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Declutter Socks: 15 Minute Mission

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Today's decluttering mission is to declutter socks. The goal isn’t to throw all the socks away, but to keep a reasonable amount for each family member that makes opening the sock drawer manageable.

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You decide what a reasonable amount of socks is for your family, which depends on how often each family member changes socks, how often you do laundry, and how much room you have for storing socks. Keep in mind that the fewer pairs you have the easier it is to keep track of them all! More is not always better.

Be sure to keep a variety of socks – athletic, dress, etc. so you don’t end up short in a particular category.

A good first step to decluttering the sock drawer is to remove all the socks that don’t have mates.

Sometimes we're afraid that we'll find the mate to a sock later. First, I would suggest implementing some type of sock basket or other system to help you mate up single socks more quickly in the future. You can read my article with ideas and tips about that at the link.

In addition though, even if you don't declutter the socks with missing mates right away, it will help you to remove them at least for the time being from your sock drawer, or wherever you're keeping them, so you don't sort through them daily when trying to find a pair to wear. You could do what a reader, Suzanne,
did recently as an idea. She said, "I put my daughter's odd ones (she had lots) in a clear bag so I can see them in case the mates turn up. But I dated it so that if they don't turn up soon, they'll be tossed." Suzanne sent in a photo of the bag she used, and you can see it below at the bottom of the article.

Another no brainer kind of sock to declutter are those with holes.

If a sock has holes you can mend it, perhaps. If so, place them in your mending basket to make sure you do it. But get real. Are you really going to do it? If not, then it is still clutter and you should get rid of it.

In kids’ drawers, go through and take out all the socks that are too small. A pair from 3 years ago most likely won’t fit that growing kiddo's foot now.

Obviously if a younger child can wear those old socks, no need to get rid of them completely. But they definitely don't need to be in that child's drawer taking up space and having them try to squeeze their feet into them.

Those small socks should either be shifted to the next child's drawer now, or put into storage until the next child is the right size for them.

Below you can see inspiration from readers who've taken on this challenge!

Top photo courtesy of Brendan C

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Here's My Decluttered Socks With No Mates

The picture above is from a reader, Kim, who did this mission. She said, "Funny you should mention this today. I was just working on decluttering socks yesterday. Look how many socks we have that don't have matches!!!"

Similarly, another reader, Regina, sent in this before and after photo collage below once she'd completed this mission.

Before and after of sock drawer from a reader, Regina, who did the declutter socks #Declutter365 mission {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

Ideas For What To Do With Decluttered Socks

Once you've decided what socks to get rid of, you can donate them (assuming there is a match and there's no holes), or trash them. You can also repurpose socks using the ideas from this article about the uses for old socks around your home.

15 Uses for old socks around your home

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How to declutter your wardrobe of excess clothes

How to #declutter socks from your sock drawer, including prime candidates for decluttering and pictures from readers who've done this Declutter 365 mission already {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #DeclutterSocks #DeclutterClothesuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for Here's My Decluttered Socks With No Mates

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just did this
by: Jennifer

I did this last weekend! Had kids socks and my 2 are teens had been awhile.

Sleepover activity
by: Elizabeth

Every few months, my 5 young grandchildren join me for a weekend. On some trips, I ask them to bring their “lonely socks" from each of their 3 households. Along with my basket, they play a game. With the timer set for 10 minutes per basket, the one who matches the most pairs gets to choose the menu (including dessert) for supper. Much laughter is involved as goofiness is welcome. They always ask if they can bring them 'this time' and their moms like the return of numerous pairs of socks.

Wear mismatched socks!
by: Anonymous

My granddaughters have solved the dilemma of the missing mate of a sock. They enjoy wearing mismatched socks/footlets, pairing socks of similar color or color/design.

recycle sock ideas - craft projects
by: Bonnie

Some socks are too nice a material to throw away! Navy and tan, black and gray, and terry inside!! I cut the material from the leg part into the biggest rectangles I could get and sewed them together into a throw pillow, terry side out. So cute my daughter scooped it to her house! I save the nicer socks in a decorative fishing creel that sits on a bookshelf top, hiding its future craft adventures! In the works now is sock 'yarn' (1" or so strips cut in a spiral cuff down to toe) then braided or crocheted. Using only cotton socks, can be a bath mat or hot pad, depends on how ambitious I am. Strips are joined by slicing a button hole in the center lengthwise in both ends to be joined. Lining up the 2 button holes and slipping the other end of the new strip through both holes. Braided strips are hand sewn together.

use for dusting
by: Anonymous

Don't throw good odd socks out. They are great for dusting smaller things and then throwing away.

When to throw them out?
by: Chris

Just when do you throw old socks out? When they start to lose elasticity? Or become discolored? But if you can still wear them then why throw them? You'll only need to buy more! I only have a little draw but I need stocking socks for my casual job, normal socks, gym socks and bed socks for winter. I struggle to fit them all in!

sock storage technique
by: Anonymous

I am curious about how others store their socks. I have always folded one top over the other sock so the pair stays together. However, some people say that the elastic gets stretched out, so they fold their socks.

Make your life easier
by: Julir

My husband suggested to donate all our athletic socks and only buy one kind so as to make mating socks easier. It worked for a while... strife

pin socks together in the wash
by: Anonymous

When I had 4 guys to wash socks for we came up with the idea to pin pairs together with a diaper pin. The pair went through the wash together and were re pinned after wearing. Pins were stored on a simple nail close to dirty clothes bag.YES THEY REALLY DID IT or they had to sort socks. My husband does it still.

I'm good lol
by: Mandy

A few years ago I got sick of socks without mates & stretched out socks so I went through & threw away all of my socks except for "special" socks (fuzzy ones or ones I only wore on special occasions) and just bought a bag of long socks & a bag of short socks and every once in a while I go through them again (usually at Christmas time cause my mom still buys me socks even though I'm 33 lol).

holey socks
by: Anonymous

I can't seem to get rid of my husband's socks that have holes in them. I have thrown them out in the trash only to have him take them out of the trash (when he is taking out the trash). We are not that poor. He doesn't seem to mind, so I gave up.

Put in freezer
by: Anonymous

Keep a few different sized socks in a 'zip-bag' in the freezer, to take with you for quick cool downs when working or at events, impromptu ice bags for sports injuries or cozies for cold drinks.

Stray socks
by: Anonymous

I hold onto all stray socks for a couple of months. Then I sort thru them. I'm always amazed at how many mates I have when I go thru them again.

Land of mismatched socks
by: Nancy

I send the holey, stretched out or long time singles out to the shop to be used as cleanup rags. (Make nice dusting mitts). But have learned from experience to take the scissors to them first so they don't return.

lonely socks
by: Grandmagreat

I keep a bag called lonely socks, but last year the craze with young people was to wear unmatching socks. What the heck? I spend hours matching them up then they unmatch them to wear so no matches make it to the laundry. Drives me insane but have stopped wasting time on it. They want a match they can go look in the bag for them.

Take old and almost used up stuff on vacation, and then trash it when finished
by: Anonymous

I save my worst pair of socks (usually a pretty good hole in the heel) that I am ready to throw away, and bring them on vacation! Same goes for a toothbrush I plan to replace soon, nearly empty deodorant and toothpaste, and worst pair of underwear. Once worn on the trip, I toss them! Toiletries are in the trash before I head home. Less to wash/ put away once I’m home.

Socks works in my house
by: Anonymous

Someone asked about how to fold socks without stretching them. I fold mine in half together, thirds if they are knee socks, or put them next to each other if they are ankle socks, and stand them up side by side, usually grouped by style. Then I can see which pair I want with out digging. In some spots I have two layers, but they are the same type underneath.

When my kids were small and all family clothes were washed together, I kept zippered, mesh laundry bags that each person put their socks into. Tried holes and snaps came apart, the bag worked the best. I still use the mesh bags for my own socks and tights.

Mismatched socks were a style actually sold like that when my daughters were in grade school.

Mu hubby gets all same black dress socks and all the same white sports socks. Except for one pair of argiles. That's it.

Always socks
by: kayz

After years I decided to take care of my socks. It was a challenge. I did separate all the single socks and as I cleaned out drawers and closets and under-the-bed stuff I did discover several other single socks. When I got all the socks together and even before--I laundered ALL the socks and sorted them. When all the good socks, worthy of keeping, were left I tried on every pair of socks to make sure they fit comfortably and didn't cause me grief. Then I kept only the ones that I liked, knew I would wear, and now I have only one drawer of socks as opposed to 2.5. Whew! It was worth it and someone benefited from my give-aways.

Easy Socks
by: Connie

The clutter of socks drove me crazy so I separated my different kinds of socks into plastic bags which I then labeled the socks: thin long, thick, boot, short, thin black and thick black. I put the bags in a little tub next to my chair where I put on my shoes.

Grammy who helps
by: Anonymous

Some of this helps, and I do already, but socks seem to get lost too often in our family.

by: Anonymous

I only own 3 pair of socks including 1 pair of hiking socks and 2 pair of no show footies (I truly hate wearing socks and I live in AZ). I buy my husband 1 brand of athletic socks and he matches those. So much easier than when our boys were small and lived at home.

How to fold socks
by: Rosie

Do you just roll them? I overlap one end/cuff over the other end. Never overlap one end over the entire sock, it stretches that cuff. Then you have quitters.

I keep a one-size-fits-all basket of "footsies" by the front door, in case people want to remove their shoes and don't like going barefoot. The weirder the sock, the more the kids like to wear them. I have an empty basket to deposit their soiled socks when they leave. Or they can keep them. Their choice.

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