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Declutter Hangers {15 Minute Mission}

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Today's mission is to declutter hangers. Here's how to do it, with tips and reminders so you don't forget something when doing the mission.

This mission is designed to be done either during the Laundry Organization Challenge, or one of the Closet Organization Challenge (there's one for adults and for kids).

It may be easiest for this mission to gather up all your excess hangers that are not currently being used into one pile and then you'll be able to evaluate which ones to keep versus to declutter, when you see them all together.

Prime locations to gather hangers from include all bedroom closets, coat and hall closets, and in your laundry room.

Once you see all the hangers currently not in use together you can better realize how many extra hangers you've got.

As with all decluttering missions that we do as part of the Declutter 365 missions, I'm not suggesting you get rid of all extra hangers. After all, some may break, or you may get additional clothing in the future which needs a hanger.

However, if you're rather surprised by the large amount of extra hangers you were able to gather then it is most likely time to let some of them go.

(On the flip side, if you're always searching for another hanger you don't need to declutter them, but it might mean you need to declutter some of your clothes instead. Try the declutter hanging clothes in your closet mission here.)

Prime types of hangers to declutter include those that are bent or broken, those you absolutely detest for whatever reason, extremely flimsy ones that either bend with too much weight on
them or break easily, and those where you have too many of a specific type.

For example, many people detest thin wire hangers, and some really don't like store hangers, like the kind you bring home with you from the clothing stores. Do yourself a favor and get rid of the ones you don't like to use. They'll just aggravate you every time you use one you don't like, and life's too short for that!

decluttered hangers from clothing store

In addition, depending on the size and age of your kids, it may be time to get rid of the baby or kid sized hangers if everyone in the household has outgrown them now.

Look seriously at all the hangers you've gathered up from throughout your home and answer for yourself the question of whether it is important to you that they are uniform in size, shape, and color or not. Some people really like things uniform, and for some people it makes very little difference. Know your personality and work with it.

Make sure to keep some of each major variety that you use, including sturdy hangers for heavy coats, skirt or pants hangers, non-slip hangers for sleeveless blouses, kids hangers if needed, etc.

It may surprise you how beneficial getting rid of excess hangers can be. It will free up a lot of room in your closets so you can actually more easily fit the clothing that is hanging up on hangers, when the empty ones aren't just taking up room on the closet rod.

Below I'll discuss briefly what you can do with the hangers you've decided to get rid of from your home.

Top photo courtesy of Andrew Blight, and second photo courtesy of erix!

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Readers Results From This Mission

Decluttered hangers when Dora did the #Declutter365 mission on Home Storage Solutions 101

Quite a few readers have done this mission, and sent in their photos showing their results.

The picture above is from a reader, Dora, who got rid of a "big bag of hangers and 4 pair of shoes."

In addition, below is a photo from Sara, who said, "I have been so inspired...thank you! These used to hold clothes in my more!"

Once you get rid of clothing clutter you can also get rid of hanger clutter like Sara did as part of the #Declutter365 missions on Home Storage Solutions 101

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Ideas For What To Do With Excess Hangers

Once you've done this mission, and answered for yourself the question of how many extra hangers do I really need?, then you'll be left with quite a few hangers to do something with, to get them out of your home.

First, remember that for the thin wire hangers, like you get from the dry cleaners, you can typically just return those back to the cleaners. This helps you keep from adding to landfills and the dry cleaners will appreciate it too!

If you get a lot of dry cleaning done and have, in the past, accumulated a lot of these hangers, go ahead and create a collection area for them from now on. Then, as this area you designate gets filled up with these hangers just remember to return them back to the cleaners on your next trip so you don't accumulate such an excess of them again in the future.

As for other types of hangers, it is up to you what you'll do with them. As long as they're not broken I suggest just donating them. You can donate them to a thrift shop, or if you'd like to take them somewhere they'd really be appreciated I suggest a family clothes closet, or a woman's shelter that also provides clothing.

I would personally only try to sell my excess hangers if they are the really nice wooden ones that are quite expensive, and even then you have to make a decision for yourself about whether the monetary benefit is worth the time and hassle of trying to sell them.

You can tell me below in the comments your ideas and suggestions for what to do with the hangers you're going to declutter in case I've forgotten something.

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How to declutter hangers, including the types to get rid of and what to do with them once you've decided to let them go {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Top photo courtesy of EvelynGiggles

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Comments for Ideas For What To Do With Excess Hangers

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where to donate
by: Anonymous

You can donate plastic hangers to a community theater group that keeps costumes. Our group has costumes donated all the time and we can always use hangers to hang the clothes. Of course ask before you drop off to make sure they can use them. Also, remember vintage clothing is always appreciated too, especially larger sizes.

Metal Hangers
by: Joy

Metal recycling places will take your metal hangers like the ones used by dry cleaners and pay you for them, too! The dry cleaning places will also take back hangers in good condition. I often take my clothes and leave the hangers right when I am picking up my cleaned clothing. That way I don't have to store them and then remember to bring them with me the next time I go to drop off clothes.

I kept my kids' hangers
by: Anonymous

I kept my kids' hangers. They're the perfect size to hang my jeans on.

Wire hangers for return to dry cleaners
by: Anonymous

I keep my wire hangers in the basket in my closet that collects clothing that needs to be dry cleaned. That way I put the whole basket in the trunk and take my clothes and extra wire hangers to the dry cleaners without having to remember to grab both the clothing and the hangers from separate places.

Hangers with clips
by: Anonymous

I use the hangers with clips to hang up my tableclothes and linen that I have inherited. They are hanging in a storage closet, with similar holidays/seasons together. This is easier for me than shoving them in a drawer.

what I do with my hangers
by: Anonymous

In my closet and my kids' closets I only keep the hangers, we use, in there. The rest I put in the coat closest. When I take something off the hanger I put it in a spot on the rod with other unused hangers, so all of the hangers are together and I don't have to search for a hanger when I need one. I don't keep the hangers we get from the store. I tell the clerk to keep the hangers.

give them to your dry cleaner
by: Anonymous

My dry cleaner will take ANY extra hanger. They also will give you a triangular box in which to store them until you go back to the dry cleaner.

After a "loved garment" comes out of the dryer I put it on a certain colored hanger
by: Connie

If the "loved" item is still unclaimed after 2 weeks, it won't be missed so it gets donated and the hanger awaits its next donation.

When my kids were home the hangers desiganted ownership. Made sorting easier.

we donated ours
by: Laura

We donated all the children's hangers to a local preschool and the excess plastic hangers to the Church for use when they have functions in the parish hall.

How I use my hangers - for clothes sent to consignment
by: Anonymous

I use the hangers that come from stores to put clothes on to take to a local consignment shop. If it sells I don't get the hanger back but if they don't I can pick them up to sell more clothing my children have outgrown. If I don't have time to pick the clothes up they donate the clothes to charity and I assume they use the hangers they want in the store or give to other consignors.

Dry Cleaner Hanger Boxes
by: Cheri

Our dry cleaner hands out triangle-shaped boxes to neatly stack excess hangers. They reuse them and are happy to get them back!! That's the only reason that my hanger decluttering has consistently been done!!!

take to laundromat
by: Anonymous

Since I do my laundry at the local laundromat I take hangers with me to hang the clothes right out of the dryer. Any I don't use I leave for others who might need to hang their things.

Clip hangers repurpose idea
by: Amy S

I cut or break off the clip hangers that you buy shorts or skirts on and use them in the kitchen for chip clips.

donate to thrift shops
by: Anonymous

I donate mine to the local thrift shops - they always need extras to display the clothes they sell.

by: Anonymous

Years ago when my mother was in the hospital for physical therapy, we found only 2 or 3 wire hangers in her closet. When she resided in a nursing facility for a few weeks, again no available hangers. They can always use hangers for residents clothing, but ask first, just to make sure they will accept them.

Show choir
by: Lori V-G

Our local high school has a VERY successful show choir program (LOTS of costumes). With almost 600 students and over 1,800 costumes hangars are at a premium. They need to be sturdy-ish. They take donations almost year-round. What they can't use they give to band who also need hangars.

I like all my hangers to match
by: Barbara

I like to have all the same hangers. I like how they look in my closets and how versatile the type I choose to use are. I buy them at Walmart. For hanging tops I use thick white plastic hangers. For pants I use the clear plastic hangers with the clips. I get them at Walmart also. Consistency works for my OCD! LOL

Different hangers
by: Deb

One of those things I do to help organize things. My husband likes the side hangers. I hang his things on the wire. I also use some hangers for different seasons and groups of clothes like my fights are one one color and my jeans on another. Sounds compulsive but I don't lose things in my closet and find things fairly easy.

Thin Hangers
by: Anonymous

I have replaced all plastic or wire hangers with the thin velvet ones. It was a pleasure to see that by using these hangers the amount of space used in my closet has dropped by at least 50%. I still use wooden hangers for heavier coats.

Kids' Hangers come in handy
by: Louise

I have about a dozen children's hangers in my laundry room to use when hanging bras or camisoles to line dry. The straps stay nicely in the indentations for straps, and the items do not get stretched out and mis-shapened. My youngest is 34, and even my youngest grandchildren are close to using adult-sized hangers.

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