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Declutter Potholders & Oven Mitts: 15 Minute Mission

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Today your decluttering mission is to declutter potholders and oven mitts.

Only keep a reasonable amount of them. I mean, really, practically how many do you really need?

Prime ones to declutter are any that are excessively stained, have holes in them (because then they really can't protect your fingers -- which is their job), or those you just don't find very attractive (assuming you have enough you do find pretty).

For those that you decide to keep throw them in the washer, or otherwise get them cleaned up a bit because they tend to get dirty with use. Ready, set, go!

Don't Forget About Seasonal Ones & Kids Crafts

gingerbread potholder
When you're doing this mission don't forget about the ones your kids or grandkids have made for you as crafts.

Unless you actually use them they're clutter, at least in your kitchen. If you don't want to throw away a keepsake at least acknowledge what it really is, and put it somewhere else beside your kitchen, such as in a box with other keepsakes instead of taking up valuable real estate in your drawers or wherever else you've got it.

Or for kids crafts you can also choose to display them. But again, then its a decoration, not something you use functionally.

Same thing goes for seasonal kitchen mitts and holders. When it's not that season they don't need to be in the kitchen. Instead, store them with the rest of that season's decorations so when you get those items out you remember these as well and actually use them!

Then, when the season is over wash and then put them away until the next time.

If you don't actually use your seasonal decorations during that season then they're just clutter and shouldn't stay in your home.

Below you'll find some pictures from reader sharing their results from this mission. Hopefully they'll inspire you!

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First photo courtesy of Denise Krebs, second photo courtesy of Endomental Artistry, also known as boliyou, from Flickr CC

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Got Rid Of Stained, Ripped & Gross Ones & Organized The Rest

by mrs_zoo2901

@mrs_zoo2901 showed off how she accomplished this mission on Instagram. She stated: "I had to change the order of the missions a bit since I can't consider my counters clear until the Christmas stuff is off the breakfast bar and I won't tackle that until this weekend.

So instead I decluttered my potholders and kitchen towels (Saturday's mission). Anything stained, ripped, or generally gross went into the trash. I folded everything else and put it in its own drawer, a much better system than having everything mixed together."

Looks great doesn't it? And make sure to follow the #Declutter365 missions on Instagram here, from my @TaylorFlanery account!

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The Cup Towel & Hot Pad Drawer Is Less Cluttered Now

by Reecea



Reecea from Fresh Juniper decluttered and reorganized the drawer she stored all these items in.

I think it makes a big difference, don't you?

She said of the after picture, "The Cup Towel and Hot Pad Drawer needed help. It was in the right spot, but had too much clutter. Here it is with less junk and new Contact Paper liner."

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I Don't Keep Many So An Easy Mission!

by Rosanne

I only have a pair of pot holder and a few towels. Easy day.

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Possible Storage Solution: Hang Your Potholders Or Oven Mitts

One possible way to store your oven mitts and potholders, beside in a drawer, especially if you only decide to keep one or two of them after doing this decluttering mission, is to hang them on a hook.

You could choose to hang them where they're visible, like a reader, Stephanie, did. She explained that she only have 2 oven mitts in her house, so this storage and organization method works well for her.

You could also hang them up, but inside a cabinet door for example, so they're not always visible.

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I Decluttered My Dish Cloths & Potholder Drawer

by Bec



Bec from 2012 - The Year of Challenges shared the pictures of her dishcloth and potholder drawer, before and after decluttering.

Great job Bec!

Are You Ready To Declutter Your Home?

declutter 365
I hope seeing these pictures has inspired you to reduce your collection of oven and kitchen mitts.

When you begin to declutter the feeling you get is contagious, so if you're loving the results you're getting I would encourage you to keep going.

I've got a whole series of 15 minute decluttering missions (eventually 365 of them!) that you can do.

Just pick and choose the ones you want to do, that will make a big impact in your home. But if you want someone else to tell you the order you can also grab the 15 minute daily decluttering mission calendars and follow along as we all get our homes clutter free together!

Ideas from readers to help you with the #Declutter365 mission to declutter and organize potholders and oven mitts, from Home Storage Solutions 101use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for I Decluttered My Dish Cloths & Potholder Drawer

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idea for repurposing old oven mitt
by: Jennifer

Extra oven mitts can be made into a cute scissor holder with a magnet on the back to hang on fridge.

I have way too many
by: Wanda

I have way too many because I always end up getting "seasonal" mitts or potholders or ones made by grandchildren. I am not a good "thrower-outer!" I do wash mine often, so they get fraying bindings on the sides. I am going to throw out some today! .....maybe!

Towel declutter
by: Jackie

Also decluttered apron drawer! I donate extra mitts and towels to church or if a little stained out to the garage for rags!!

by: Barbara

I tear old ones in half and use them as scrub rags.

Kitchen to kitchen
by: Anonymous

If they are in good condition, give extra potholders, oven mits, other kitchen items, etc. to a local shelter.

recycled potholders
by: Anonymous

I recover some of these with new cloth. Short ties here and there keep them from slipping in the wash. It depends on the condition but a new and bright color (sort of like a duvet cover for a comforter) only pot holder size. Use yarn of string to tack a few places and it is new again.

I did it!
by: dihi21

I finally got my hotpad drawer and dishtowel drawer cleaned out and decluttered! My son and husband were happy to receive the old towels to use for rags, and I don't feel as if I'm wasting something that still has some use left in them (even if I don't want to use them in my kitchen anymore)!

I keep about 10
by: Charlotte

I keep them in a drawer, and have about 10. The Christmas ones (4) I keep in a Christmas popcorn tin with the Christmas tea towels. I also have a couple that I don't use but hang up for decoration! I don't want them to get dirty, they're beautiful!

seasonal mitts and holders are in rotation with the decorations
by: Twila

I have a rotation of holiday/seasonal mitts and holders. I keep them in the boxes with the decorations of the season. When it's spring it's flowers and bunnies, autumn it's Halloween and leaves, etc. I do the same with kitchen towels also.

Mine are on hooks on the cabinet by the sink
by: Lorie

I have two oven mitts and 2 silicone trivets. I will eventually add a third but a Fiestaware trivet. The two oven mitts are on command hooks on the side of the cabinet by the sink. The trivets are on the counter with candles on them. I like the silicone type because they can be used to open jars with tight lids.

I have this mission under control
by: Anonymous

I only have two oven mitts and one pot holder and they hang on an inside door of a small pantry. I only have 6 matching dish towels in a drawer. So I get the day off. I'm sure I'll organize something.

Take those old towels to your local humane society
by: Terra

Old towels are always in demand to help take care of our furry friends. They can be stained and holey...it doesn't matter!

Holiday potholder storage
by: Jo

I have boxes for each holiday that hold the decorations. I keep the towels, oven mitts, and rugs in the box with the decorations. This has worked well for me for years now and I always know what I have!

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