Key Organizer Ideas & Solutions: Never Misplace Your Keys Again!

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What is something people often misplace? Whenever we think of this question one of the first answers that comes to our mind is keys.

If you don't have a designated home for your keys as you come in the door it is very easy to just lay them down and then have no clue where they are later. But a key organizer, of whatever variety you choose (and there are many ideas shown below), will let you work with your personality to find a home for those keys, and if used consistently, can save you a lot of time and sanity since when you need them they'll be right there, and not off who knows where.

declutter key ring mission
When working on organizing this area of your home, make sure you also do the declutter key ring mission. This will mean you're only trying to find a home for the keys on your key ring that you actually use regularly!

Work With & Not Against Your Tendencies When Choosing A Key Organizer

The important thing is to think through what you are most likely to use consistently, and then work with that to find an organizing product or DIY solution that works with, not against, your habits.

For example, if you tend to just lay your keys on a flat surface when you walk in the door, perhaps add a small dish to the area you tend to place them that will always hold your keys. Then, it is a simple tweak to your habit to always put them in the dish, as opposed to trying to train yourself to walk into a completely different room to put the keys somewhere else.

That's just one example, but just putting up a key rack, for example, will not solve your problems if you don't actually use it. So choosing something that is easy for you to adopt and begin using consistently will greatly increase the likelihood that one of these
ideas will actually work for you.

Consider Security When Choosing Location Of Your Key Holder

One thing many people are concerned with is security when considering key organization.

Obviously you don't want your keys getting into the wrong hands. So consider where you place the key holder, hooks, or whatever product you end up choosing from. You don't want it to be tempting to would be thieves for example.

Everyone needs to decide for themselves how critical this issue is, and do what you are comfortable with based on your own judgment.

Also Consider How Easy They Are For Kids To Reach

Similarly, and actually more of a concern for me, when deciding for myself where I wanted to put a key hook was how easily my kids could reach them. Or more specifically, when they were young, that they couldn't reach them.

Toddlers are notorious for finding keys great play things, and being able to hide stuff so you can't find it for sometimes months or years! So while you want your keys to be conveniently located for you, if you've got small children you may want them to be out of reach of those little hands.

Decorative Solutions Can Add A Little Fun & Flair To A Space

Finally, the last thing to consider is how decorative you want your solution to be.

As with practically any storage or organizing solution you can choose between utilitarian and decorative ideas. There is obviously no right answer, it's just whatever you want to do, but don't be afraid to have a bit of fun if you can while also solving your lost key problem once and for all.

Below I've showcased many different ideas for organizing and storing your keys, on key rings, around your home, that were sent in by readers. If you'd like to show off your key organizer I'd love to see it. You can submit your photos here, and the best one will be featured here on the site.

Ideas for how to create a designated spot for keys in your home so that you no longer misplace them {#Declutter365 mission on Home Storage Solutions 101}

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Classic Solution: Key Holder For Wall

wall key holder plus sunglasses basket
Perhaps the most common solution for losing your keys is to get a key holder for your wall, such as this one shown above by a reader, Gissy.

She explained, "I have one too. It makes all the difference."

The reason it is a classic solution is because it works so very well. These holders often have multiple hooks so more than one person can hang up their keys and they're simple to put up there as you come in the door, and remove when leaving.

Another example was shown by a reader, Nancy, to the right. She explained, "In Texas all we need is a small area for keys and sunglasses."

You can get one of these holders in many different stores. Here are some available on Amazon:

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Place Key Hooks Wherever Is Convenient For You

Of course, you don't have to get a wall holder with hooks already added. You can just add hooks to whatever surface is convenient for you.

You could add them to a wall, or you could do what a reader, Krystina, did and add them to the side of your kitchen cabinet for example.

Her photo is above, and she explained, "We have hooks on the side of our kitchen cabinets. When you walk in, it's behind the door."

You can use screw in hooks like they added, or you can use command hooks that are more easily removable and movable. They have some command hooks designed especially for keys, which you can see below.

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You Don't Have To Have Your Keys In The Open To Use A Key Hanger

For either security or decorative reasons there are some people who don't want their keys hanging out in the open.

If you can remember to use the organizer you choose, by all means go ahead and put it behind closed doors. There's no reason you can't.

In fact, this is what a reader Sharon does. She sent in the picture above and explained, "This was already inside a cupboard as you come in from the garage. Love it as when the door is closed no one can see our keys."

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Combine Key Organizer With Storage For Other Stuff Commonly Brought In The Door

Another common option is to combine your key storage method with a place to store other common items you often bring in the door with you.

For example, the reader Kim, sent in the picture above. She explained, "This is my IKEA hack - Bygel basket & hooks - just removed the handle and attached it to the wall beside the door. I have a cork board to mount above it too - just haven't had the time to put it up!"

Similarly, another reader, James, got a shelf to mount on the wall in his entryway which had hooks underneath it. He and his family can hang the keys underneath and place items on the shelf for easy access.

entryway organizer shelf plus key hooks

You could use the extra storage provided by the basket or shelf to hold things such as incoming mail, or other stuff you might have in pockets that you have when you come in the door, for example.

If you don't want to use an Ikea hack they also have a lot of mail organizer/key rack products available, as well as these mountable shelves. Here are a few:

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You Can Use A Magnetic Key Rack If You Don't Like Hooks

If you don't prefer to use hooks for whatever reason, another possibility is to use a magnetic key rack.

That's what a reader, Vicki, who submitted the photo above, uses. She says: "We use a magnetic strip for keys in our hall cupboard. No one loses them now, they're out of sight, and too high for my young kids to reach."

Here are some available on Amazon. A magnetic knife bar would also work for this purpose.

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Keep Your Keys With Your Purse At All Times With A Lanyard

Another idea that works well for some people is to not hang up your keys anywhere, or to lay them down somewhere, but instead to keep them with your purse at all times.

You've got to have a purse with a lanyard attached to it, but if you do you can be like a reader, Sandra, who submitted this photo, and just use this simple device all the time to keep track of your keys.

I personally have had purses with lanyards in the past and I also liked hooking my keys onto them inside my purse each time I put them away. It really can help you from digging around in your purse for your keys, since they're attached to the lanyard!

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You Are Not Limited To The Wall For Key Storage

Finally, just like above where I showed you the idea for the purse, this next example from a reader reinforces that you are not limited to the wall for key storage.

If you just want to lay your keys down in a designated spot that's also a viable alternative.

The picture above was submitted by Lynn, and she uses a tiered serving tray for this purpose. She said, "We use this for keys and whatever else."

Here are some cute tiered trays and serving platters that could be cute for this different function:

More Home Storage Solutions

{A-Z} Storage Solutions & Ideas
I hope you enjoyed these ideas for key organizers you can use in your home so you never have to hunt for your keys again.

There are even more ideas for storage and organizing on the site in the {A-Z} Storage Solutions & Ideas round up page. Go check it out if you'd like to see even more ideas.

In addition, if these ideas have inspired you to organize even more things in your entryway make sure to read the Mudroom & Entryway Organization Challenge, which is part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge I run on the site!

In addition, here's my round up of entryway and mudroom storage solutions and organizers, so you can check out lots of them in one place within my Amazon shop. Once in my shop scroll down to find this list. (referral link)

30+ entryway and mudroom storage and organizer ideas

Some links on this page are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase a product through them I receive a small commission which helps me provide this information to you for free, plus support my family. My integrity and your satisfaction are very important to me so I only recommend products I would purchase myself, and that I believe would benefit you. To learn more please see my disclosure statement.

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ours are in a lockable key box
by: Anonymous

We have our keys all labeled in a lockable key box mounted on the side of the kitchen cabinet. It is plain beige metal but you can decorate it and it holds about 50 keys. Rather utilitarian but everyone knows where to put or look for the shed or lawnmower key. You could mount it on the inside of a closet door or basement door for security.

Never lose my keys anymore
by: Anonymous

My keys are now on a lanyard that is attached to my purse. Never lose them anymore!

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