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How To Fold T-Shirts: Simple Trick For Organizing Your Shirt Drawer

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Do you feel like your shirt drawers are out of control, with lots of messy t-shirts just shoved and stuffed in there?

It is easy for these drawers to get out of control, but here's a simple trick to get your shirts organized and make it easy for you to find the one you want when you're getting dressed in the morning.

Tips for decluttering dresser drawers
It all has to do with the way you fold your shirts and put them in the drawer.

(Please note, that as always I also suggest decluttering your dresser or other clothing drawers, as well as getting rid of excess shirts, and you can read my tips about that decluttering mission in the linked article. However, even with decluttered drawers, and less shirt clutter, this folding technique can still really improve the overall organization of your drawers!)

Instead of just folding them haphazardly and then placing one on top of the next you can instead fold your t-shirts into a rectangle or square shape and then file them on their side, almost like file folders, to get the result above.

The photos above were sent in by a reader, Jennifer, who obviously achieved a dramatic result with just this little trick.

Below is a video which gives you detailed instructions on how to fold t-shirts this way.

This folding and organization tip has been so popular, because it both works and because it's easy to implement. See below for another reader photo where she showed the steps of how she folds her t-shirts, as well as before and after pictures from more readers who've implemented this tip, to get you excited to try it for yourself!

Simple trick for how to fold t-shirts and other shirts, like tank tops, to help you organize your dresser drawers {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Top photo courtesy of Jennifer Malonzo-Rocero, and bottom photo courtesy of another reader, Erica

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Steps For Folding T-Shirts & Other Shirts

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Folding t-shirts, or other shirts in this manner is pretty simple, as shown by a reader, Carolina, who sent in the photo above with the steps of the process.

In addition, there's a couple of alternatives or variations of this folding method that also work to help you organize your clothing drawers.

Variation 1: Use A Laundry Folder Board

The first of these variations is to use a laundry folder board to help you fold your shirts.

Several people have suggested that using one of these boards is faster or easier for them, and/or allows them to get more consistent results.

You can get one of these laundry folding boards here:

Laundry Folding Board {Referral Links}

Variation 2: Rolling Your Shirts

Some people also prefer to roll up their shirts, instead of folding them. They then place the shirts within the drawers in a similar manner as already suggested.

In fact, you'll see a couple of photos below of organized dresser drawers where the person has chosen to roll the shirts instead of fold them.

It's totally your preference which of these methods you choose.

Whichever method works well for you, then great! Using any of them will make your drawers look organized and neat.

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Before & After Photos From Readers Who've Used This Shirt Folding Technique

How to organize your clothes drawers with a simple folding technique, with lots of pictures from readers who've implemented this trick with amazing results {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Here are some photos from readers who've seen this tip, and then implemented it in their own drawers.

These before and after photos really illustrate both how much neater your drawers can look when everything is folded uniformly, but also how this folding technique can allow the same number of shirts to fit into a smaller space.

That means you can worry less about decluttering clothes, and instead easily find and enjoy the ones you do own!

The photos above were sent in by a reader, Lynn. She said, "I did this to all the drawers too. So much more space now!"

Before and after of dresser drawer organization project, using a different technique for folding the shirts in the drawer {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

These photos above was sent in by another reader, Gynne. She said, "Well I've just finished doing this and love it. I've ended up condensing 2 draws into 1, before a mess, after heaps good."

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Folding Shirts This Way Can Work For Both Adults & Kids

How to fold t-shirts to better organize your dresser drawers {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #FoldTshirts #FoldingTShirts #ClothingOrganizationuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

The really great thing about this simple folding technique is that it works for both adults and kids. You can see that from the many photos shared by readers who've seen this tip, and then done this for their own clothing drawers.

In the collage photo above, the top photo is from a reader, Desiree. She said, "Singlets/ tshirts rolled to maximise space (I can fit 4 times more doing this rather than having them folded).

The bottom left photo is from Karen, who said, "Three bags full of clothes to donate and only kept some favorite tshirts. Organized so I can see what I have and if a new one comes in, then one will have to go out!"

Finally, the bottom right photo is from Jessica, who said, "I couldn't squeeze in another shirt when they were stacked on top of each other, and hubby couldn't ever find what he wanted, so this one needed to be done right away for everyone's sanity."

The folding technique also works for organizing kids dresser drawers as well. You can see that from these photos below.

How to organize kids dresser drawers with a simple folding technique for shirts {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #FoldTshirts #HowToFold #ClothesOrganizationuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

The top photo of this collage was provided by a reader, Andrea, who said, "It works. This only took ten mins from stuffed to overflowing to wow."

The bottom photo was provided by Noe, who said, "This is how we do the girls' shirts, roll them up, single layer in a shallow drawer (colored tool boxes as dressers)."

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My Daughter's T-Shirt Drawer Has Stayed Organized & Neat!

by Carolina

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Carolina says:

When I saw this idea I just had to try it.

It's been about 6 months since I first started putting my daughters clothes away like this. Not once have I had to take everything out and reorganize. It's been such a big help.

It's easier to put clothes away and organize them and easier to find clothes if we're ever running late.

Taylor says:

ideas for how to organize tank tops and camis
Thanks so much for sharing this photo Carolina, it looks great.

This just shows that this method for organizing and storing t-shirts works well not just for adults, but for kids as well.

Have you done this with your t-shirts? I'd love to hear how it has worked for you, or even to see pictures of the results you've achieved using this method.

You can click here to submit your own photos of this or any other organizing trick you've got for clothes. I'll add the best ones to the site and show off your organizing genius!

***Update: By popular demand when people read this page they wanted to know how to organize and store their tank tops and camis as well. I have several ideas at the link that you can use if you're interested! *** End update

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If you really want to start with organizing more of your clothes and closet, make sure to check out the Organize Closet Challenge here on the site.

In addition, as much as folding your shirts this way helps you fit more of them into a drawer, there comes a point where you just can't fit anymore t-shirts into the space.'

That means you've got to declutter.

Here's my Declutter 365 mission for how to declutter shirts and tops from your wardrobe, so click the article for more ideas.

Declutter shirts and tops

Related Idea: How To Fold Kitchen Towels For Better Organization

The way you fold clothes or other items in your home really can make a difference in organizing!

Here's another example, showing how to fold kitchen towels and dish cloths, here on the site. Check out the article!

How to fold kitchen towels for best organization and storage

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Comments for My Daughter's T-Shirt Drawer Has Stayed Organized & Neat!

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love this
by: Anonymous

but what about tank tops?

could be faster
by: Anonymous

I have a flip and fold. It's faster and does the same thing.

Going To Tackle This One, This Weekend!!
by: Wanda

In the past,I have always folded the t-shirts but never thought about doing it this way. I am so going to jump on this task this weekend. Thank you so much. Will update you as soon as I am done.

thoughts for tank tops, varying neck sizes
by: Czarinakat

I have a Flip and Fold also but never thought of storing tees this way - ingenious! One thought: not all neck holes are the same size. A piece of cardboard cut to the width of a neck hole could be used to fold all your tees around so that they are all a uniform size. Just make it long enough so that it sticks out once the shirt is folded and you can slide it out without undoing the folds. Same thing for tank tops, folding in the straps so that the outer surfaces are solid with no straps sticking out. Thank you so much for this idea!

Love this!
by: Sheryl

This is amazing! I can fit so much more in the drawer, I can see everything, and it looks neater. Thank you!

Works ok
by: e

I do this with tank tops but not tshirts. If I wear a bunch of them before doing more laundry, I'll stack 5-6 shirts flat and use them like a book-end to keep the rest of the shirts from falling over and becoming a mess.

Folding t-shirts
by: Anonymous

I just use a little cheap plastic cutting board from the dollar store to fold my t-shirts instead of a flip & fold board. Works like a charm :)

Excellent tip
by: Anonymous

Totally changes my ability to manage clothes. Thanks for this.

Extra-large shirts
by: Anonymous

I don't think this works as well with 2X or 3X super-sized shirts. :(

Another easy fold method
by: Anonymous

A while back I found a super fast way to fold my t-shirts. I use it all the time now and makes for great storage. On YouTube it is called a "Chinese method" but not sure of the actual name.

I roll them
by: Doris

Flip the bottom of your tank top inside out about 1-2 inches. Then fold it into thirds. Then roll from the top down and when you get to the bottom, the part that's turned inside out will wrap around and you've made a tank top roll up.

I've also organized all 3 of my kids drawers this way. It takes the mess and hassle away from laundry and I actually feel better about my organizing technique.

question about this method
by: Cheryl A. McKenna

Just a question concerning the 'new' way of folding shirts: Could someone tell me what happens when you take a few shirts out of one section? Example: If one row of shirts holds 16 shirts, what happens when you take out 7 of them? I was wondering if they all fell over, and opened up, causing another messy situation? It sounds and looks great, and I really hope it works.

Falling shirts
by: Anonymous

I wondered the same thing about taking some of the shirts out. I then watched the video, and she shows how a shirt folded in half and then again will stand on its own. Just in half, I doubt that it would.

Love the drawers, not the fold!
by: Anonymous

I set up both mine and my daughters drawers like this a few months ago. My life got so so much easier getting ready to go! I only disagree with the folding method. I used to do it similar to that, though admittedly less tidy about it. Then I found the 2 second fold, and will never go back to the old way again! It comes out looking identical to the video, and can be done so fast I refolded all my toddlers clothes in half an hour. (She has enough tiny shirts to completely fill 2 large dresser drawers.)

I fold mine straight out of the dryer - here's my method
by: Anonymous

That's great if you have a table dedicated to the task! I do just as well folding them as I take them out of the dryer, hold them up against your chest, fold the sleeves in as shown (don't bother folding the corner out like she does), fold the bottom up one third, and fold what is left in half. Comes out skinnier than hers so you can pile even more!

I do this with my 3x shirts too
by: Connie

I wear larger t-shirts and find this works well. I just had to figure out how to fold my shirts so that they fit the best. It requires a bit more overlapping than she showed in the video, but it works great once you figure out the desired end size. I do something similar with tank tops and turtlenecks.

Yep, learned this as a kid
by: Chris

My mother taught me that method of folding when I was 7 years old in the 1950's.

Different size tees in drawer
by: Anonymous

Nice if all your tees are the same style/size. I have all different necklines and sleeve styles. So how do I get that nice organized look now?

by: Jeanne

Incredible - it looks so easy!

Still Loving It
by: Czarinakat

I've been using this idea for a little while now with tees, tanks, pajamas, nightgowns, and even my undies. It's like opening up a file drawer with everything in order. I'm going to try it with all my casual clothes including capris and shorts this summer. So simple, but makes such a difference for me!

Not for me
by: Anonymous

I don't have time to iron all the clothes that everyone would wear. I just hang all clothes as they come out of the dryer. Only use drawers for pajamas, underwear, socks, and sweats. So easy.

I do this!
by: Carolyn

I store my tee shirts like this now and have also used the same method for my underwear! Much neater and oh so colorful!

Roll Your Clothes! Divide by Type
by: Love-This-Website! Thx!

I try to keep my t-shirts separated:

Top drawer - 3/4 sleeves (my favorite style), 2nd drawer - Long sleeves or any t-shirt with mock or turtle neck; bottom drawer - everything else (short sleeve or sleeveless; fancy ones; political ones; ones to clean in; big ones to wear over coats (Halloween, etc.)

Sometimes I get my act together and switch 1st and 2nd drawer by season but I basically wear 3/4 year round.

And I ROLL my t-shirts (there are cooler, longer ways to roll if you search on-line), but I just fold in half long ways, fold over sleeves and roll - sometimes I have so many I have to a second level by putting any extra one where two of them on the bottom layer meet.

And I try to give away the ones I just don't like or wear that much anymore even if they are "still good enough to wear." Makes money for a charity and gives someone else the chance to wear it.

Folding Underwear
by: Di

I used the idea for folding T shirts on my husband's underwear and his drawer now looks so neat! For both the bottoms and tops, I folded them in thirds toward the front, lengthwise, then brought the bottom up to the top, then did that again to make almost a square. On the tops that were a little longer, I had to make another fold. I stood these up in the drawer and it held two rows of bottoms and two rows of tops. They should be easy to remove and not become a jumbled mess. Thanks for the tip!

Organised Clothes
by: Jules

I roll all my clothes that don't get hung up and they then go into a closet, colour co-ordinated. They are easy to find and come out uncreased, ready to wear. Xxx

Works for Size 3X-5X Women's T-Shirts
by: Anonymous

I've been storing my size 3X-5X T-shirts like this for years. Can't remember where I first saw the idea. I have T-shirts in almost every color. I used to fold them in flat piles. Made it hard to see what colors were in the drawer, or find a particular color. Digging out shirts deeper in the pile made a mess. Frustrating. I haven't looked at how this article specifies to fold. I lay shirt flat facing up. Fold vertically into thirds, fold each tip of folded strip in 1/4 way, and then fold that in half so it forms a nice packet with only folded edges exposed. It helps the t-shirts stay folded. This size packet works well to fit in my drawer. Don't be afraid to experiment with folding to find what works best for you. Once you figure it out it's done for good - with it! I also do this type of drawer organization for yoga pants, panties, pjs & sports bras.

by: Anonymous

I feel like the shirts always have wrinkles or creases with all the folding. I've been doing this for a couple years and am thinking I'll go back to hanging.

What about wrinkles?
by: GP

Doesn't folding or rolling make the shirt wrinkled and therefore we have "IRON" Ugh!

T Shirts flop over as shirts removed to wear
by: Anonymous

Having decluttered my T's to the point that most of them get worn frequently I find that as I remove shirts from the drawer, those remaining cannot support each other on edge and collapse in a mess. I fold similar to this, square shape with front printing/ picture visible, but store them stacked. Easy to flip thru and remove one and stays neater in my experience.

Better Than Regular Folding
by: Yasmin

I always run out of room, but with this fold, it gives me more space.

Metal Bookends for Draw Organization
by: Rich

To keep my t-shirts, underwear, etc. from falling over I use the metal bookends to keep the clothes upright in the drawer. Also helps when putting the washed clothes back in the drawer.

book ends
by: Anonymous

I use actual book ends to keep my t-shirts upright. They are the library type - thin black metal, and work like a charm!

Great way to see everything
by: Kelly

I started doing this a while back. The only issue I noticed, which none of these pictures addresses, is that if you have decluttered and the drawer isn't completely packed, it doesn't work as well. The t-shirts start to slouch down and then fall under each other and get more wrinkly. But I do love being able to see each shirt!

t-shirt folding and filing
by: CAK

I have a lot of band/tour shirts. I fold them this way but also file them alphabetically. This makes finding the correct shirt very easy. Non tour shirts I organize by type; cats, festivals, etc.

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