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Declutter Candles {15 Minute Mission}

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Today's decluttering mission is to declutter candles.

If you don't have many candles in your home you might find this mission a bit odd, but trust me there are many candle collectors around, especially since candles are often used for decoration in a room.

One reader, Crystal, showed her mother's candle shelves, where the candles in her collection were treated more as a collectible than a usable item, and were never burned.

collectible candles

There is nothing wrong with collecting candles like this, if it brings you joy, you have room for them, and display them proudly.

But if you're at the point where you feel like these decorative candles are just taking up space and collecting dust, consider letting them go.

Similarly, you may have a lot of candles, but you actually use them. You enjoy the scents for example, or use them to relax. That's exactly what a reader, Samantha, does. She has an entire cabinet she's devoted to storing candles, which you can see below.

candle cabinet

Again, there is nothing wrong with having these types of candles, if you actually use them and enjoy them, and have room to store them.

What your mission is, today, is to seriously think about whether these criteria are actually met though. Be honest with yourself when you think about it, so you can decide which ones to get rid of and which ones to keep.

What About For Emergencies?

Many people who've taken on this mission mention that they keep candles in case the
power goes out.

You can definitely do this if you want, but it is actually not something I personally recommend.

The reason is the fire hazard that is involved with candles is pretty great, and so you'll notice that in my emergency preparedness list I instead recommend flashlights, with extra batteries, or flashlights that have a crank to generate their own power supply so batteries aren't needed.

Printable 3 day emergency supply list

If you'd like to keep some for emergencies and when the power goes out, that's no problem. But whether you use candles for decoration, relaxation, or as a source or warmth and heat, just make sure you follow safety precautions to reduce the risk of fire.

Don't Forget About Holiday Candles

When doing this mission don't forget about candles you've got specifically for certain holidays.

Just like with other candles you've got to consider whether you'll use these in some form or fashion, or should just get rid of them.

We also focus on candles, specifically birthday candles, when we do the declutter party supplies mission here.

How to declutter party supplies and decorations

Special Considerations For Storing Candles

Also, remember that candles are, of course, made of wax.

That means you've got to keep that in mind when deciding how you'll store candles when they're not in use.

They must be packed carefully so they don't get smashed or broken, and cannot be stored in extreme temperatures, especially heat, otherwise they will melt.

Below I've discussed some ideas for what to do with these candles you may decide to declutter.

Top photo courtesy of OakleyOriginals

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Photo From Reader Who Has Done This Mission

How to declutter candles, including candle collections, to get your home clutter free {part of the #Declutter365 missions on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Seeing what other readers have accomplished can help you get inspired, so I wanted to make sure you saw this photo sent in by Misa, who did this mission.

She said, "Candles. They were out of control! We got rid of about 2/3 in this picture. Some went to be firestarters and some went to a friend who loves scented candles."

I like the idea of repurposing some of the wax from these candles if you can, like Misa did. There are more ideas for repurposing below!

How to declutter candles from your home {part of the #Declutter365 missions on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Idea For Repurposing Old Candle Jars

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Once you've decided to declutter some of your candles you might be struggling with what to do with them.

Some of them which are broken or already used may need to just go in the trash.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments giving your ideas for what you can do with these old candles, be it repurposing, recycling, donating and/or selling some of them.

One idea submitted by a reader, Brandi, was to repurpose old candle jars for new storage and organizing purposes around your home.

Brandi, who provided the photo above, said: "I repurpose Yankee candle jars. I haven't had time to decorate them yet but since you spend so much money on the candle I felt bad throwing the jars away.

They can be used for loose change, bolts and screws, or in my case, sugar and flour jars. Sugar on left, flour on right.

Plus I think they are more appealing looking and easier to handle than the bags."

Brandi then went on to explain how she cleans them up to get them ready for their second use. She said, "I put the candles in the freezer overnight. Next day I use a fork or knife and the wax pops right out. Then I give them a good hand wash.

No left over scents, just a nice clean glass jar and lid. The hand wash usually helps with the label. If the label is being stubborn, some Goof Off always does the trick."

Once you've done this mission I'd love to see your results. You can submit your before and after photos onto the site here, and I'll add your decluttering results to the page!

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Comments for Idea For Repurposing Old Candle Jars

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Awesome Site
by: Anonymous

So glad I found this site, so ready to get organized, 31 years of marriage, this stuff has got to go!!

by: Taylor

Glad you like the site, and I hope it helps you! Good luck with your organization efforts. You can do it!

Use for old candles - add to firestarters
by: Armand

When I find a candle that's old, the wick is too short to burn anymore, or just dinged up and not very nice looking anymore, I break it up and use the pieces as a firestarter for my wood-burning fireplace. It's really nice when it's scented wax because then the smell goes throughout the house as well.

Candle Jars
by: Deby

I simply put those with similar flavors in a pan or pot of about 3 inches of water on low heat. I use a clean jar, glue a new wick, pour melted candle wax into the clean jar with new wick. You have a new candle. If flavor needs increased simply add a few drops of oil while wax is melted.

Jars are easily cleaned in a sink of hot sudsy soap. I use Dawn. I use jars on an electric warmer by pour in your favorite fragrance of Fabulosus. Your house will smell wonderful!!!

Emergency candles
by: Jennifer

In a temperate climate, where extreme cold, snow & ice can endanger life--especially when stranded in a car--a candle can save your life Therefore, we always have a couple of candles and stick matches in our emergency car kit. I'd consider a couple in any emergency kit which will be used in a cold climate.

response to Jennifer re emergency candles
by: Taylor

I respect your choice to use candles for emergency provisions, but based on my own research I do not recommend them as a first choice for when electricity or heat go out, because of their fire hazard. Therefore, in my emergency preparedness articles, mentioned above in the actual article, I've provided some suggested alternatives. You, as always, can choose for yourself, what you'd like to do.

Candle jar repurpose caution
by: Betz

I am big on recycling and conserving but please do check the jar to be sure it is safe for food use. Some look OK but they are not. Also if using a candle for your car survival kit I would want it to be unscented. Being closed up in a car with a scented candle could be pretty awful. Do a little research on artificial scents and how they affect the human body. Pretty interesting.

Fire starters
by: Anne

When I find candles at a yard sale I buy them for my husband. We make fire starters like the boy scouts used to do it. Old cardboard egg cartons, wood chips, or lint etc. Then add meted wax from old candles. Cut apart and use to start a camp fire. Works great.

"Ever Grateful"
by: Jenny

Thank you for this site. After several very much loved family members have passed on within a short period of time, I have acquired personal and not so personal items in addition to my own items of 52 years. Overwhelmed with memories, clutter, daily life and time management is conflicting AND exhausting. I found this site a couple of years ago and I have been ever so "Thankful" for the supportive guidance and structure the tips & ideas have provided in helping give clarity to me and my family. It is one thing when my heart aches from the loss of my loved ones but heartache combined with the heaviness of clutter ensures daily chaos and was a constant obstacle course.
Slowly & steadily my family & I work together sharing laughter & smiles as we build new memories and reminisce on the gift of our loved ones from our past. Ever grateful, Jenny

response to Jenny
by: Taylor

Jenny, you are so very welcome! This comment has really touched my heart, and makes me so glad that you find the site helpful. My goal with this site is to help us all improve and enjoy our homes, and I wish you continued success as you work through these sometimes tough emotions and memories, as you declutter.

Old candle containers and food safety
by: Anonymous

Please remember that not all containers are food safe. It is risky to use containers that were not meant for food to store food. Instead use them as pretty containers for things you do not eat.

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