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Aluminum Foil, Plastic Bags & Kitchen Wrap Storage & Organization Ideas

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If you do any cooking at all you've got aluminum foil, plastic bags, and kitchen wrap. A common question I've been asked is how to store and organize these items.

kitchen cabinet organization challenge
There are lots of ways you can do it, and none of them are right or wrong as long as what you choose works for you.

What I think you need to keep in mind is that your kitchen doesn't need to look magazine perfect. It just needs to be functional. That is true organization.

Therefore, the pictures I'm going to show you below, shared by readers who've participated in the Kitchen Cabinet & Drawer Organization Challenge show things that work, in real life.

If you choose to buy a cool kitchen wrap organizer of some variety, great! But you don't have to unless it makes you happy and it actually solves a problem you're having with storing these types of items.

So scroll on down for the ideas already submitted. And if you tackle this organizing challenge I'd love to see your before and after pictures as well. You can share your results here and I'll add them to the page, so you can show off your success for everyone!

Aluminum foil, plastic bags and kitchen wrap storage and organization ideas for your kitchen, for drawers, inside cabinet doors, the wall, and in your pantry. {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Photo courtesy of, showing a WalterDrake organizer in action

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Use A Drawer For Plastic Wrap & Foil Storage

by Bec



This may seem obvious to you, but you can easily use a kitchen drawer for plastic wrap and foil storage in your home.

In fact, that is what many people do. For example, Bec from 2012 - The Year Of Challenges shared her before and after pictures of this type of drawer in her kitchen, and how she decluttered and organized it.

She said of the after photo, "doesn't look much different - but I was so surprised at what came out of this drawer - it was all hidden and is now in the bin!"

Not everyone has enough drawer space for one devoted to this type of item though, so never fear there are lots more ways to organize these types of items!

Here's another example from a reader, Linda:

No need to get complicated. Store your plastic bags, aluminum foil and plastic wrap in a kitchen drawer. Featured on Home Storage Solutions 101.

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Keep Plastic Bags In Dollar Store Containers In Drawer

by Cathy

If you don't want to keep the plastic bags in their individual boxes, you could do what a reader, Cathy, has done.

She explained, "I take the bags out of the boxes and store them in a drawer using $1 store containers. We also use tinfoil sheets instead of the big roll -- perfect size for the toaster oven. I keep rolls up high in a deep cabinet in a rack."

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Store It On Door Under Kitchen Sink

by Jennifer

I absolutely love using space that would otherwise be unusable for something. Your plastic bags, cling wraps and foil boxes are prime examples of items that can be placed in these "found" spaces.

There are several available organizers that can be mounted inside a cabinet door, such as the door under your kitchen sink (or inside the pantry door, etc.).

Jennifer from Life of Reilly shared a picture above of how she uses one of these organizers in just this way.

She said: "As you can see in the picture above, I already have my saran wraps stored on the door, and this system works for me, so they're staying there. I had some freezer storage bags down here, so I moved them to the upper cabinet with the rest of the storage bags."

Here are some available models:

In addition, here's another example from a reader, Kristin, who said, "Finally something that I already had organized. Have 2 of these Rubbermaid containers mounted on the cabinet doors under the kitchen sink."

Store your kitchen wrap under your sink mounted on the inside of the cabinet door. {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

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Moved From Drawer To Cabinet Door Mounted Variety

Lee-Anne at Life In A Peanut Free Shell shared before and after pictures of the drawer she originally kept these items in.

kitchen wrap organizer rack
She said of the before picture: "This was our wraps and foils drawer. While it was pretty organized already, I hated that they took up an entire drawer!"

Then she explained what she did for the after picture: "So I bought one of those wrap holders that goes on the back of a cupboard and freed up a bunch of room! This is now where I keep a lot of my baking stuff. Large spatulas, spreaders, cookie scoop, etc."

You can see one like she mentions in the first photo, shared by another reader, Suzanne. Suzanne explained, "When I moved into my house it had only two drawers in the kitchen so I mounted my wraps on the inside of my pantry door. Love this and it makes so much more room!"

The one I have pictured on the right is from the Grayline brand.

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Keeping Kitchen Wraps, Foils & Bag Boxes Corralled In Cabinet

by Jan



A common occurrence when you choose to store these items in a kitchen cabinet is that they begin to sprawl out, taking up as much space as you'll let them (plus more).

The best way to stop that issue is just to use something to contain them.

Jan from The Crafty Mermaid's Grotto shared before and after pictures which she keeps on a cabinet shelf.

kitchen wrap organizer for shelves
She said of the after picture, "I straightened up the wraps and bags and added a couple of baskets to hold those things."

So, her solution was just to use a basket to hold these items. However, some of these boxes are pretty long, so not all baskets are going to work.

A similar way to corral these items though is to use a shelf organizer of some type (such as the one shown on the left).

They make several specifically for these types of boxes, with open ends so that even long boxes will fit (as long as your cabinet is deep enough for the boxes themselves). The one pictures is from DecoBros, and is available on

The best of this type of organizers have several tiers so you can stack the boxes and slide on out from the bottom easily, without the ones stacked on top being disturbed. When you're in the middle of cooking that convenience comes in really handy!

Here's an example of such an organizer in action in a reader, Paula's pantry.

Store aluminum foil and kitchen wrap boxes in a simple rack in the pantry {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

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Wall Mounted Foil & Plastic Wrap Dispenser

by Karen

Karen shared on the sister site, Household Management 101's Facebook page what she does to store these items.

Instead of keeping them in some type of drawer or cabinet she has them mounted on a dispenser on her kitchen wall, which is a bit different than the other suggestions on the page.

If you use a lot of these types of items this might be another solution for you.

I have not seen anything quite like what Karen showed us that she has. However, here are some available wall mounted wrap and foil dispensers from Amazon:

Here's another similar one, shown by a reader. Luciana.

Use a wall mounted holder for your plastic wrap and aluminum foil {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

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Use Magazine Holders For Storing Plastic Wrap & Aluminum Foil Boxes

by Andi



Andi from Crazy Daze Design shared some before and after pictures of her pantry.

But what I noticed in one of the pictures is that she stores these items using magazine holders.

Several people have made this suggestion, but this is the first time I was able to show an example!

For example, Karen said, "I use a magazine holder to store my wraps and foil under my kitchen sink."

These are slim and just the perfect size for these types of boxes. An ingenious solution!

Here's another photo of one, submitted by a reader, Jacqueline. She said, "I loved the magazine file idea!"

Use a magazine holder for organizing and storing your plastic wrap and aluminum foil rolls {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

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Once You've Got A Wrap Organizer It Can Last For Years!

by Debbie

Debbie shared her picture of her wrap organizer on the Household Management 101 Facebook page as well.

She said, "I bought this thing probably back in the early 80s, but it still works fine. I just unscrew it and take it with me whenever I move.

It is so old that it has a big slot behind the wraps for paper grocery bags (place mats now).

It is screwed to the inside of a lower kitchen cabinet door."

I recently found, with the help of several readers, a similar wrap organizer on Amazon, made by Rubbermaid! (For some reason the preview picture doesn't show up, but it is the same type!)

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Reader Question: How To Organize When Limited Space In Kitchen?

I got this reader question, which I posted on the site's Facebook wall, and got lots of great suggestions from readers. So I'm adding the collective wisdom here to this page to give even more ideas for everyone.

Reader Question:

I have very limited space in my apartment kitchen. Do you have any good ways to store long boxes of plastic wrap, foil, wax paper, and baggies?

I don't have many drawers, and my cabinets are already crammed full. Do you have any suggestions for wall storage? I have plenty of wall space lol!

Selected Suggestions From Readers:

Lindsey says: "I have the same problem. I purchased a metal over the cupboard door basket from Bed Bath & Beyond. It simply hangs on the inside of your cupboard door and has enough room for 6 rolls/boxes of baggies. I love it!"

under shelf storage basket
Michelle says: "Use a plastic or metal magazine upright holder and place it on the floor or shelf or nail it into the wall. It holds about four long boxes upright! Works like a charm!"

Taylor's suggestion: I'm going to chime in here as well, because the other possibility is to add more storage to your cabinet shelves by adding an under shelf storage basket, such as the one shown to the right.

The one that is shown here is made by DecoBros, and is available on

One of these shallow shelf baskets will work if you've got full cabinet shelves, but the items on those shelves don't go up to the shelf above. Basically this type of storage solution allows you to create more storage space in your cabinets!

Are You Inspired To Get More Organized?

organized home challenge
I hope these ideas help everyone organize their plastic wraps, baggies, and aluminum foil boxes in their kitchens.

The readers above tackled this organizational challenge as part of Week #2 of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge here on the site. I would love it if you'd join along and over the course of the year you can organize your whole home and life, room by room, item by item.

Plus, once you've done this decluttering and organizing mission I'd love for you to share your before and after pictures with me here.

Aluminum foil, plastic bags and kitchen wrap storage and organization ideas for your kitchen, for drawers, inside cabinet doors, the wall, and in your pantry. {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for Reader Question: How To Organize When Limited Space In Kitchen?

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something that worked for me
by: Bonnie

This kind of wire storage works well if all of your foil & wrap boxes are similar sizes. I found it easier and gained space by just stacking them on top of each other. I used a marker or label on the ends of the plastic bag boxes to easily identify their sizes (snack, quart, gallon, etc.). They are easy to slide out and put back in.

I use an old dishwasher basket
by: Anonymous

The silverware basket that comes with the dishwasher that died works beautiful for me! In a lower cabinet, stand boxes upright and there you are!

shoe organizer
by: Pam

I have a shoe organizer on my pantry door. I stick the wraps and baggies in one of the pockets.

just use a drawer
by: Carrie

I just keep all mine in the drawer below the silverware drawer in my kitchen.

use hanging paper towel holder with extra rungs
by: Stacey

I have a hanging paper towel holder that also has rungs for the aluminum foil and another for the Saran Wrap. It works great, I just need another for our upstairs kitchen.

I have a 1960's holder
by: Lisa

I bought a 1960's holder that goes on the wall in my kitchen. Was a lucky find for sure. Holds wax paper, foil and bottom bit can hold paper towels or in my case a box of small freezer bags.

perhaps a desktop letter tray would work
by: MamaBear

I haven't tried this yet, but I think a desktop letter tray (that holds papers in portrait rather than landscape) would also work for this.

What about reused or reusable baggies?
by: Sarah

Organizing the boxes of tin foil, etc. is the easy part. My challenge is that my family reuses plastic bags until they spring a leak. We are also transitioning away from plastic bags to reusable baggies. I store these items in a drawer, divided by shallow boxes. No matter how often I straighten the drawer, it always seems to be a mess. Any suggestions?

go-to storage
by: Judith

I have a shallow drawer full of my go-to bags and wraps. And markers to label for freezer bags. But the once-in-while heavy foil and other things go in the back of the pantry with the big roasting pan!

Loose Plastic Bags Storage Idea
by: Louise

My husband keeps the plastic bags I bring home produce in. He can't be bothered using the zip lock ones in the box. My solution is to put them in toilet paper rolls. I get 3-4 bags in each roll and keep only 4 rolls - the rest go in the garbage. So my drawer is wax, saran, parchment and foil and 4 paper rolls, plus a couple of freezer bag boxes. Works well for us.

sandwich and freezer bags??
by: Anonymous

I would like to see what others have done to store these since they're too large to put in the rack which holds the wax paper etc. Also, what about long (wide?) heavy-duty aluminum foil?

reusable bags
by: Anonymous

We have our reusable bags in a basket standing straight up. We have a good amount and the basket is just wide enough so there isn't any folding.

Foil, plastic, parchment & wax paper containers
by: Anonymous

I keep all these standing upright in a regular bucket from hardware store! Easy to get to and it's on floor under my pantry shelves. Works for me.😊

The cabinet shelf wrap organizer didn't work for me
by: Anonymous

I bought this type of organizer to use inside a cabinet to corral my wraps. Everything kept sliding off to the back with a simple bump while reaching for anything. I had to remove the entire rack with the remaining wraps sliding to the far back of the cabinet to retrieve all of them and start over. The cabinet was just below my cooktop surface so a bending over was constantly required to "fix" this situation any time I needed to grab a wrap. It is now in the donate box and I am looking for a better solution to store these items.

Debbie's old wrap organizer
by: Bob

I have one just like it bought in the 80's. I've glued it so many times it looks like heck. I need a new one but they probably don't make them any more.

I love mine that's like Debbie's wrap organizer!
by: Anonymous

I also have had one of these for years. About forty years to be exact! I stuffed so many bags behind it, it finally cracked, so we duct taped it! But it really is time to buy a new one, and I found an identical one on Amazon, made by Rubbermaid (affiliate).

Reusable bag storage
by: Nicci

Take the inside carton of paper towel roll and stuff the bags inside. Works like a charm. I have about 7 of them because I reuse the bags for the dustbin in the house.

baggies & veggie bags
by: mrssxcess

I wash baggies as well & have found the tall Kleenex boxes work great for the reuse of the washed ones. I wash & let dry then put into it's appropriate tall square box, which are marked sandwich/used, quart/used, 1/2 gal/used etc. I do the same with plastic grocery bags, & even have one of these stashed in the trunk for messy muddy shoes, or that Oh I'm by ALdi's trip. I'm sure it would also work if you are reusing the veggie bags from the purchased store produce as well. Just mark with a thick black marker on all 4 sides, or if you have them in a drawer (like I do) mark the top of the box. Takes little space AND easy to keep track of whichever way you put the boxes.

My Ideal Bag Organizer
by: Anonymous

I am dying to organize my bags like I saw someone do theirs. They used the shallow stacking towers (drawers) seen in the bathroom/plastics section (WalMart) they stair-stepped the sizes of Zip Lock bags from Snack to Gallon, labeling each drawer( out of the boxes). Shopping bags got a loose knot and put in the cloth bag keeper, to pull from the bottom. Old produce bags in a recycle lg Clorox wiper container labeled (loose knot) as for the others.. they were size graduated in a drawer (in original boxes reinforced if needed) Can’t wait to feel better (recovering from Bronchitis) to do some kitchen reorganizing!! PS: I DO have my labeled ready!! πŸ˜„

Reused Bags
by: Dot

I stuff my reused bags in a bean pot that has a cover that I keep on the counter. I only use the bean pot a couple of times a year & when I do use it I just take bags out put them in a grocery bag temporarily.

Wrap and plastic bag storage not working
by: Anonymous

I find that as I try to be more green/clean, that I own more boxes of food storage plastic, etc.! I now need bags for freezer and regular of the same size. I also added parchment and butcher paper that are in boxes not compatible with the foil, etc. boxes.

I moved this category from a lower shelf near the cook top back to a drawer and it is totally not functional. Now I am considering how to squeeze them into the pantry with the glass food storage containers and casseroles.

Others brought up reusing and reusable products. Those create other issues of clutter and control. I often just grab that stack and pitch them, after I've washed and dried! Suggestions welcomed.

what I do
by: Muff Bear

I purchased silicone reusable covers which I microwave with; also used inside refrigerator so no longer buy plastic wrap--stand them up on top tall shelf against refrigerator wall. Aluminum foil sheets: bottom oven storage drawer. Plastic bags: keep my supply in freezer and refrigerator--lay flat or roll. Refrigerator storage containers: inside frig have lids--no plastic wrap required. No need for racks; freed a drawer.

Beeswax wraps
by: Candice

How does everyone store their beeswax wraps? Do you fold them? Roll them? And where do you store them?

Another place...
by: MKleck

All over Pinterest we're seeing the skinny, "between-the-fridge-and-the-wall" rolling shelves. These could be customized with wraps storage-- either vertical slots for boxes, or spools and a cutter for open boxes. Similar to a gift wrap station.

by: Anonymous

I was just getting ready to donated our magazine holders and saw this hack. Game changer and, needless to say, the holders got repurposed instead of being donated. GREAT idea!!!!!

Wrap and Bookend
by: Jan

Our wraps kept falling over the side or back of the shelf they were on. We put a large metal bookend at the end of the shelf and another one behind the wrap organizer. It keeps the wraps where they belong.

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