Clean Clutter Hall Of Fame
Get Rid Of Laundry & Cleaning Clutter

Below are ideas for what types of laundry and cleaning clutter to consider getting rid of. In addition, I've included a hall of fame for you to share your own success or get inspired by what others have accomplished.

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Getting clutter out of your cleaning and laundry routines and schedules, as well as pairing down your actual supplies will do you a world of good in making sure your home is comfortable most of the time.

After all, everyone needs clean clothes and a clean house can make you feel just so much better around your surroundings.

I encourage everyone to take the following of 52 Week Organized Home Challenges that deal with these areas of your home:

I've also listed quite a few decluttering missions that accompany these challenges, to help you get this area of your life more manageable.

Whether you've done these missions when I've scheduled them during the year, or any other time doesn't really matter to me. I just want to celebrate your success, so here's your chance to show off some before and after pictures when you've done one of the missions. If you're ready to share now click here to begin!

Decluttering Missions For Cleaning & Laundry Supplies

The decluttering missions for this area of your house include:

  • Create cleaning checklists for home for household notebook
  • Create personalized cleaning schedule
  • Create chore chart for kids
  • Old or unused cleaning supplies
  • Old or worn out cleaning tools
  • Cleaning closet or other area where you hold your cleaning supplies
  • Create small portable cleaning caddy
  • Around washer/dryer
  • Old or unused laundry supplies
  • Laundry room shelves and drawers
  • Laundry room floor
  • Create stain removal kit and soaking area for laundry room
  • Ironing supplies (including ironing board)
  • Create laundry schedule for your family
  • Have adequate laundry baskets placed throughout house
  • Create mending area for clothing plus small sewing kit
  • Create space to collect unmated socks
  • Add fun decor to your laundry room

Cleaning & Laundry Clutter Hall Of Fame

Below are the submissions received so far for these items in your home.

If you're ready to share your own click here to begin!

cleaning products
Declutter & Dispose Of Cleaning Products
under kitchen sink cabinet organization
Under Kitchen Sink Cabinet Organization
Declutter Stockpile From Couponing

couponing stockpile
Stockpile Organization
household items
How To Never Run Out Of Household Items
chore chart
Create Kids' Chore Chart

laundry room
Declutter Laundry Room Around Washer & Dryer
laundry shelves
Declutter Laundry Shelves & Cabinets
laundry supplies
Declutter Laundry Supplies

ironing board holder
Ironing Board & Supplies Storage
laundry room decor
Add Fun & Functional Laundry Room Decor
laundry change jar and sign
Laundry Change Jar & Holder Ideas

sock bag
Lost Or Unmated Socks
sewing supplies
Create Mending Basket
laundry basket
Place Clothes Hampers For Dirty Laundry

laundry basket
Put Away Clean Laundry
Declutter Hangers

Get Started With The Decluttering Missions Today!

Free Printable Declutter Calendar

Do you want to participate in the 15 minute daily missions? Grab your FREE yearly printable decluttering calendar here and get started today!

In addition, I'll share each day's mission through social media too, so you can keep up by joing the Declutter 365 Facebook group or follow along on Instagram (where the official hashtag is #Declutter365).

Have You Gotten Rid Of Laundry & Cleaning Supplies Clutter?

Have you participated in one of the Declutter Your Home In 15 Minutes A Day Missions, either while it was running for the day or when it was convenient for you?

Are you proud of your accomplishments and want to show the world what you decluttered today, and are getting out of your home?

Here's your chance to tell me about it. Pictures are highly encouraged, but you can also just write a description of what you decluttered too (note you've got to at least explain what we're seeing in the picture you upload).

You can send up to four pictures in each submission.

Get Rid Of Cleaning & Laundry Supplies Clutter Hall Of Fame

Here are the Hall of Fame submissions that have already been submitted.

Check these out to get inspired about what others have accomplished with the power of 15 minutes a day.

Create Kids' Chore Chart To Get Whole Family Involved In Household Chores 
Today's mission is to create a kids' chore chart to get the whole family involved in household chores. All week, as part of the Create A House …

Create Mending Basket {Plus How To Keep Up With Mending Clothes} 
Today's mission is to create a mending basket, or other area to place the clothing you come across in your household that needs to have small repairs …

Ironing Board Storage Ideas & Organizing Solutions For Ironing Supplies 
While organizing your laundry room or laundry area one of the things you've got to consider are possible places for ironing board storage, and how to organize …

Declutter Laundry Shelves & Cabinets {15 Minute Mission} 
Today's mission is to declutter your laundry shelves or cabinets in your laundry room or utility room. This Declutter 365 mission is designed …

How To Declutter Your Laundry Room 
Today's mission is to declutter the laundry room, specifically around the washer and dryer. This mission is designed to be done while working …

Stockpile Organization & Storage Tips 
Below I've gathered my and other readers best stockpile organization and storage tips, plus photo ideas of how you can keep the items you've purchased …

Laundry Change Jar Or Holder: Ideas To Keep Loose Change Found In Clothes 
Here are a couple of laundry change jar and holder ideas you can use to keep the loose change you find in your family's clothes before you wash them. …

How To Rematch Missing & Lost Socks With A Sock Basket 
Today's decluttering mission is to declutter lost socks, and those without a mate that have been hanging around for quite a while, waiting for their lost …

Declutter Laundry Supplies & Products {15 Minute Mission} 
Today's mission is to declutter laundry supplies, such as detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, stain pretreaters, bleaches and more. …

Click here to write your own.

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