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Declutter Bathroom Sink Area: 15 Minute Mission

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Today's mission is to declutter your bathroom sink and counter area, and then to try to develop a habit to clear it a bit with each use so it stays clear from now on.

bathroom organization challenge
It's your preference whether you want this area to be completely clear, or just to have less stuff than it currently does.

My suggestion is to, at the most, have only the things you use daily on your sink and counter area, and even then those items you may want to corral in containers or baskets just to keep that uncluttered look.

No matter how little or much stuff you choose to have in this area though, reducing the total amount will make you feel better.

Using your sink without the fear and hassle of knocking stuff over all the time is wonderful.

After you get it less cluttered this would be a good opportunity to really wipe down the sink thoroughly as well. Ready, set, go!

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Ideas For Clearing Off The Clutter

Ideas of where to put many of the items that used to be sitting on your bathroom sink include placing items in a nearby drawer or in a cabinet in your bathroom.

If you don't have a lot of storage space in the room though you could, in the alternative, have a basket containing many of these items that can be stored in another room, such as your bedroom, and carried into the bathroom with you as you need them.

Yet another idea many readers have implemented is an over the door shoe organizer which allows you to move these items from off the counter and sink area and onto an otherwise unused space on the back of the door.

You can get your whole bathroom organized by following the bathroom organization challenge, which is part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge.

Do you have any ideas of your own? I'd love to hear them. Plus, what kinds of stuff do you keep on your bathroom sink? Toothbrush, toothpaste, hand soap, what else?

Top photo courtesy of J B

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I've Kept My Sink & Counters Like This For About 8 Weeks Now!

by Jenny

I look at this bathroom and I feel peaceful and relaxed, and do you know why? Because the counter is so uncluttered.

Flat clear surfaces are easy on the eye, and whether we know it or not consciously, unconsciously our brain enjoys the calm such clear surfaces provide.

This is a picture of a reader, Jenny's bathroom counter. Jenny says, "mines looked like this for about 8 weeks now! I got a small basket big enough to hold my make up bag, brush, those every day things. It only takes a few seconds to throw everything back in the basket and put it back inside the closet."

How to declutter your bathroom sink and counter, and then develop the daily habit to keep it cleared off from now on {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Every Time I Walk By My Counter & Sink I Put Something Away

by Vanessa

Vanessa says:

Here is a picture of my bathroom sink - no clutter!

It takes dedicated effort to keep it this way. Every time I walk by the sink, I put something away.

Taylor says:

Thanks for this picture Vanessa! You make a very good point. This may be a 15 minute declutter mission, but it won't stay this way for long if we aren't diligently, daily, to keep it this way after we get it cleared.

You can learn more about how and why to adopt a daily tidy up routine here not only in your bathroom, but throughout the house.

How and why to adopt a daily tidy up routine

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Keeping It Clutter Free Makes It Feel Cleaner

by Tiffany

Tiffany says:

I think mine qualifies as uncluttered. It makes me feel cleaner.

Like Jenny I use baskets to store my cosmetics and hair products and they go out away.

Taylor says:

Thanks for showing us what you do Tiffany.

Alone with removing clutter each day, and putting away stuff that was used and that is sitting on your bathroom counters, you've also got to do some very simple cleaning tasks for your bathroom counters daily.

You can get ideas for a daily routine for cleaning your bathroom counters and sink here, on the sister site, Stain Removal 101.

how to clean bathroom sink and counters, including daily routine and periodic deep cleaning tasks

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I Don't Like Hardly Anything On My Counters

by Kandi

Jenny's bathroom is much more "pretty" than mine! However, her toothpaste sitting on the counter makes me want to reach in the pic though....I must also have a touch of OCD!

I actually wish it wasn't quite as bad and I could have more stuff conveniently placed, not placed for my sanity! Lol

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I Keep Both My Sink & My Kids' Cleared Off

by Anne

This is my bathroom. I love that there is a shelf under the sink and that's where I put my hair brushes, hair dryer and jewelry.

This is as cluttered as it gets in my kids' bathroom.

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I Keep Everything In Containers Under The Sink

by Sunny

I keep almost everything in Rubbermaid plastic drawers under the sink.

The only things on the counter on a regular basis are soap dispensers and a decorative storage piece that I use to store hair bands and clips.

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I Try To Keep Countertop Clear But It Isn't Always Perfectly Tidy

by Sherry

I try to keep the countertop cleared, but it doesn't always stay perfectly tidy.

We store toothpaste, brush, nail clippers, tweezers, etc. in one drawer, then Q-tips (in a sealed jar) and skin care products in the other.

Beneath the sink in bins is the hair dryer, diffuser, cleaning products, nail polish, and makeup.

A cabinet to the right, at the end of the garden tub is body care and other toiletries.

Our towels are rolled on a decorative towel rack behind the toilet.

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My Bathroom Sink Areas Are Totally Decluttered Now!

by Shivon

Image 1: Everything goes in baskets under the sinks here! Except in our ensuite (pictured) things we use every day goes in one basket on the bench.

Kid locks are a pain to lock and unlock all the time haha!!! Have just this last week decluttered, repainted etc.

Image 2: Powder room near back bathroom. Totally decluttered.

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Here's My Cleared Bathroom Sink & Counter

Renee shared this picture above with me after working on this declutter mission. She did a great job, didn't she?

In addition, here's a picture submitted by another reader, Hawa.

decluttered bathroom sink and countertop

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Comments for Here's My Cleared Bathroom Sink & Counter

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what's on my bathroom counter and sink area
by: Tanya

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair brushes, hair products, blow dryer, straightening iron, curling iron, hand soap...too much. Worst issue is the curling iron/straighter/blow dryer.

how I keep my counter and sink cleared
by: Hadia

I have a toothbrush/toothpaste holder on the mirror and then just hand soap and mouthwash around the sink. Rest under the sink in the basket and my make-up in one of those travel purses for make-up, hanging at door with the bath towels.

baskets for daily items
by: Leanne

I leave daily items out in a basket on the counter. Hubby has one too. All other items go in the drawer or underneath.

what I have on mine
by: Rachael

All I have is mine husband and kids toothbrush, hand soap and mouth wash.

added cabinet to get rid of sink clutter
by: Lisa

We installed a cabinet on the wall over our toilet. Love it and it took care of all the sink clutter. Things are organized now and I can actually find things!

worked on this yesterday!
by: Daisy

Worked on bathroom yesterday...brought Sterilite plastic drawers from Walmart and placed in cabinet underneath sink. Only thing on countertop is hand soap, decorated basket to hold daily toiletries. Toothbrush & toothpaste placed in small plastic bin in drawer.

adding wall storage to keep sink uncluttered
by: Heather

I haven't done it yet but my plan is to get a spice rack to hang on the wall next to the mirror. We are going to put things like shaving cream, toothpaste, mouthwash, and hand lotion in the spice rack. This way they are easily accessible but not all over a sink that doesn't have a lot of counter space as it is.

Bathroom Counter
by: another Heather

My side:
Bowl with Hand towels, Tissue Box, Hand Sanitizer, Soap Dish.

DH'S side:
Razor, tooth brush holder, toothpaste, his deodorant, hair mousse, waterpic.

If I put his stuff away it just gets put out again. I keep makeup brushes too tall to fit in drawer in a suction cup on the tile wall.

My DIY Solution
by: Anne Marie

Well I was trying to post a picture, but I hung a jar on the wall for each person and labeled it for their toothbrush, and since I am the only female in a house of six, their razors to keep the counter top clear.

bathroom counter
by: Tamra

I have a scented candle and the usual clutter, plus my reading glasses and a book. I have a very small bathroom and need something to make it appear more spacious.

organization idea: baskets for morning and night
by: Lydia Smith

I have products I use in the morning and others I use at night, so I bought 2 small baskets. I put my morning products in one basket and my night time products in the other basket. Then I bought a narrow metal shelf at an outlet store, placed it in the corner, and placed a basket on each shelf. In the morning, I bring the morning basket to the sink and when I'm finished, I put the basket back on the shelf. I do the same thing at night. Now my counters are clutter free and my products are organized by when I use/need them! I love it!

added a shelf over the towel rack
by: Penelope

We installed an attractive wall shelf over the towel rack to hold the more decorative bottles and containers that are used daily that were hanging around the sink counter.

show me the stuff
by: Angela

Was hoping to see both the clear counter tops AND the actual storage solutions themselves with all the "stuff", to get an idea of how to actually organize the "stuff"... (some of us need actual this-is-how-you-do-it examples, not just end-result inspiration).

My suggestions of places to put stuff
by: Anonymous

1. Keep toothbrushes in the kitchen.
2. Give each person a small tote (canvas grocery bag) for their own towel, washcloth, makeup, etc. to bring into the bathroom and remove when they leave.
3. Dirty laundry goes to the 'laundry room', clean comes out in sorted baskets. The one who washes doesn't have to sack everyone's dirty -or clean- laundry around the house.

my rule for bathroom clutter
by: Holly S.

Go by the rule no products on the counter, soap only.

use a small breadbox
by: Zoe Hoover Tyler

I have a small breadbox on my bathroom vanity to keep my cosmetics handy and hidden. It's tall enough for bottles and tubes to stand upright.

Small basket
by: Anonymous

We use a small long basket for each person to keep their daily counter top items. That helps keep it organized, quick to use, and quick to clean. We can quickly tuck them away under the sink if we entertain.

What is on my vanities
by: Anonymous

His: bar soap and holder, jade tiny covered box that his mother used as a ring box, glass, picture of our daughters as

Her: tooth brush, charger, glass, Kleenex, picture of daughters as flower girls, liquid soap.

Putting away things not used daily.
by: Audrey

I started with putting in the cupboard the good sized hand mirror that was my Grandmother's. I use it only possibly once every two weeks, and it takes quite a bit of flat space. Also, I will try making one day a week to look over what I have on the counter, to move things like vitamin bottles that I no longer use, or anything that is no longer needed.

Things I keep on the bathroom counter
by: Chris

Things I keep on the bathroom counter: contact stuff, moisturizer for body and face, hair curler, q-tips in container, shaving stuff, a box containing makeup currently being used, spare change, soap dish, deodorant. That's the stuff we use every day!

Bathroom decluttered
by: Anonymous

I used to store everything I used daily on the counter and recently changed to store only Kleenex, and a small tray with liquid soap and a glass and I do this in every bathroom. I use clear trays in draws to organize makeup, dental products, hair brushes and scrunchies. I moved items that were taking up limited bathroom space like shoe polish in a basket to the linen closet. I also rolled all towels in the linen closet to save space.

Pequenas regras (small rules)
by: Direne Rios

Aqui pensei em regras simples para deixar quais objetos a mostra. Uso com que frequência? Se a resposta for menos que três vezes na semana não deve ficar.
Aqui eu optei por suporte na parede com nicho.
Nele há desodorante,cremes para o corpo e cabelos.
Um pote de vidro simples com cotonete e algodão. Poucas make (kit sombrancelha e batom).
Na parte de baixo tenho uma nécessaire com produtos de higiene íntima e outra com make esmaltes.

Translated (through Google translate):

Here I thought of simple rules to let which objects show it. How often do I use it? If the answer is less than three times a week, you should not stay.
Here I chose a niche wall support.
It contains deodorant, body creams and hair.
A simple glass jar with cotton swab and cotton. Few make-up (eyebrow and lipstick kit).
At the bottom I have a makeup bag with intimate hygiene products and another one with nail polish.

Baskets for the win!
by: Rcj

I have a 6-8 inch tall basket about the size of a piece of paper for me and for my husband’s sink. We put things we use every day in them. The counter stays clean, we move them to quickly wipe down the counter, they are tall enough to hide most of the bottles, hair spray, skin cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc. I could put the basket under the sink but I usually don’t bother, it is organized and easy to clean. They are the small sea grass baskets from pottery barn and it looks nice.

Bathroom counter de-clutter solution
by: Robin Wagner

I hung an over-the-door shoe organizer on the back side of bathroom entry door. It has a mesh front, so items are visible, and deep pockets to hold large bottles. It even holds my hair dryer and straightening iron. You could even roll washcloths and hand towels up and store them there. It has 7 rows of 4 pockets, so I have each row designated for different toiletries. Hair care, body care, and cleaning supplies on the top. If you have a large family, each member has their own personal row. It’s a great storage solution.

Hand drying towels.
by: Rosie

I keep two baskets on the counter. One has 12 hand towels and the other 24 wash cloths for single use. These are for guests to use. The laundry basket is under the sink.

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