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Get Rid Of Clothing, Bedroom & Closet Clutter Hall Of Fame

Below is a list of wardrobe, bedroom and closet clutter items to consider getting rid of. In addition, there's a hall of fame where you can share your own success or get inspired by what others have accomplished.

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Often one of the most cluttered areas of your home include closets and your bedroom.

We typically like to shove things there because when company comes we can hide everything behind the closed doors, but we live there all the time, company doesn't!

So, be kind to yourself and get these areas cleared out so you can enjoy living space and functional storage space for yourself.

I encourage everyone to take the following of 52 Week Organized Home Challenges that deal with these areas of your home:

I've also created quite a few decluttering missions that accompany these challenges, to help you get this area of your life more manageable.

Whether you've done these missions when I've scheduled them during the year, or any other time doesn't really matter to me. I just want to celebrate your success, so here's your chance to show off some before and after pictures when you've done one of the missions. If you're ready to share now click here to begin!

Decluttering Missions For Your Closets & Bedrooms

The items to consider decluttering, or missions for this area of your home include:

  • Sheets
  • Blankets, throws and comforters
  • Pillows (including decorator ones throughout house)
  • Clothes you no longer like, fit into or are out of style
  • Hanging clothes
  • Closet drawers and shelves
  • Closet floor
  • Hangers
  • Clear space for storing out of season clothing
  • Remove out of season clothes and replace with in season items
  • Create inventory of stored clothing
  • Get rid of or store outgrown kids' clothes
  • Guest bedroom
  • Nightstand
  • Under bed
  • Bedroom dresser
  • Winter coats
  • Gloves, scarves and hats
  • Sweaters
  • Socks and underwear
  • T-shirts
  • Swimsuits
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry box
  • Earrings, necklaces, rings, etc.
  • Belts
  • Ties
  • Scarves
  • Tights
  • Glasses and sunglasses
  • Hair bows and other hair accessories
  • Purse and handbag collection

Closet & Bedroom Clutter Hall Of Fame

Here are the hall of fame submissions received so far.

If you're ready to share your own click here to begin!

Declutter Nightstand or Bedside Table
under the bed
Declutter Under The Bed
Declutter Dresser Top

guest bedroom
Declutter Guest Bedroom
guest room
Guest Room Ideas
kids bedroom
Declutter Kids Bedroom

kids bedroom
Kids' Bedroom Ideas
9 questions to ask when you declutter clothes
Questions When Declutter Clothes
pile of clothes
7 Reasons Getting Rid Of Clothing Clutter Is Awesome

kids clothes
Declutter Kids Clothes
declutter wardrobe
How To Declutter Your Wardrobe
backward hangers
Turn Hangers Backward To Identify Wardrobe Clutter

hanging clothes
Declutter Hanging Clothes
closet shelves and drawers
Declutter Closet Shelves & Drawers
shelf dividers
Closet Shelf Dividers

closet floor
Declutter Closet Floor
kids closet
Declutter Kids Closet
dresser drawers
Declutter Dresser Drawers

kids' dresser drawer labels
Organize With Dresser Drawer Labels
Declutter Dresses & Formal Wear
wedding dress
Declutter Or Donate Wedding Dress

prom dresses
Donate Prom Dresses & Other Formal Wear
Declutter Undergarments
Declutter Sock Drawer

old socks
Uses For Old Socks
Declutter Shirts & Tops
how to fold t-shirts to organize shirt drawer
How To Fold T-Shirts For Organized Drawer

organized tank tops
Organize Tank Tops & Camis
Declutter Pants & Jeans
Declutter Sportswear

Sweaters & Sweatshirts
Declutter Workwear

Declutter Coats & Jackets
gloves, hats and scarves
Declutter Gloves, Hats & Scarves
hanging closet organizer
Lay Out Clothes For Next Day

worn clothes
Worn Clothes Storage Area
hand me down kids clothes
Organize Hand Me Down Kids Clothes
Declutter Hats

Declutter Shoes
shoes in entryway
Declutter Shoes From Entryway
Declutter Jewelry

Declutter Accessories
hair accessories
Declutter Hair Accessories
Declutter Glasses

Purse & Handbags Storage Ideas
before and after kids closet organization
Kids' Closet Organization
kids' dress up clothes storage
Dress Up Clothes Storage & Organization Ideas

Declutter Hangers
Declutter Towels
sheets and pillowcases
Declutter Sheets & Pillowcases

Declutter Pillows
cloth napkins
Declutter Tablecloths, Napkins & Placemats
Declutter Blankets

More Resources To Declutter Your Entire Home

Clutter rarely just accumulates in one area of your home, but instead with time can overfill your entire home.

Follow the Declutter 365 plan to get your whole house decluttered, one small step at a time, over the course of the year, and see fantastic results that you can maintain year after year!

Start with my free gift to you, a 12 month declutter calendar (a $20 value), which lists 365 different decluttering missions that will transform your whole house.

The step by step plan laid out in the calendar will guide you through the process of removing physical clutter, digital clutter and even set up foundational routines and habits for your home, to make it clutter free and organized from now on.

Free printable 2024 Declutter 365 calendar {on Home Storage Solutions 101}

You can also get additional services to help you succeed with the Declutter 365 plan, including receiving daily text messages about each day's mission, planner stickers, and joining a private and exclusive Facebook group devoted to helping encourage and motivate you as you work through the daily and weekly tasks.

You can learn more about Declutter 365 products here.

Declutter 365 products to help you declutter your home over the course of this year

Have You Gotten Rid Of Closet, Clothes Or Bedroom Clutter?

Have you participated in one of the Declutter Your Home In 15 Minutes A Day Missions, either while it was running for the day or when it was convenient for you?

Are you proud of your accomplishments and want to show the world what you decluttered today, and are getting out of your home?

Here's your chance to tell me about it. Pictures are highly encouraged, but you can also just write a description of what you decluttered too (note you've got to at least explain what we're seeing in the picture you upload).

You can send up to four pictures in each submission.

Get Rid Of Bedroom, Clothes & Closet Clutter Hall Of Fame

Here are the Hall of Fame submissions that have already been submitted.

Check these out to get inspired about what others have accomplished with the power of 15 minutes a day.

Tips For Decluttering Shoes By The Entryway Or Door 
Today's mission is all about decluttering shoes by your entryway or door. This mission is designed to be done while we work on the Organize …

Guest Bedroom Declutter Mission: How To Clear The Clutter 
Today your mission is to focus on a guest bedroom declutter session, so that your guest room, or spare room, is ready to be used by guests as intended. …

How To Declutter Hats & Caps 
Today's mission is to declutter hats and caps from your wardrobe and home. This mission is designed to be done during the Organize Jewelry …

How To Declutter Shoes 
Today's mission is to declutter shoes. Actually, since this can be quite a task it is a mission that I've got on the Declutter 365 mission calendar …

How To Get Rid Of Jewelry Clutter 
Today's mission is to get rid of your jewelry clutter so that you're left only with pieces that you enjoy and will wear, and that will fit into the …

How To Get Rid Of Dresser Drawer Clutter 
Today's mission is to get rid of your dresser drawer clutter, by decluttering excess clothing within those drawers. Yesterday we focused …

How To Clean & Declutter Under The Bed 
Today's mission is to declutter under the bed in whatever bedroom you're currently working to declutter and organize. You'll do this mission separately …

Tips For Decluttering Your Closet Floor 
Today's mission is decluttering your closet floor, removing anything that shouldn't be there and purposefully putting away any items you do choose …

How To Declutter Closet Shelves & Drawers 
Today's mission is to declutter closet shelves and drawers of excess clutter, and to keep only what you use and love. This mission is designed …

How To Declutter Your Closet Hanging Clothes 
Today's mission is to declutter your closet of excess hanging clothes. Of course, as always, this does not mean to get rid of all of the clothes …

How To Declutter Blankets & Comforters 
Today's mission is to declutter blankets, throws and comforters in your home. As always, we're not getting rid of all of them, but only excess ones. …

How To Declutter Sheets & Pillowcases 
Today's mission is to declutter sheets and pillowcases in your home, as well as other bedding. This mission is designed to be done while …

7 Ways Getting Rid Of Clothing Clutter Is Awesome 
Today's mission is to get rid of clothing clutter, specifically the clothes that you don't like, don't fit or are no longer in style. Today kicks …

How To Declutter Pillows 
Today's mission is to declutter pillows, including both the ones on your bed and any decorative pillows you have anywhere in your home. This …

Purse & Handbag Storage Ideas & Solutions 
If you enjoy using different purse with various outfits, or for different occasions, you can quickly acquire quite a few of them. But since you can only …

How To Declutter Your Dresser Top 
Today's decluttering mission is to declutter the top of your dresser. We'll do inside the dresser drawers as a separate mission another day (you …

How To Organize Tank Tops & Camis 
Below I've gathered several ideas for how to organize tank tops and camis, both folded or hung up, your preference. It seems like if you have …

How To Fold T-Shirts: Simple Trick For Organizing Your Shirt Drawer 
Do you feel like your shirt drawers are out of control, with lots of messy t-shirts just shoved and stuffed in there? It is easy for these drawers …

How To Declutter Hangers 
Today's mission is to declutter hangers. Here's how to do it, with tips and reminders so you don't forget something when doing the mission. This …

Kids Bedroom Ideas For Storage & Organization 
Below is the kids bedroom ideas hall of fame, where readers have shared photos of how they've organized and added storage solutions to their children's …

How To Declutter Your Nightstand Or Bedside Table 
Today's decluttering mission is to declutter your nightstand. This is often an area where all kinds of things get piled, from late night reading …

How To Declutter Socks 
Today's decluttering mission is to declutter socks. The goal isn’t to throw all the socks away, but to keep a reasonable amount for each family member …

Click here to write your own.

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