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Clean & Declutter Under Couch & Between Couch Cushions

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Today's decluttering mission is to clean and declutter under the couch and in between the couch cushions.

Organizing Living Room & Family Room Challenge
This mission is designed to be done during the week we're working on the Organizing Living Room & Family Room Challenge, which is part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge here on the site.

Of course, you can do this mission whenever you feel like it, and definitely I suggest more than once a year! This is just the day I've got it scheduled on the Declutter 365 calendar.

I'm sure you know how quickly little stuff accumulates both under your sofa and also that slips between and under those couch cushions. Today's the day to brave it and get all that stuff out of there.

If you can move the couch (be careful not to hurt yourself) go ahead and do so, remove all the stuff under there and vacuum or sweep.

Then, remove the couch cushions (if you can with your couch) and really clean it out, including removing any stuff you find and vacuuming up crumbs and debris, including in the crevices.

How to clean and declutter under the couch and in between the couch cushions {15 minute #Declutter365 mission from Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest
If you've got enough time go ahead and vacuum the actual cushions themselves as well. It removes a lot of dust and can keep your sofa or couch looking better longer.

Now, this is the type of mission that you can't just do once a year, but needs to be an ongoing task.

You'll need to decide how often to do it in your home, based on a lot of factors including how many people sit on the couch, and how prone everyone is to lose things in there.

I would suggest every week to two weeks though as a reasonable time.

Below I've shown some photos from readers who've done this mission, plus listed some of the most typical things you might find under your couch or between the cushions.

I'd also love to hear what you find when doing this mission too, so make sure to tell me in the comments!

Top photo courtesy of Kelly Sikkema

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Photos From Readers Who've Done This Mission

Here are some photos sent in by readers who've done this mission.

How to declutter your couch itself, including the couch itself, as well as underneath and in between couch cushions, so you can sit in peace on it again {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

These photos above were sent in by a reader, Tamara, who needed to not only declutter underneath the couch and between the couch cushions, but actually to get rid of clutter on the couch itself.

If this is similar to you (and I'll be honest and raise my hand, this has been me in my home on many occasions), make sure you clear this clutter today as well.

There's no shame in the couch getting full of stuff from time to time. Sometimes we have laundry we need to fold and put away laying there, or you just put stuff down there when your hands are full. But clean it up now, so you can actually enjoy sitting on your couch!

Make sure when doing the #Declutter365 missions regarding your couch that you vacuum underneath it, and in between and under the couch cushions! {on Home Storage Solutions 101}

This photo was sent in by another reader, Chelsea. Make sure when doing the #Declutter365 missions regarding your couch that you vacuum underneath it, and in between and under the couch cushions! It'll make sitting on your couch a lot more pleasant!

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What Did You Find In Or Under Your Sofa?

Once you've done this mission I'd love to hear what you found in or under your couch. Sometimes there is some crazy stuff you can find down there!

Based on reader responses from those who've already done this mission in the past here are some typical items that are often found in couch cushions or underneath the couch:

Tell me what you find in the comments!

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Photo courtesy of MoneyBlogNewz

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Comments for What Did You Find In Or Under Your Sofa?

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What I found...
by: Anonymous

Found my Fitbit and my watch! Lordy...

by: Rebecca

What an incredible challenge today! I could NOT BELIEVE what I found under one of my couches. I found used tissues, other trash, socks, crayons, coins, pens, a set of piano flash cards I've been looking for, and the greatest find, a couple of my daughter's books that have been missing for OVER A YEAR! This couch is up against the wall and I had no idea things were accumulating so much under there. It didn't even look like anything could fit under there. Thank you again for this challenge!

Funny clean-under-couch event : )
by: Anonymous

Decades ago, I was a cleaning lady. While sweeping my arm under a couch before running the vacuum under it, my very long hair got caught up in the still-running vacuum, where the beater bar in the vacuum head quickly wound hair until it was against my head. The on/off switch was on the top of the long wand; and while I had very long hair, I had very short arms, one of which was now wildly swinging about, trying to locate & reach the switch. I did manage to, and lost quite a hank of hair that day. Too funny a story not to share : )

re: Funny clean under couch event
by: Taylor

Ouch! That sounds quite painful. Sorry that happened, but I guess I'm glad you can laugh about it now. Everyone be careful when cleaning under there! :)

What I found under mine
by: Anonymous

I did this recently after not having done it for a while for various reasons. Three daughters, one son - nearly 100 bobby pins, assorted hair ties, dozens of pens and pencils, small toys, socks, coins, lollies, just for starters.

It's fun to clean
by: Anonymous

I found a phone battery under there.

What I found!
by: Melissa

I found money, keys, my husband's ID (that he had already replaced lol), remotes, toys, crayons, crackers, utensils, diapers (both used and clean), clothes, cups, lots of socks, cups, lots and lots of hair clips, dustbunnies so big that they resembled dust puppies instead.

Found: Acorns
by: Anonymous

We once found a pile of acorns under our couch cushions. Apparently a mouse, squirrel, or chipmunk thought our couch was a mighty fine place to store food! Thankfully he never showed up while we were sitting on it!

Found under a chair cushion
by: Judi

A couple of years ago while doing this exercise I checked under a chair cushion and found a contact lens! Now I have an extra in case I lose one. You never know what you'll find under a cushion.

by: Kat

I have a leather sofa and recliner. I can’t remove the cushions to get the crumbs in between. What do you suggest?

removing dog hair, caught in the cambric under the sofa cushions
by: Chris

I have been vacuuming for days it seems. Our leather sofa has cambric, of course, under the cushions and of course there is white dog hair that will not come out of the cambric! I have tried Magic Eraser cloths, a sponge with a rough side, wet wipes, and of course the vacuum attachment! Nothing lifts them out. Please tell me you have a trick!!

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