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Getting Rid Of Kitchen Clutter
Hall Of Fame

Below is a list of kitchen clutter items to consider getting rid of. In addition, there's a hall of fame where you can share your own success or get inspired by what others have accomplished.

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The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any home but when it is all cluttered it makes it much harder to actually be used as a functional space.

Not only will you feel better once this space is less junked up, you'll also save yourself time and energy as well.

There are several challenges within the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge that deal with this room of our house that I encourage you to read:

I've also created quite a few decluttering missions that accompany these challenges, to help you get this area of your home more manageable.

Whether you've done these missions when I've scheduled them during the year, or any other time doesn't really matter to me. I just want to celebrate your success, so here's your chance to show off some before and after pictures when you've done one of the missions. If you're ready to share now click here to begin!

Decluttering Missions For Your Kitchen

Items you may want to get rid of, or decluttering missions to tackle in this area include:

  • Gadgets and cooking tools
  • Small appliances
  • Clear off table top
  • Clear countertops
  • Tablecloths, napkins and placemats
  • Plastic cups and water bottles
  • Zippered plastic bags, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap
  • Cabinet shelves and drawers
  • Junk drawer
  • Under kitchen sink
  • Tops of cabinets
  • Plastic food storage containers
  • Pots and pans (and also match each with lid)
  • Baking dishes and sheets
  • Top and front of refrigerator
  • Recipes
  • Cookbooks
  • Restaurant and takeout and menus
  • Plastic grocery bags
  • Kitchen towels and potholders
  • Plastic silverware and other take out packaging
  • Clear space to pack sack lunches
  • Lunch boxes
  • China
  • Glassware and crystal
  • Silver items
  • Party serving pieces
  • Coffee cups and mugs
  • Plates, bowls, utensils, etc.

Kitchen Clutter Hall Of Fame

Here's who's in the hall of fame so far. Are you ready to submit your own accomplishments? If so click here to skip down to share it now.

kitchen sink
Declutter Kitchen Sink
kitchen sink
Sink Organization Ideas
uncluttered kitchen counter
Declutter Kitchen Counters

kitchen island
Declutter Kitchen Island
dish soap dress
Dish Soap Apron Or Dress: Cute For Your Sink
kitchen table
Clear Table Daily

kitchen cabinets
How To Declutter Kitchen Cabinets
organize kitchen cabinets
Organize Cabinets & Drawers
organizing kitchen cabinets
Organizing Cabinets & Drawers

cabinet organization
Drawers & Cabinet Organization
Declutter Dishes
coffee mugs
Declutter Coffee Mugs

serving dish
Declutter Serving Dishes
decorating above kitchen cabinets
Ideas For Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets
pots and pans
Declutter Pots And Pans

pots and pans
Organizing Pots And Pans
Declutter Bakeware
Bakeware Organizer & Storage Ideas

kitchen drawer
Declutter Kitchen Drawers
Declutter Utensils & Gadgets
kitchen utensil tray
Utensil Storage & Organization Ideas

utensil crock
Utensil Crock Ideas
silverware drawer
Organize Silverware Drawer
kitchen appliances and gadgets
Essential Kitchen Appliances & Gadgets List

small appliances
Declutter Small Appliances
china and silver
Declutter China & Silver
junk drawer
Declutter Junk Drawer

junk drawer
Organize Junk Drawer
kitchen towels
Declutter Kitchen Towels
Declutter Potholders & Oven Mitts

cloth napkins
Declutter Tablecloths, Napkins & Placemats
kitchen wrap organizer
Foil, Baggies & Kitchen Wrap Storage & Organization
declutter under kitchen sink cabinet
Declutter Under Kitchen Sink

under kitchen sink cabinet organization
Under Sink Cabinet Organization
plastic grocery bags
Declutter & Recycle Plastic Grocery Bags
DIY plastic bag holder ideas
DIY Plastic Bag Holder Ideas

reusable shopping bags
Declutter Reusable Shopping Bags
take out supplies
Declutter Plastic Cutlery & Take Out Supplies
food storage containers
Declutter Food Storage Containers

water bottles and travel mugs
Declutter Water Bottles & Travel Mugs
water bottle storage using an over the door shoe organizer
Water Bottle Storage Ideas
lunch packing station
Create A Lunch Packing Station

front of refrigerator
Declutter Front & Top Of Refrigerator
Declutter Recipes
how to organize recipes
How To Organize Recipes

organizing recipes on the computer
Organizing Recipes Digitally
organizing recipes using Pinterest
Organizing Recipes Using Pinterest
Declutter Cookbooks

Organizing Cookbooks
chalkboard menu board
Menu Board Ideas
organize kitchen
Organize Counters

organizing kitchen
Organizing Counters
organzing your kitchen
Organizing Your Counters
kitchen organizing
Organizing Counters

organizing the kitchen
Organizing The Counters
kitchen counter organization
Counter Organization
kitchen counters
Organizing Counters

More Resources To Declutter Your Entire Home

Clutter rarely just accumulates in one area of your home, but instead with time can overfill your entire home.

Follow the Declutter 365 plan to get your whole house decluttered, one small step at a time, over the course of the year, and see fantastic results that you can maintain year after year!

Start with my free gift to you, a 12 month declutter calendar which lists 365 different decluttering missions that will transform your whole house.

The step by step plan laid out in the calendar will guide you through the process of removing physical clutter, digital clutter and even set up foundational routines and habits for your home, to make it clutter free and organized from now on.

Free printable 2022 Declutter 365 calendar {on Home Storage Solutions 101}

You can also get additional services to help you succeed with the Declutter 365 plan, including receiving daily text messages about each day's mission, planner stickers, and joining a private and exclusive Facebook group devoted to helping encourage and motivate you as you work through the daily and weekly tasks.

You can learn more about Declutter 365 products here.

Declutter 365 products to help you declutter your home over the course of this year

Have You Gotten Rid Of Clutter In Your Kitchen?

Have you participated in one of the Declutter Your Home In 15 Minutes A Day Missions, either while it was running for the day or when it was convenient for you?

Are you proud of your accomplishments and want to show the world what you decluttered today, and are getting out of your home?

Here's your chance to tell me about it. Pictures are highly encouraged, but you can also just write a description of what you decluttered too (note you've got to at least explain what we're seeing in the picture you upload).

You can send up to four pictures in each submission.

Get Rid Of Kitchen Clutter Hall Of Fame

Here are the Hall of Fame submissions that have already been submitted.

Check these out to get inspired about what others have accomplished with the power of 15 minutes a day.

How To Declutter Utensils, Knives & Kitchen Gadgets 
Today's mission is to declutter utensils, knives, measuring spoons, cup, and gadgets from your kitchen. This mission is designed to be done …

How To Declutter Your Kitchen Sink Area 
Today's mission is to declutter your kitchen sink area, such as around the counter surrounding the sink and in the sink itself. This decluttering …

How To Declutter Your Kitchen Island {And Keep It That Way} 
Today's mission is to declutter your kitchen island, and/or to again revisit your kitchen countertops to make sure they are staying clutter free. …

How To Declutter Dishes 
Today's mission is to declutter dishes. We'll focus during this task on everyday items, like plates, bowls, and saucers. This task is designed …

How To Declutter Kitchen Drawers 
Today's mission is to declutter kitchen drawers, or specifically any drawer we haven't already dealt with as part of the Declutter 365 missions. …

How To Declutter Small Appliances 
Today's mission is to declutter small appliances that you use in the kitchen. This mission is designed to be done in conjunction with either the …

How To Declutter Cookbooks 
Today's mission is to declutter cookbooks and cooking magazines. It corresponds with a similar mission we did just a few days ago, which …

How To Declutter Recipes 
Today's mission is to declutter recipes, starting with loose recipes and cards, and those in recipe binders, and eventually expanding into decluttering …

How To Declutter Water Bottles, Travel Mugs & Plastic Cups 
Today's mission is to declutter water bottles, travel mugs and plastic cups. This mission is designed to be done while working on the Kitchen …

Bakeware Organizer & Storage Ideas 
Below I've collected quite a few bakeware organizer and storage ideas, using pictures from real life homes, to help you figure out exactly how you …

How To Declutter Kitchen Cabinets 
Today's mission is to declutter kitchen cabinets, but really that is a mission that we've been working on for quite a few days. It is also not …

How To Declutter Pots And Pans & Other Cookware 
Today's mission is to declutter your pots and pans, and other cookware to keep only the best, and to ditch the rest. (We'll declutter bakeware …

How To Declutter Under Your Kitchen Sink Cabinet 
Today's mission is to declutter under your kitchen sink cabinet. This mission is designed to be done while working on the Kitchen Drawer …

How To Declutter Junk Drawer 
Today's mission is to declutter your junk drawer. Many people have this drawer in their kitchen, but tackle yours wherever it may be in your home. …

How To Declutter Kitchen Towels & Dish Cloths 
Today's decluttering mission is to declutter your kitchen towels and dish cloths, and also decorative tea towels, and even kitchen rags. …

How To Declutter Tablecloths, Napkins & Placemats 
Today's mission is to declutter tablecloths, napkins and placemats. This mission is designed to be done during the Organizing Dining Room …

Menu Board Ideas So Your Family Knows What's For Dinner 
Do you get asked a lot by your kids or other family members what's for dinner, or other meals? If so, I would suggest creating a meal board that …

How To Declutter Coffee Mugs 
Today's mission is to declutter coffee mugs, and other cups and glasses. This mission is designed to be done while working on the Kitchen …

How To Declutter Plastic Cutlery & Take Out Supplies 
Today's decluttering mission is to declutter plastic and disposable silverware and cutlery as well as other take out supplies. The sky's the …

6 DIY Plastic Bag Holder Ideas Using Upcycled Containers 
I've collected 6 different DIY plastic bag holder ideas below, showing how you can contain your plastic shopping bags easily without having to buy …

How To Declutter & Recycle Plastic Grocery Bags 
Today's mission is to declutter and recycle plastic grocery bags, as well as winnow it down to a more reasonable amount of paper bags if you have …

Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets: Ideas & Tips 
You may be considering decorating above kitchen cabinets if you don't have cabinets or cupboards that reach to the ceiling in your home. After …

Water Bottle Storage & Organization Ideas 
Below I've gathered several water bottle storage and organization ideas provided by readers, showing practical real world ways they keep these bottles …

How To Declutter Bakeware 
Today's decluttering mission is to declutter bakeware, including baking dishes and sheets. I don't actually suggest you stack your bakeware. …

Click here to write your own.

How To Declutter Kitchen Counters & Make It A Habit 
Today's decluttering mission is simple, declutter your kitchen counters. Now, I know this is called a 15 minute mission, and when you read …

Dish Soap Apron Or Dress: Cute Way To Brighten Up Your Sink Area 
Do you want a cute way to brighten up your sink area, and make yourself smile as you do dishes? Of course you do. ;) A while back these little …

How To Declutter Food Storage Containers 
Today's decluttering mission is to declutter excess food storage containers. Obviously, don't get rid of them all, you need to be able to save …

Declutter Potholders & Oven Mitts {15 Minute Mission} 
Today your decluttering mission is to declutter potholders and oven mitts. Only keep a reasonable amount of them. I mean, really, practically …

Utensil Crock Ideas: For Convenience & Saving Drawer Space 
Many people use a kitchen utensil crock or holder to store and organize their cooking utensils directly on their kitchen counters, instead of holding …

Ideas For Displaying & Organizing Cookbooks 
Lots of readers have been busy organizing cookbooks in their home this week as part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge. They did this …

Organizing Pots And Pans Ideas & Solutions 
Organizing your pots and pans can be a daunting task to tackle in your kitchen, because they are all so big and unwieldy. That, and there are lots …

Aluminum Foil, Plastic Bags & Kitchen Wrap Storage & Organization Ideas 
If you do any cooking at all you've got aluminum foil, plastic bags, and kitchen wrap. A common question I've been asked is how to store and organize …

How To Declutter Refrigerator Front & Top 
Today's fifteen minute decluttering missions is to declutter your refrigerator on the outside, on both the front and top of this appliance. …

Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas & Storage Solutions 
One part of the first week of the kitchen organization challenge is all about sink organization. Now, at first, you may wonder what I mean by …

Declutter Kitchen Table Daily: Make It A Habit {Plus Hall Of Fame} 
One of the early decluttering missions of each year is to declutter your kitchen table, and then get in the habit of keeping it that way. …

How To Declutter & Organize Silverware Drawer 
You most likely open and close your silverware drawer at least a couple times a day, and in most homes it is one of the most used storage areas in …

Kitchen Utensil Storage & Organization Ideas 
I've gathered together quite a few kitchen utensil storage and organization ideas below that you might want to use in your home. Many of us start out …

How To Organize Junk Drawer: Ideas & Solutions 
Below I've gathered lots of ideas for how to organize your junk drawer, whether it be in your kitchen (one of the most common locations) or elsewhere …

Click here to write your own.

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