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Printable Home Inventory Forms

Below are free printable home inventory forms to help you create your personal home inventory.

Today's #Declutter365 mission is to begin filling out your home inventory forms. You can use this free printable when creating your personal home inventory {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #HomeInventory #HomeStorageSolutions101use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

To get the printable scroll down the page.

This form is designed to be used in conjunction with the home inventory checklist that I've also created, so make sure to grab that form as well.

You use the checklist to help jog your memory to help you fill out this form for all the important and/or expensive items in your home that should be included in your personal home inventory.

Obviously, print out however many pages of this form you need to list the items within your inventory.

You don't have to get too meticulous with this inventory, especially at first. If you did you'd become overwhelmed quickly.

create home inventory challenge

Instead, make sure you document the most expensive items in your home so that if you need to call upon insurance to replace them you have a good list to work from. (This is explained more in the Create A Home Inventory Challenge article.)

If you make a video or photos of your home's belongings in conjunction with filling out these forms, you'll have a robust inventory of your home without extraneous effort.

There is a section on the form to place a serial number. You should only fill this out if the item is an electronic, or appliance, and it has one.

In addition, the form has a short area for each item to write a description or other notes. Some ideas of information you could place in this section include:

  • Condition of the item
  • Brand name
  • Model number
  • Whether a receipt has been retained for its purchase
  • When purchased
  • Cost of purchase; and
  • Whether it has been appraised

Here's Your Free Printable

Free printable home inventory forms, to use when creating your personal home inventory {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #HomeInventory #FreePrintable #HomeStorageSolutions101
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