dish rag and dishcloth every night when I am done cleaning the kitchen.

Preventing germs from growing
by: Anne

As a retired RN I am very picky about how I allow sponges and dish clothes stay in my sink.

As a general rule I never allow a sponge to be stored in a container as dark damp places are a perfect breeding ground for molds, fungi, bacterium like e.coli, etc.

What I do instead,or try to do, is in the evening when dish washer is loaded, all sponges go into dishwasher under a bowl to keep it from flying out of rack, and run for the night. Often this can sanitize your sponge and kill most germs if run with hot water.

Once a week it goes into laundry.

make sure you clean your sponges
by: Anonymous

Be sure the sponge user cleans sponge very often. My sister put hers, secured, in top rack of dishwasher so it gets sanitized.

Throw away sponges
by: Anonymous

After a long lasting skin infection I will NEVER use sponges, loofahs and those fluffy things ever again. I am wary of dish cloths and even those scrub brushes, but haven't abandoned them yet. Be careful, people. It wasn't fun.

Accessory Sink Holder
by: Melanie

I bought one of these from a discount website for $1.00 and I love it! Keeps everything out of the sink and my daughter knows to put it back each time. Better than before when she left it in the bottom of sink, then poured milk etc. on top and would leave it. lol

tiered serving piece

Was in Hobby Lobby a few years back and found a "Scratch 'n Dent" glass two tiered serving piece missing the top tier, that must have broken along the way. I snatched it up knowing I would find a use for it. Well, I did, a corral for my kitchen dish soap, scouring powder, scrubbies, hand soap, lotion, etc. Looks cute and keeps the sink area clean!

Plants on the window ledge above the kitchen sink
by: Dawn

Hi, I love plants, but my sink area does look cluttered with plants. I don't want to lose them, but I do need to move them I realize. Does anyone have any tried and tested ideas please?

sponge use
by: Ann

I microwave sponge for 2 min when done for night, this sanitizes it nicely!

Sponge and dish rag sanitizing
by: Pam

I read several comments saying they put their sponges in the dishwasher. We put ours in the microwave for 60 seconds and this kills all the germs. Just another option!

Microwaving Sponges
by: Karin P

BE VERY CAREFUL microwaving sponges!!! Most of them contain recycled metals that you might not be able to see. This will cause arking in your machine that can set it on fire or worse. Also- Cellulose is flammable! And- that sponge "cooks" from the inside out so it will be really, really hot! A danger to handle. I worked for a very major company in the Microwave Oven sales department. They demoed how sponges in these machines are a bad idea. Best to put them in the dishwasher where they will be sanitized and really clean, but not a hazard.

Baby stuff - answer
by: Mommy

My favorite baby stuff item ever was this dishwasher basket (referral link).

Tops on top, collars on the bottom. I had two, put in top dishwasher rack, then -shake- the water off and put in the cupboard.

If you had the dishwasher on 'sanitize' or 'hot' you are all set!

Shower caddy in the kitchen
by: Anonymous

Taylor and you ladies' creative suggestions inspired me to hang a shower caddy next to the sink. It holds matching $2 Walmart dispensers for dish soap, bleach, and lotion; dishcloth, scrubbies, and bottle brush. The other side holds a bathroom towel ring for the dishtowel. It's been working great for the last 2 years!

idea for cleaning
by: vickiebabbitt

I used a old wipe bottle and put old socks in it for cleaning with a cleaner. Keep it under my sink. They work good on counters, window blinds, and baseboards. It has been a helpful tool for me.

Drying cabinets
by: Taina

Use drying cabinets to hide everything. Every apartment in Finland has that.

ideas for dish rack storage
by: Anonymous

There is no room under my sink for storing my dish rack when not in use. Any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

Dish Rack Storage
by: Janet

If your dish rack doesn't fit under the sink and it doesn't fold, put a command hook on the side of your fridge or a cabinet and hang it on the hook.

Dish Rack Storage
by: Anonymous

We store our dish rack in our dishwasher. There are just two of us, so we wash breakfast and lunch dishes by hand. After putting dishes away, the rack goes in the empty dishwasher. For dinner, the rack comes out so you can wash as you go, or put dishes/pots/pans in dishwasher. Dishwasher runs in the evening while things I washed by hand are drying. Before I go to bed, I empty the dishwasher, put away things in the rack, and put the rack inside the now empty dishwasher.

Tip out sink tray
by: KJR

Be sure that you have enough clearance for the depth of the tip out tray, between the cabinet and the sink base. You will need to get underneath it to measure as well. I have an under mount sink, and the tip out trays do not fit. I did have one in a previous home, and it is very nice. That was with a top mounted sink.

Storing dish drainer
by: Anonymous

Never been an option for me. Makes sense though to have two sinks. One to keep the drainer in all the time.

Cleaning sponges
by: Christine

I get my sponges as clean as possible in the sink. I then get them really wet but not dripping. I then place them in the microwave for 2 minutes on high. They get sanitized and the steamy effect gets all the grime in the microwave softened so I can clean it.

alternative for dish drying
by: Sandy

I use a microfiber dish drying mat instead of a rack. It catches the water drips from the pots etc that don't go into the dishwasher. When pots are dry* I can hang the mat on the knob of the cabinet below the counter to dry. I toss them in the washing machine with laundry at least once a week. So happy to not have the ugly dish drainer to contend with!
* I stagger the pots to let air circulate underneath or I put a wooden spoon that also needs drying under the rim of one to let the air move.

Thoughts about sponges
by: AW

I also am dubious about microwaving sponges OR using the dishwasher. How do we know they are disinfected? However, I KNOW that chlorine kills germs. About once a week, I run a little water in the sink and add a little chlorine bleach. Then with gloves on I add ALL my cleaning utensils, squeezing the sponge to get it saturated well with the bleach. Then I let them soak for awhile. I then rinse them with clean water and air dry. Yes it’s tricky using bleach so be careful with clothing.

Milton sterilising fluid for sponges & drying cupboards
by: BVB

To disinfect my sponges, I use baby bottle sterilising fluid from a brand called milton. It’s almost odourless, sterilises in 15mins and I know the resulting fluid isn’t toxic as you don’t even need to rinse it off according to the instructions. My old microbiology university teacher posted an article on how microwaving sponges got rid of the weakest germs, leaving behind the toughest and nastiest... so that, and the fire hazard... as for drying dishes, in Spain most people have a bottomless cupboard above their sink with wire racks for shelves. When you wash up, you put your wet things there for drying & storing. The water drips straight into the sink. I now live in England where most sinks face a window, so can’t have such a cupboard unfortunately, but if I ever redesign my kitchen, I’m moving the sink. Plates also store vertically because of the rack design so it’s very space efficient. And you can stack pots on top of each other too so very efficient.

Some thoughts…
by: Buscarii

If you keep out detergent, vegetable sanitizer and hand soap dispensers, use containers that match and/or get the smallest containers to refill. Sponges, scrubbers and brushes may need a taller, more upright container. Buy the new anti-bacterial versions. They last a long time and don’t smell. Easy to clean by rinsing thoroughly. Oh! And I like the declutter tray! Great idea!

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