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Printable Clothing Inventory Form

Use this free printable clothing inventory form (scroll down for it) to remember what clothes you've got in storage for next season, or outgrown kids' clothing.

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Who Can Benefit From Using This Form?

This clothes inventory was designed with a couple of situations in mind, including the following:

Seasonal Clothing Storage For Adults And Kids

Often we store our clothing for the winter during the summer months, and vice-versa. You can easily forget what you've got stored, and perhaps buy something you already have, or fail to retrieve all the things you've already gotten.

Using this form should help you avoid these problems.

Storing Kids' Clothes That Don't Currently Fit Your Kids But Will In The Future

In addition, whether you're a thrift shopper who buys clothes in a sometimes too big size for later, when your child will grow into it, or you've got outgrown clothes that a younger child can wear later, you've got to keep them stored and organized so you use what you've got when its needed.

Again, this form can help you remember what you've got versus what you need, so you use the clothing you've accumulated when your child is the right size for it.

How To Use This Inventory Form For Seasonal And Out Grown Kids Clothes

clothing storage challenge

At the beginning of both fall and spring you should rotate out seasonal clothing from the previous season, and get everything ready for wear in the new season. (This is discussed in more depth in the Outgrown & Seasonal Clothing Storage Challenge.)

As you store the out of season clothing make a quick inventory of what you've got, noting what you have and what you will need for next season.

This allows you to buy only items you actually need, and perhaps even to grab items on sale or clearance to save some cash. Writing it on paper can help you see what items you truly lack (and what you have plenty of) and budget and plan for what you need for the next season.

Similarly, as your child outgrows items from their closet if you've got another child who could wear them later, add them to your outgrown kids clothing storage, and put the stored items on the clothing inventory form.

Then, as the next child is growing into the next size up you'll already know what you've got, and can identify and buy only a few additional items that are needed to complete the wardobe in that size.

Here's Your Printable Form

Free printable clothing inventory form that you can use to remember what out of season clothes or outgrown kids' clothes you've got stored for later use {courtesy of Home Storage Solutions 101} #ClothingInventoryForm #ClothingInventory #FreePrintable
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