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Ideas For How To Organize Tank Tops & Camis

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Below I've gathered several ideas for how to organize tank tops and camis, both folded or hung up, your preference.

It seems like if you have a few tank tops and camis you actually have a lot of them, and typically in lots of different colors and maybe even patterns.

But once you have a lot of anything it becomes much more difficult to find the one you want it.

Plus, depending on your storage method they often get crumpled up and wrinkled between wearings, and then they don't look as good.

So here are ideas that take care of these issues for you, and if I do say so, are pretty genius -- and they're ideas submitted by readers.

Of course, I would expect nothing less from you readers, since you have some extremely awesome ideas, and in this instance it is no different.

The picture above is from a reader, Shelly, who used a tie/belt hanger hanging in her closet to organize hers.

She explained, "These tie/belt hangers were cheap at Wal Mart. This has been way better than digging wrinkled camis out of a drawer."

You can get one here:

Belt Hangers {Referral Links}

I personally think this idea is great because it takes up less space then hanging each one on a hanger, plus, you don't have to deal with them slipping off the hangers! You know what I'm talking about, don't you? That is something that drives me crazy, so this solution fixes several issues at once.

Other types of hangers will also work for your tank tops, or other shirts with straps. For example, here's another hanger designed to help you keep the shirts from sliding off the hanger, and also to take up less total room in your closet.

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You can get one of these hangers pictured here:

Hangers For Tank Tops {Referral Links}

Scroll down to see even more ideas from readers. Plus, if you've got your own method that you love I'd love to see it as well. You can submit your own photos and ideas here and I'll add the best ones to the site!

Several ideas for how to organize tank tops and camis in your closet or bedroom {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #OrganizingTips #HomeOrganization #ClothesStorageuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Use Shower Curtain Rods & S Hooks

by Holly

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This second idea is from another reader, Holly. She explained, "Shower curtain rod and hooks behind the closet takes up more space than the belt holder, but it's space that would be unused otherwise."

Again, I really like this idea. If you look closely at the photo you can tell that she uses "S hooks" so she can do something similar to what Shelly did above with the hooks on the tie and belt rack, just hang each cami or tank top by the arms instead of fiddling around with hangers.

This makes it super easy to put them up after washing, and to grab the one you want, and even switch in and out if you're trying a couple different ones before you decide which one you actually want to wear that day!

Plus, even if you don't have room in your bedroom for adding the shower curtains, nor enough of these to use a larger belt and tie holder, just using some of these S hooks directly on your clothes rod in your closet might make sense for you to try.

I've also seen people put these hooks, or shower curtain rings, onto a hanger to organize the tank tops that way. There's a lot of variations of this idea that could work for you!

Tension Rod For Closet + Hooks {Referral Links}

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Fold Them To Place In Drawer Like File Folders

by Jennie

Finally, even if you don't want to hang your tank tops and camisoles, or you don't have room to use the methods above, you can make sure you're folding them more effectively to keep them organized.

The folding method that many people love is to fold or roll them to place in drawers like file folders.

The picture above is from another reader, Jennie, who says: "I do like this idea, but I roll/fold mine and up and put them in a dresser drawer."

I definitely endorse this method because instead of digging around to find the shirts at the bottom of the drawer they are all visible. Plus, you can fit so many more in there this way!

You can get more information about how to fold t-shirts and tank tops like this at my article at the link, plus more about the file folder method for organizing the shirts in drawers.

how to fold t shirts to better organize your dresser drawers

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I hope these ideas for organizing your camisoles and tank tops has been helpful.

There are even more ideas for storage and organizing on the site in the {A-Z} Storage Solutions & Ideas round up page. Go check it out if you'd like to see even more ideas.

Further, if this article inspires you to organize even more of your closet and clothes, make sure to check out the Closet Organization Challenge for even more ideas.

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In addition, if you find yourself with too many shirts or tank tops, you may need to declutter. Here's my article on how to declutter shirts and tops for tips on what you should do.

Declutter shirts and tops

Several ideas for how to organize tank tops and camisoles in your closet or drawers {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #ClosetOrganization #OrganizeClothes #ClothesOrganizationuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for Fold Them To Place In Drawer Like File Folders

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keep with the sweater or blouse, and use baby hangers
by: Jennifer

I like to hang the tops that match a sweater or blouse underneath as a set, so that when I want to wear them, they are together and ready to go. That way there is no mad search for the missing cami. The extras are hung on baby hangers that are no longer in use since my babies turned into teenagers!

keep them with the outfit they're used with
by: Rhoda

The best way I found to organize my tanks and camis is to hang them directly on the outfit that I use them for. If I need one for a different outfit (not normal as I buy multiples if a color I use a lot when marked down), it is just a matter of finding it. After washing it goes back with original outfit.

I use s hooks to hang up all my purses!!
by: Anonymous

I put 2 or 3 purses on each s hook and it works great!!! I use over the door shoe racks to hang all my tank tops and any other spaghetti strapped shirts that fall off the hangers and it works perfectly!! How can I submit photos of these things??

response re how to submit your own photos
by: Taylor

I would love to see your pictures of how you organize these items. You can click here to submit your own photos and you can submit up to 4 photos with each submission.

hanging/folding sweaters?
by: Anonymous

This is a question rather than a comment. I have seen on TV clever ways to fold and hang sweaters on a hanger. Do you know the proper way. In folding to put in drawers what's the proper technique. HELP.

by: Megan

I fold them in half (lengthwise) and roll them up and then stand them up so I can see each color.

wooden hanger + shower curtain rings
by: Anonymous

I use a heavy duty wooden coat hanger and plastic shower curtain rings. Each cami/tank top is hung on the coat hanger with a shower curtain ring that snaps closed. They take up little space in the closet and are easy to grab.

Shower hooks
by: Anonymous

Can you hang up pants on hangers on the shower hooks to make more room?

storing tanks & camis
by: Jennifer T

About hanging tank tops & camis on tie/belt hangers or S-hooks, unless you have enough space on the closet rods, don't they get wrinkled, since they're pressed between other clothes? Even if not pressed between other clothes, won't they get folds similar to hanging-drapes?

What seems to work for me is folding them twice, top to bottom (thus solving the floppy shoulder strap part), then rolling them width-wise & standing them up in a drawer. If I haven't enough of them to stand up on end by themselves, I use a shoebox or other such divider.

I absolutely LOVE your ideas, Taylor! You & I think so alike!

Tank storage
by: Anonymous

Roll them and set upright in a drawer or basket. Easy to see what you have and doesn't take up much space!

skeptical about hanging
by: Angie

Love the folded ideas. I used to hang mine in a similar way, however they stretched out quite quickly. Especially the camis with elastic straps.

Top of closet
by: Rita

So much space is wasted in high ceiling closets. How can this space be used more conveniently?

Works for my suitcase too
by: Anonymous

The folding method also works great for suitcases. I pack all my tank tops, knit shirts, panties, bras and socks like this, then put hanging clothes on top. At my destination, I hang up the top layer, then leave the rest in the suitcase to function like a drawer.

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