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Laundry Change Jar Or Holder: Ideas To Keep Loose Change Found In Clothes

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Here are several laundry change jar and holder ideas you can use to keep the loose change you find in your family's clothes before you wash them.

Laundry Room Organization Challenge
This quick organization project is part of the Laundry Room Organization Challenge here on the site, so make sure you check it out!

The possibilities are really almost limitless, but it is helpful to have some type of container you can use to place coins, and even occasionally paper bills, that you find in pants or other pockets before throwing them in the washing machine, and also whatever money you find after washing that accidentally slipped through.

Keep whatever you choose to hold the money you find close to wherever you're sorting clothes.

I suggest a laundry shelf close to your other supplies, as long as it isn't somewhere that will easily get knocked around which could cause the container to break.

The other possibility is to actually make your change jar part of the decor of your laundry room. You can do this by choosing either something that you place on your wall, or sit onto a shelf, that is both cute and functional for this task.

Once you see the ideas below shared by readers I'm sure you'll be inspired with some great ideas for what will work in your laundry room!

Then, the only thing you'll have left to choose is whether when you collect the change it becomes yours, or you actually give it back to whoever left it in their pockets!

After all, as they saying goes, "finder's keepers!" :)

laundry change sign decals

Laundry Signs {Referral Links}

So check out the ideas from readers below, and if you've got one of your own I'd love to see it too. You can submit your own photos here and I'll add the best ones to the site.

Top photo courtesy of, Keep The Change Wall Hanging

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Collecting Loose Change In A Mason Jar

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This photo was provided by a reader, Mandi. She collects her family's pocket change in a mason jar, isn't it cute?

Plus, she made a really adorable sign to go with it, using some pennies. What a great idea! Functional and great decoration for your laundry room.

You can find similar laundry change jars here, if you don't want to make your own:

Coin Jars {Referral Links}

Lots of ideas for collecting loose change and cash from your laundry with change jars and holders {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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More Ways To Hold Money Found While Doing Laundry

Repurposed child's bank used to collect pocket change when doing the laundry {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

Here are some additional ways readers have shown that they collect the pocket change and money found while doing laundry, within their laundry rooms.

The photo above was sent in by a reader, Devrah, who repurposed a child's bank. She said, "'Pocket Change' goes in here. When it starts spilling out of the bottom it goes to the coin machine at the bank. :-)"

Laundry sign, used for also collecting money and bills when doing laundry {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

Another reader, Diana, sent in the little laundry sign photo above. She explained, "I've had this for laundry change for years!"

Laundry Change Collectors {Referral Links}

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Piggy Bank For Your "Laundry Loot"

by Mary

Finally, here's a picture from a reader, Mary. She said, "Any monies found in the laundry go into our "Laundry Loot" piggy. When he is full, I take that money and buy something for the whole family, like a new rug or towels."

I like this idea! It is simple, but you can get your own piggy bank and even decorate it to match your laundry room decor.

More Home Storage Solutions

{A-Z} Storage Solutions & Ideas
I hope these pictures have given you some ideas for keeping the pocket change you find in your laundry contained.

I also hope it has gotten you in the mood to organize your laundry room. If so, I'd love for you to join the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge, where we tackle various parts of our home each week, and slowly, over the course of the year, get the whole place looking great!

Plus, there are even more ideas for storage and organizing on the site in the {A-Z} Storage Solutions & Ideas round up page. Go check it out if you'd like to see even more ideas.

Lots of ideas for how to hold the money you find in pockets and other places when doing laundry, in your laundry room, including in laundry change jars and other holders {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #LaundryRoomOrganization #LaundryRoomStorageuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for Piggy Bank For Your "Laundry Loot"

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I use a liquid laundry detergent cup
by: Deana

I saved a cup from liquid detergent and put the money in there.

we save up for something fun
by: Karen

We save it from July to July, then give it to the grandchildren to use in the arcades or ice cream shoppe while on vacation.

loose change . . .
by: Jean Gray

Place any reusable, wide-mouthed, plastic container in your vehicle - safely away from controls but close enough for easy access. Found funds go directly for tolls, take out, gas money when your wallet's thin or at home, rolling to save or spend.

Prenuptial Dinner
by: Gail

I collected my son's laundry money, notes, pens, odds and ends in a 1 Gallon Sun Tea container. It started with change, then $80 dollars he never "admitted to losing". After 18 yrs there was over $1000 and other interesting lost treasures. I presented it to his wife to be at the prenuptial dinner. They had a great time rummaging through it the next day. They bought art work for their new home.

I keep a piggy bank too!
by: Lindsey

I keep a piggy bank in the laundry room. Whatever $ falls out or gets washed goes in it.

Another Piggy Bank
by: Dennise

I use a cute pink piggy

Ashamed to Admit It
by: Marcia Wilwerding

I am (almost) ashamed to admit what I keep the laundry pocket change in: a plastic container with a slit cut in the lid which I stole from the toy box nearly 20 years ago. Lol It contained some sort of pieces to a toddler game. I just happened to see a new purpose for it at some point.

I give it to my grandsons
by: Deborah

I use a small hand-made ceramic bowl that a student gave my husband. When it gets full I roll the coins and bank them for my two grandsons.

Mite box
by: Edith

My church has something called the Mite Box. Each of us ladies has one at home and once a month it goes to a particular project. Any money I find in pockets goes into this box. Since this was started over 50 years ago we have collected over a million dollars.

I use decorated potato chip cans
by: Jean

To keep all my change organized I have used the cans that potato chips come in. I choose pretty wrapping paper to decorate, make a slit in the plastic cover, glue it down so it prevents me from "borrowing" some. After a year I usually have filled the can and have $98 to add to my vacation fund!! I do have a special can that is decorated with the pink ribbon paper for breast cancer. I had an abundance of nickels in my pocket and decided that I would separate those just for this purpose. It's almost full and can't wait to cash it in to see what I will be able to contribute to Breast Cancer research!! Hope this hint helps someone else!!

by: Anonymous

Not really cute, but anything I find goes directly in my jeans pocket! Seems fair to me. 🙂

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