Charging Station Organizer Ideas For Phones & Other Electronics

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A charging station organizer for your family's electronic devices, such as smart phones, tablets, and more is just about a necessity these days in an organized home.

That's because we're now living in a connected world, with many of our electronic devices traveling with us just about everywhere we go. And it's not just for work, but for school and for home too.

Of course, all those batteries need to be recharged at some point. That's where a station where everything is consistently kept comes in really handy.

As people come in the door they can put their devices in to charge, so they can find them when they want to leave again, and bonus, it encourages you to disconnect for a little while as well. Plus, did I mention not having to search for those pesky cords this way? That can save you so much time right there!

Considerations When Choosing An Electronic Charging Station:

When you're setting one of these stations up in your own home keep these thoughts in mind to make sure what you do will work as well as possible and serve your family's needs for as long as possible:

Technology Changes: Including Changes In The Sizes Of Devices & Their Power Cords

Whether we like it or not technology innovation doesn't stop. Cell phones have given way to smart phones, and now there are tablets, laptops, video games, and all kinds of other devices that need to be charged that we could never have imagined even a few years ago.

Instead of choosing a charger station that fits one piece of technology exactly, why not consider something more flexible, where you can switch out power cords to the newest model, or place multiple sized devices inside so the organizing solution can grow and adapt with the newest technology instead of becoming obsolete?

Consider Where The Power Strip, Cords & Wires Will Go

As you'll see from some of the photos below, the power strip and wires for a lot of these devices, all together, can make quite a mess if you don't keep it contained.

This can be a eye sore, if nothing else, because lots of messy wires and cords can look like chaos.

Air Flow Is Important For Safety Since Devices Can Get Hot

Of course, eye sores are really a lesser concern than safety, and just as with any other electronics, lots of cords can mean a chance of overheating or electrical fires.

So whatever you choose make sure there is adequate air flow, because as I'm sure you know from just touching some of your electronics at times, they can get pretty hot and you want them to be able to cool down properly.

Consider Having Both USB & Traditional Electrical Plugs Available For Charging

Finally, when considering your power strip, you really may want to try for something that will accommodate not just traditional electrical plugs but also USB chargers.

Sure, you can get adaptors that allow devices which are charged by a USB to be charged from an electrical socket, but having both options available can make it easier and more convenient.

So below I've collected ideas for this station that you could use in your own home.

DIY Charging Station Using A Mail Sorter

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This idea is from a reader, Roberta. She explained, "I use a mail sorter that I got at Cost Plus World Market.

I attached a power strip to the back with zip ties and put binder clips on the side to hold the cords in place.

I keep mine on a small table on the other side of my bedroom so my teenage kids are not on them all night!!"

You can get them here:

Scroll down below to see even more ideas you can use!

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Multiple Device Charger Station Using A Mail Rack

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A reader, Anna, also made her own organizer by using a mail rack (shown above). What I like about these pictures is that she's shown us what all the cords and the power strip look like as well, which I think brings a little realism into the picture.

Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management for power cords and charging accessory cablesQuirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management
for power cords Click here to purchase on Amazon
Whatever you choose to use for charging your devices, as I already mentioned, there will be lots of wires and things to plug in.

Anna explained: "This is mine. A mail rack from The Reject Shop with all the leads clipped into a 3M hook behind (the kind that loops back on itself). The powerboard is under my desk strapped to an Ikea cable management system."

You see now why considering air flow is so important, along with the eye sore than lots of cords and cables can be? (Anna's cords aren't an eye sore though because she has this under her desk.)

If you're considering making your own charging station, you might also want to get a cable management system to keep cords organized and untangled.

Here's another example, from another reader, Melissa. Notice how she keeps cords out of the way with simple binder clips. Genius!

DIY charger station using mail sorteruse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Further, here's a picture from a reader, Laurie, who used the cable management system that I suggested above, to keep cords from getting so tangled. She said, "Thank you for this! I have been changing mine around and look forward to seeing photos! The Multi-port USB from Amazon and cord holders have helped. Now to get a container."

Keep cords from getting tangled and confused by using a cable management product when charging your electronics {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

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Can Hide Your Electronics In A Charging Cabinet

Use a three tiered corner shelf to create a DIY charging station for your electronics that you can place inside a cabinet {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

Some people don't want their electronics to be on display while they're charging.

As long as there is enough air flow you can hide your charging station behind closed doors, like Heather did.

She sent in the picture above and said, "Here I used as three tiered corner shelf to hold our phone/iPad/other in our charging cabinet. Definitely helps prevent tangled cords!"

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Electronic Charging Station For Many Types Of Gadgets & Devices

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While you can go the do it yourself route with good results, as seen above, some people just want to get something that's already been designed for them.

Fortunately, there are many popular products on Amazon that fit the bill. The ones I recommend are ones which can be used for multiple types of devices, and which hide the cords so they're attractive.

Make sure you know whether the one you choose comes with a power strip included or not, just to make sure you get everything you need to get it set up when it arrives!

Here are a few of the most popular charging stations:

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USB Charger Stations Should Definitely Be Considered

Not all devices these day have a traditional plug. Instead, many devices are charged through a USB port.

Instead of getting an adaptor for each USB charged device to allow you to plug it into a more traditional electrical socket, I suggest considering a USB charger station where you can plug in multiple devices at once.

This can help you reduce cords either in your own DIY charging stations or for a store bought variety, or just have it sitting on your desk.

Here are some of the most popular ones on Amazon:

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Travel Charger That Has Both USB & Other Sockets

by John

If you travel a lot, you may want to consider a mobile or travel version of a charging station as well.

That's what a reader, John, does. He says:

"Here is an option, we use it when we travel. Has 2 USB and 2 Aust sockets. We may want to charge 2 IPads, 2 iPhones, 2 Cameras and a pedometer (USB) all at once. We take 2 of these power boards and a multi-International power socket adaptor for Asia, Uk, Europe, USA, Africa, etc - we only need one adaptor, and plug one power board into the other!
Picked it up from RACV.

It's lightweight, compact and foolproof.

It comes in its own travel pouch and the cable wraps around the frame. Just love it!"

Here are several smaller travel chargers, which also have surge protection, that have places for both outlets and USB chargers:

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DIY Fabric Pouch Wall Organizer For Electronics

by Em

Here's how a reader, Em, keeps track and recharges her kids electronic devices.

She made some really cute fabric pouches for each device to sit in as it hung on the wall and charged.

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DIY Charging Station Using A Vintage Train Case

by Jennifer

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A reader, Jennifer, sent in this photo of her do it yourself solution for getting all these things charged up.

She said: "I use a vintage train case I picked up at a thrift store. I cut a hole in the back to feed a power strip cord through (it sits inside), and I used felt-covered board on top for a message center and on the tray rack to cover the cords."

Are You Inspired To Get Organized Now?

{A-Z} Storage Solutions & Ideas
I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration to get your electronics under control.

Do you have one in your own home you'd like to show off? If so, I'd love to see it and add it to the page. You can submit your own photos here to be featured on the site.

In addition, I know how the organizing bug can be contagious. Once you get one thing under control you can feel very motivated to continue. I'd love for you to join the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge (for free!) where each week we tackle a different room or type of item in our homes so that slowly, over the course of the year, your whole home is decluttered and organized!

There are even more ideas for storage and organizing on the site in the {A-Z} Storage Solutions & Ideas round up page. Go check it out if you'd like to see even more ideas.

Lots of electronics charging station organizer ideas for your home, to charge all kinds of electronic devices from phones, tablets, portable games, GPS devices and more, and hide those cords! {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for DIY Charging Station Using A Vintage Train Case

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where can I buy something like John posted?
by: Bettijo

John posted a picture of his Jackson charger. Since my daughter travels a lot, both domestic and overseas, I thought this would be a perfect gift for her. I have searched the Internet and cannot find anything I like as well. John said he bought his from a club which we do not have in USA. Anybody know where I could buy one?Thanks.

response of where to buy question from Bettijo
by: Taylor

Hi Bettijo. My suggestion of a similar product is provided in the submission itself, it's a similar travel charger you can purchase from I hope that helps!

More than one charger?
by: Anonymous

Do you have more than one charger per outlet? I was told it could overload the line.

by: Anonymous

I tried several of these and they just seemed busy to me because you've got so many transformers and cords to deal with and these things don't have enough space for them. I ended up going with BlueLounge Cable Boxes. All the cords and transformers fit inside and my devices just sit on top of it.

belkin power strip
by: Christy

I own the Belkin power bar and it is nice to have the extra USB outlets but most hotels don't have easily accessible outlets. As a flight attendant I have had to carry an extra extension cord as well. The Jackson power cord that is shown would be absolutely ideal. I can find anything like it online either. I know it's an AUS product but does anyone have something similar for the U.S.?

Best so far
by: Anonymous

While charging stations continue to improve they still have a long way to go. For example, in most of the ones with a "tray" to contain the cords and transformers, the tray isn't big enough for larger transformers. I'm not sure why it's taking manufacturers so long to come up with good looking solutions.

In the meantime I've found the best solution to be a CableBox (affiliate link), where power comes in one side and cords go out the other side, and all the ugly stuff is hidden inside the box. My husband first laughed at me for spending $30 for a box, but it was the best of many solutions I tried.

Recharge your phone in the USB on the TV
by: Anonymous

If you forget your phone charger but have usb cable handy use the USB on the TV, most new TV's have one.

TV, USB, HDMI, line-in jack and Bluetooth
by: Stephanas91

Best idea yet to use the USB ports on your TV. Most of our rooms have TVs with USB ports. Don't forget possible uses of open HDMI plugs on your television. I frequently run my laptop and cell phone through my Stereo for optimal sound. If your stereo has blue tooth you can stream your phone through the stereo, or run a male tipped cord between your phone headphone jack port to the line-in port on the stereo.

DIY Charging Station
by: Amy

I created my own DIY charging station with a USB hub in a breadbox! I love the fact that I can close it up and hide the mess. And, with one plug we can charge 5 devices at once!

Love the other ideas too! Anything that organizes things is good in my book! :)

Ikea Shoe Organizer Hemnes 4 door
by: Anonymous

I am purchasing this to store all the laptops 3 ipads and all cords that are everywhere all the time. A hole will be cut in the bottom corner to pull the cord through to charge.

Belkin power strip alternative
by: MarilynG

When traveling, I too deal with the power outlet problem, but didn't want too long of a cord. I bought the (referral link) NTONPOWER Mini Portable Travel Power Strip 2 Outlets 3 USB Ports 3.3 ft Power Cord strip that came with the two conversation adaptors. We recently took it on a cruise to Europe. It was the perfect solution for land, sea, rail.

Multiple Device Charger Station Using A Mail Rack
by: Anonymous

My fiance and I have enough devices that 1 of the 3 slot racks wasn't large enough so we took 2 of them and placed them back to back then zip tied them together at 3 points(top and each side). We now have a fully functional charging station that helps a lot without taking up extra space. My next task is to make handmade cord sleeves to clean up the cord clutter that we're currently dealing with.

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