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Utensil Crock Ideas: For Convenience & Saving Drawer Space

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Many people use a kitchen utensil crock or holder to store and organize their cooking utensils directly on their kitchen counters, instead of holding them elsewhere.

There are many reasons for this, but some of the most common reasons include the lack of drawer space and for convenience.

Having the utensils sitting right there in a container, ready to grab and use as you are cooking a meal, is so very handy, instead of having to move everything around in a drawer hunting for the right tool, especially during time-sensitive parts of the cooking process.

If you do choose to use something on your counter though you need to realize that it will take up some of your precious counter space, so try to minimize the total number of utensils you've got so you don't make clutter.

Further, the crocks themselves will get dirty, especially as they'll most likely sit close to your stove. Make sure you choose something that you can easily wash or clean to keep it looking good. Plus, you wouldn't want to put clean cooking tools into a really dirty holder!

kitchen utensil storage and organization ideas
Below I've gathered several different examples from readers of crocks and holders they use in their kitchens, since I find real life examples are the best ones.

There's also ideas and tips for where to find good quality holders, including some ways to use other objects in your home for this purpose.

Of course, this isn't the only way to organize and store these tools in your home. You can check out even more kitchen utensil storage and organization ideas here.

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Top photo courtesy of Karl Burrows, from

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Le Creuset Utensil Holder Keeps My Drawers Uncluttered

by Elaine

Elaine says:

I have a medium cream colored Le Creuset utensil holder. I couldn't be without it, my drawer was so cluttered before!

Taylor says:

There are so many popular brands of crocks available, but I must say Le Creuset is HUGE!

The pieces are rather expensive, but they are very high quality and oh so pretty.

I also like that there are so many color choices available. You're almost sure to find one that will match the colors in your kitchen.

Note that there are a couple different sizes of crocks available, so choose the one that works best for your needs.

Here's another picture showing the two sizes of this brand available, as well as the utensils themselves made by the company as well.

red Le Creuset utensil crocks

Second photo courtesy of Mister Roboto from

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Utensil Canisters That Match Kitchen Colors

by Lorie

A reader, Lorie, shared a picture of how she stores and organizer her large utensils.

Lorie says: "I store my large utensils (like spatulas, etc.) in canisters that match my kitchen colors. Frees up drawers for other items."

If you want something that matches a lot of your other items, you may want to check out these Mason Jar gift ideas, which includes a utensil crock that looks like a Mason Jar.

10 Mason Jar gift ideas for your kitchenClick here for 10 Mason Jar Gift Ideas For Kitchen

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Fiesta Utensil Crock: Adds Vibrant Color To Your Kitchen

Another popular brand is Fiesta, and there are quite a few fans of this brand.

The picture above is from my friend Allison, who said, "I have a great Fiesta crock in the Peacock color. It works perfectly for us."

The nice thing about Fiesta crocks is that they are typically quite sturdy, and are dishwasher safe, so periodically you can just throw it in your dishwasher to get clean to keep it looking its best.

Just like with the Le Creuset brand above, Fiestaware comes in many different vibrant colors to match your decor.

Here's another picture of this brand of crock in the kitchen:

red Fiesta utensil crock

First photo courtesy of Allison Elliot-Shannon, and second photo courtesy of Ana Luiza Welch via

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Suggestions For What Else Can Be Used For Kitchen Utensil Holder On Your Counter

Obviously there are lots of actual crock and holder type products available designed for holding your cooking tools.

However, the sky is really the limit for what you can use for this purpose.

Here are some ideas shared by readers for what they've used to give you some ideas.

But please note that whatever you choose, I would suggest something that is easily washable, since these containers do need to be washed frequently because of their close proximity to the stove. They get greasy and dirty quickly.

In addition, a tapered opening is helpful, as is making sure what you choose is heavy enough so it doesn't tip over when loaded with utensils.

Use A Vase:

Cindi says: I put several of my utensils in a pretty glass vase that was just taking up room in my cabinets and placed it in the corner on my counter.

Milk Or Beverage Pitchers:

Marybeth says: "I have always done this with cute "milk" pitcher or older crocks."

In addition, Eva gave this money saving tip, saying, "I've scored cute tall beverage pitchers from garage sales to store my utensils."

Flower Pot:

Cathy says: "Best thing to use is a flower pot. They taper at the bottom for your handles and are wider on top for your utensils!"

You can see a picture of that above, courtesy of a reader, Sarah.

utensils held in unused small kitchen trash can

Ice Bucket:

Anne Marie says: "I have a metal ice bucket with all the ones I use everyday which makes my drawer less cluttered and easier to find what I need."

Similarly, another reader, submitted this photo (on the right) of a small kitchen trash can that she used for the purpose. She said, "I use a cute garbage can (yes, brand new and never used for garbage lol. I bought it for this)."

Coffee Can:

Shelby says: "I only have 4 drawers in my entire kitchen (and the top 3 are too shallow for even a ladle). I just use a coffee can for my utensils. The price was right."

Janice seconded the coffee can suggestion. She said: "I have been using coffee cans for years. One for the spoons, one for spatulas, and one for sharp knives. I started this when my daughter started walking to keep her from getting the sharp knives and have been using it since, bout 12 years now."

#10 Food Storage Can:

Erin says: "I use #10 food storage cans. They are cheap, free, and repurposed. Plus, they are silver, so they match my stainless appliances."

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Storing Utensils This Way Makes Life Much Easier!

Janet shared a picture of her ceramic utensil holder on the Household Management 101 Facebook page, a sister site of this one, explaining how she does this because of the convenience of holding them in this way.

I like the pretty shape of this one.

You can use many different sizes and shapes for holding your cooking implements, but it is important whatever you choose that it has a wide mouth to let the utensils fan out, to make it easy to grab the one you need.

In addition, you periodically need to clean them so make sure to choose something that is washable.

Here's another picture of some cute ones, shared by a reader, Sunny. I love that one of them is a watering can!

utensil holders

There has been some discussion of whether having these holders on your counter makes them look cluttered. I think it's a matter of perspective.

Sunny said: "My utensils. And I don't think my counter looks cluttered." I personally agree Sunny, I think they look great!

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My Kitchen Crocks Match My Color Theme As Well

by Tamella

I've been doing this for years!

The one on the left with the cow my grandmother made me, the colorful one my daughter made me in grade school art class!

Yes my kitchen theme color is neon/lime green.

Are You Ready To Get Your Kitchen Organized?

Kitchen Organization Challenge
I hope you've enjoyed these ideas for using a kitchen utensil holder on your counters. If you've got your own pictures to submit to the hall of fame I'd love to see them. You can share your pictures here and I'll add them to the page.

But organizing your utensils is just a small part of kitchen organizing.

If you'd like to get your whole kitchen in order check out the Kitchen Organization Challenge which starts with clearing clutter from your kitchen counters, and then moves on to all kinds of other tasks.

It's part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge and I'd love it if you'd join us!

Utensil crock ideas for your kitchen, for your cooking convenience and to save drawer space {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for My Kitchen Crocks Match My Color Theme As Well

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switched to drawer and loving it
by: Marla

We did the complete opposite, went from having a "crock" or other container, which looks lovely. It was just another thing to clean, so, tossed utensils into the drawer and L O V I N G I T.

recently switched from drawer
by: Shellie

I recently did this and it made such a big difference in my overcrowded drawers!

not a fan of storing on counter
by: April

I'm not a fan. I like a clear counter. Also, collects dust and splatter, and the cans rarely get cleaned. Reduce your tools by half (what you really use/need) and try to keep them in a drawer.

why I just have 1 canister
by: Becky

I have 1 utensil canister that matches my kitchen, that way I have to limit myself because it gets full quickly. That way I'm also forced to go through it from time to time and declutter it.

I have a special one that resonates with me
by: Lee

I have a special one that really resonates with me. It has a special story of how it was made with minerals recovered from mountain like the Native Americans did when making their pottery. Beautiful earth tones with a sky blue, like artistic earth.

just did this
by: Maygan

I just bought one yesterday for my utensils. It's so nice not having to dig through drawers for what I need.

afraid it would get too dirty
by: Kristi

I'd like to do that but, worry they'll get dirty, dusty or have animal hair in the air and then I'd cook with them, ick!

I have two of them
by: Emilie

I have two in my kitchen. One by my stove with things for cooking like pancake turners, slotted spoons, my meat fork, etc.

The other is near the cupboard where I keep my baking supplies. This one hold spatulas, whisks, etc.

One was too small to hold everything so two is perfect and the areas are very different in my kitchen.

One is a pretty tin that help popcorn a long time ago. It looks like a paint can.

The other is a crock that we were given as a wedding present.

baked bean crock
by: Becki

My mom had boston baked bean crock next to her stove top.

Crocks vs. Drawers
by: Allison

I used to have my cooking utensils in a crock, but they'd get so dirty so I tossed it. I prefer them in a drawer but just need to find a way to organise them. The silverware dividers are not big enough. Any suggestion?

Matching utensils
by: Virginia

I have one utensil holder next to my stove. It's stainless steel and houses all my most used metal utensils, slotted spoons, spatulas, whisks, ladles. Easy to grab the needed utensil when I need to quickly!

put crocks on Lazy Susan
by: Susan

I have 2 crocks and I set them on a lazy Susan.

crocks are more cheery and useful
by: TC

My crock is a butcher block wooden one. Very useful. In the past I have used pitchers, vases, pots, canister, and several other items. I think it works for useful kitchen and it's fun to have so many items to use. It does take up some counter space, but in drawers they seem to get scrambled or utensil holder not a good size to hold them. This way is more cheery and useful in my opinion.

ceramic flower pot
by: Anonymous

I found a straight-sided, flat bottomed ceramic flower pot in my favorite color of cobalt blue to hold my utensils: wooden spoons, spatulas, whisks and large serving and slotted spoons. It was cheaper and roomier than crocks from the kitchen ware sections I was looking in!

Not with cats
by: Liz

Despite my efforts to train my cats I know they get on the counter occasionally when I'm not in the room. I'll hear them hop down if they hear me in another room, or find greasy paw prints from where they've finished off bacon grease from a pan left on the stove (can't train the husband either). I'm not too inclined to be cooking with a spatula the cat may have brushed up against. Or been swatting at.

In response to drawer organizers question
by: Kate

Dollar tree in my area has drawer organizers with tiny ridges or lips that hook together. I think they have 3 shapes. This way you can customize to fit them into a drawer with larger spaces for cooking utensils. Hope this helps!

Jars for utensils
by: Joanne

We use a clear glass vase that I bought at the dollar store for our cooking utensils. I like the look of the glass. When we have company for dinner, and I am serving buffet style, I put all the cutlery into canning jars and tie with ribbons to match the theme (green/red for Christmas, pink or blue for baby showers etc).

Make sentimental functional
by: Carrie V

For Mothers Day one year I took a coffee can, wrapped construction paper around it that matched the color scheme of my mother and mother-in-law's kitchens, put a picture of my boys in the front and their handprints on the side. I liked it so much I made one for myself and use it to store my large utensils.

Probably have too many utensils since use 3
by: Lee

I have 3 near my stove in both my homes and they don't seem to get dirty too fast but I don't cook on the back burners much. I bought most at thrift stores. One is a slender, hand made vase that holds my spatulas. Another contains my whisks, tenderizer and basting brushes and the third is crushed with turners, spoons and tongs. It's much easier to find what I want than rummaging around in an overcrowded drawer.

How to keep utensils clean
by: Didand

Does anyone have a way of covering these utensils so that they don't get dirty sitting on the counter. I feel I have to wash them whenever I go to use them because they have been sitting out.

love the idea of using a pretty vase
by: Jackie

I like the suggestion to use pretty vases. I am still using a crockery piece that I was given as a wedding shower gift in 1979. It came filled with some wonderful utensils.

what else could be used as a crock
by: Anonymous

Office desk sorter and container both from Dollar Tree.

in cabinets
by: Vickie

1 at 10 1/4x 20 1/4deep ,4 at 14 1/4 x 20 1/4 ,12 1/4 x 201/4 this is weird size cabinets. So I have organized them to what I have. Everyone said it is better to have them in drawers than in counter crock.

Love my water pitcher
by: Amber

I've been using a beautiful, ceramic, water pitcher to hold my most used utensils for several years.

by: Olive

I went to a thrift store & got a ceramic container that had a large opening.

Utensils on counter
by: Anonymous

Have had utensils in crock on counter many years. They have never seemed to get dirty. So handy. Am all about utility.

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