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Declutter Bakeware: 15 Minute Mission

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Today's decluttering mission is to declutter bakeware, including baking dishes and sheets.

stacked bakeware in cabinetI don't actually suggest you stack your bakeware.
It makes it hard to get items from the bottom of the stack.
Often we'll get a new one of these pieces of bakeware and instead of following the "one in, one out" rule, we just don't get rid of the old one.

This may not seem like a big deal at first, but what is means is that over time we accumulate too many of these.

Also, we all have our favorite baking sheets and pans, while the rest get ignored. Seriously consider decluttering anything you consistently choose not to use, over and over again.

Finally, you know it is time to declutter, or at least to reorganize them if you have an avalanche when you try to get one sheet or pan from the bottom of a stack, and they all are in danger of falling out.

What's A Reasonable Amount To Keep?

How to #declutter bakeware, including baking dishes and sheets {#Declutter365 mission on Home Storage Solutions 101} #KitchenOrganizationuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest
As usual, there is no clear cut answer to this question because it very much depends on how much and often you bake, what types of things you bake, and finally, how much room you have in or around your kitchen to store these types of items.

Thinks critically of the most recent few times you've used a lot of these items at once. How many can you realistically have in use at once, versus just washing them between uses. We only have so much room in our ovens at one time, after all.

Consider Putting Less Frequently Used Bakeware Somewhere Less Convenient

The other thing you should consider when doing this mission is whether you actually need to store all these items in your kitchen, or at least
in a very convenient location.

Perhaps it is your tradition to once a year make a cake, for someone's birthday. Well, don't declutter your only cake pan. You'll need it again soon enough and will regret having got rid of it. Just because you use it infrequently, if you do use it, it isn't clutter.

However, if you use something very infrequently why is it taking up premium space in your kitchen cabinet, such as having to move it aside daily to get to something else also stored there?

Instead, in this example, why not put your cake pan somewhere less convenient? Perhaps in that deep corner cabinet that you never know what else to put in there, or on a high shelf that you need to use a step stool to reach.

Since you just use it once a year save yourself the hassle of moving it daily to get to the baking sheet you use almost every single day.

What Should You Do With The Items You Declutter?

Finally, you need to consider what you'll do with the bakeware that you do decide to declutter.

I'd love to hear from you, saying what you'll be doing with anything you've decided to get rid of. Are you donating? If so, what are some places that would appreciate this kind of donation the most and make good use of it?

Do you think you'll sell it instead? Again, if so, where do you think you could sell it easily and for a good fair price?

Finally, below I've shown some photos provided by readers who've already taken on this mission, showing their results, to get you inspired to tackle this one yourself.

Top photo courtesy of Anthony Crider, from Flickr Creative Commons, and second photo courtesy of a reader, Mary

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Dig Back Deep Into Your Deep Cabinets So You Don't Miss Anything!

Before and after of a decluttering and organizing project in a deep kitchen cabinet holding baking pans, shown by a reader, Teresa. She did this project as part of the #Declutter365 missions on Home Storage Solutions 101.use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

We all know about those deep cabinets that fit sooo much stuff in them, but the things that get shoved into the back seem to go into the abyss. That's what happened with one reader, Teresa, but she got it decluttered and organized.

She said, "I was just decluttering my baking pans cabinet (this is the before picture), which is very deep, so very dark. I rarely used anything that wasn't right in front of me. I put a tap light in there today so I could see and it's crazy what I found in there, lol.

I have a whole box of things to throw out (old, old pans and pieces I have no idea what they go/went to). AND I found an 8-cup food processor that looks almost brand new! We moved in with my husband's grandmother 2.5yrs ago; she must have bought it or got it as a gift at some point before we moved in and I never noticed it because I didn't pull everything out when I added my pans."

In the after picture she explained, "I had so much space, I could move the casserole dishes in here too (which were in the pantry). And I moved Nana's bread kneader to another cabinet that made more sense."

I love the idea for deep cabinets to add a light, so you can inside them. You can purchase stick on tap lights here:

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Don't Forget To Get Anything From Underneath Your Stove

Many people keep baking dishes, cookie sheets and more in the drawer underneath their stove.

When decluttering make sure you clean this spot out if you keep these types of items there.

That's exactly what a reader, Jean, did, and she shared this before and after picture showing what she had left after decluttering. She explained, "My before and after. I moved the muffin tins into a cabinet that now how room thanks to one of last week's missions! I have 2 hutches that have baking things in them, so I need to get to those too, but not today!"

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Decluttered Ceramic Baking Dishes

Laura sent in this photo saying, "Purged. Some of these beauties are from 1977!"

Great job Laura!

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Removing Just A Little Clutter Can Make A Difference

Before and after of bakeware decluttering project on Home Storage Solutions 101, as part of the #Declutter365 missionsuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

This photo is from another reader, Kelly, who took on this mission and showed her results.

Kelly said: "We completely reorganized our cabinets this weekend. I moved my favorite bakeware into one cabinet."

It looks great, and with just a little effort and clutter removal it looks great now Kelly!

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Decluttered Deep Drawer & Used Old Plate Rack To Organize Baking Trays Left

by Danni

Everything on its side, held up with plate rack

Everything on its side, held up with plate rack

Danni took on this mission, and got some great results. She said, "I had one drawer crammed with baking trays of all shapes and sizes, jammed around two large cooking pots.

Bakeware organizer and storage ideas
I moved the pots to another cupboard above the oven which is just big enough to hold them. The cupboard is rarely used because of its location so it made sense to put the rarely used pots there too.

I then repurposed a plate rack from an old dishwasher, put that in the bottom of the drawer and stacked the stovetop grill plate and flat baking trays on it. Now I can easily access any tray I need without having to empty the entire drawer.

That's a great idea for organizing your bakeware. Once you've finished decluttering it's time to organize the items you've got left. So make sure to check out my article all about bakeware organizer and storage ideas here.

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Comments for Decluttered Deep Drawer & Used Old Plate Rack To Organize Baking Trays Left

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I took them out of my kitchen completely for storage
by: Jeannette

I too got fed up with all the bakeware in my cupboard so I now store them in my hall cupboard in a large plastic storage container on wheels. This sits on the floor and is easily rolled in and out of the cupboard. Now it is so easy to find the item I want as each one is stored on its side in the container. So convenient for me.

where I donate
by: Anonymous

I donate to the local St. Vincent dePaul Society. They work with the Red Cross and local resettlement program. Many of these people have lost everything to fire or flood, or worse, were relocating to one of the military bases and had their u-Haul stolen while they slept in their hotel room.

In addition, muffin tins are useful to teachers for sorting games or "stuff" and can also be used as paint cups.

nice to have extras to give as part of the gift!
by: Anonymous

It's nice having a small piece of bakeware to make a dish to share. No worries about the return of the pan if you were going to donate it anyway.

Extra dinner plates are nice to share cookies or baked goods.

one problem with storing them on their sides
by: Leonna

I really like the idea of storing flat pans and bakeware on their sides in one of those racks. My complaint is that everything tips over in one of them if you put it on a shelf that's longer than the rack!

Where to donate
by: Anonymous

I like to use a local charity called "Friends of MS". They actually do pick ups and are in my area about once a month, so it's perfect for the 365 decluttering missions. You just visit their website, put in your zip code, and it tells you when they will be in your area for the next pick up. You can then schedule the pick up online and leave donation details.

I think "Big Brothers, Big Sisters" does something similar, but I have never used them.

by: Anonymous

I donate almost everything to a local Boys & Girls Club that has a store where donated items are sold with the profits going to the club. I feel that I'm investing in our youth.

putting a touch light in dark cabinets - best idea ever!
by: SRQKay

Put a touch-LIGHT in your deepest darkest kitchen corner cabinet! Why did I never think of that......brilliant idea!

donating bakeware to your library - yes, it's a thing!
by: Barb V

Our public library has a bakeware lending section - those fun kid birthday cake pans, springform pans, muffin tins, etc. They are checked out like library books with your library card. Most of them came from donations.

I am right on schedule
by: DeeT

So far my de-cluttering is going beautifully. I was able to skip the bakeware task because when I re-did my kitchen I had a cabinet outfitted with dividers for cookie sheets, etc.

I did follow what others have done with their towel drawer------------rolling the towels made more room, now I need to get some new towels to fill it up.

Also went through my pot and pan cabinets and utensil drawers. I really cleaned house and got rid of quite a few items and appliances I have not used in quite a while.

I am feeling really good about this de-cluttering and plan on staying on schedule. Thanks to everyone for their ideas!!!

A note about the older Corning Ware
by: Sherry

Good morning! I am excited about decluttering my bakeware today and noticed comments about getting rid of old Corning Ware. Just a note on that as a former engineer for the factory, the only Corning Ware plant closed it's doors in WV in 2001. Corning Ware today is cheap pottery made in China and it will NOT hold up to the usage rigors that the older Corning Ware did. Yes, it was almost indestructible and lasted forever! Just something to think about before you decide to part with it. Best to you all!

used tray organizers
by: Anonymous

No before picture except what I threw out of the "bag cupboard" onto the floor. I can now find my bakeware without waking up everyone in the house. Used two tray organizers from Bed, Bath and Beyond. ( I don't see anywhere to add a picture or two.)

reply to Anonymous about where to submit photos
by: Taylor

To submit photos click on any of the links that say, "Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. How? Simply click here to return to kitchen clutter." Use the form provided at the link and submit your words and photos, I can't wait to see it!

Tag sale
by: Kati R.

I did declutter my baking pans/dishes before we had a huge tag sale last September. I sold 90% of the things, threw a few out (which had rust), then donated whatever didn't sell. I can't say I got rich, but made a few $ which is always better than nothing.

Easy challenge!
by: Tonya

This challenge was easy for me. I learned a few years back that aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s and other brain degeneration diseases. So our with everything containing aluminum. I only use glass bakeware and stoneware.

I cannot stand having anything stacked
by: Mountaingirl

I cannot stand stacking. The thought of moving 2 things to get to one I want just will not work for me, whether it is skillets, pans, or bakeware. I even had a professional organizer do my kitchen once and she stacked everything. I instantly had to redo the whole thing.

I use some office dividers so each 13 x 9 for example each have their own slot. My husband has also made me several little shelf's made out of 3 boards. You can make them fit to the size that you want. Set them in the cupboard. Instantly you have double the space. I have them in almost every cupboard that I have. Several in some and they can be made as wide as needed and long as needed.

Corning ware
by: Anonymous

I saw the post from the wv lady talking about the Corning plant (which was down the block from my mom's, in the day). Anyway, she is right, it is beautiful heavy stuff. I just replaced a newer glass bowl with some corning. But here's the thing: if you EVER sell stuff in ebay or facebook, this stuff brings a premium price. So consider that and make some bucks. It goes so quick it is not much trouble.

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