Fill Out Morning Routine Chart For Yourself & Each Household Member

Today's mission is to create a morning routine for each person in your household, including yourself. To help you with this task I've created a free printable morning routine chart that you can fill out.

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This week, as part of the Create A Morning & Evening Routine Challenge we are focused on getting everyone in the household in a good routine for preparing for both school and work each day, as well as doing "first things first," meaning getting some of the most important stuff done in the morning before the day gets away from us.

A big part of that is getting everyone ready to get out the door each morning, preferably with a minimum amount of stress and without shouting or excess hurrying, and without forgetting items you needed to bring with you, from home, to use while out and about.

You need a morning routine whether you've got somewhere you need to be in the morning, or you need to get yourself going each morning even if you stay at home.

Create A Morning Routine For Yourself As Well As For Other Household Members {With Their Input!}

As I mentioned, today I want you to brainstorm exactly what you should have in your and each of your household memebers' morning routines. (I've provided example tasks below to get you started.)

But I want to provide one word of caution. Obviously you can create your own morning routine all by yourself, but for a spouse or partner, or with older kids, it works best to get them involved in the process of creating their own routine. A routine they have chosen and decided will work for them is one which they are much more likely to actually follow and stick with rather than having something dictated to them and them rebelling just because they don't want to be controlled. :)

Ideas For Tasks To Include In Your Morning Routine

Below I've provided a free printable chart you can print and fill out for each member of your household. Here are ideas for things you may want to include in your routine. Be careful though that it doesn't become so long that you can't actually accomplish everything you've listed in the morning, or it will become demoralizing instead of helpful.

So for each of these items, ask if they are really vital to be done in the morning, and also whether any of them could be done at a different time.

***Hint*** Often the perfect time to do some of these chores you may have done as part of your morning dash, in the past, would be much better done the night before! After you plan out your morning routine, especially if it seems like too much to accomplish in the morning, perhaps add some of these tasks instead to your evening routine the night before!

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Here's some ideas, but only choose those that make sense for you. These are just suggestions!

  • Get up
  • Exercise
  • Shower/bathe
  • Dress (hint, this takes less time when you lay out your clothes the night or week before)
  • Makeup/hair
  • Make bed
  • Make/eat breakfast
  • Prepare lunches for the day
  • Meal preparation for dinner (such as defrost items, put something in the crockpot, etc.)
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Start a load of laundry
  • Take vitamins/medication
  • Meditation/Bible study
  • Check your calendar
  • Check to do list for the day
  • Gather items that need to be taken out the door, such as purse, bags, etc.
  • Get kids ready, assisting as needed or checking their routine checklists to confirm they've done their tasks
How and why to create a morning routine, including a free printable morning routine chart {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Here's Your Free Printable Morning Routine Chart

Below is a free printable I've created that you can use for this mission, if you'd like.

To get this list either click on the image of the printable or on the link below which says "click here for your free printable" and it will open for you into a new window as a PDF.

A Few Explanations Of The Chart, Plus How To Use It

Unexpected things happen in the morning while you and others in your household are getting ready to get out the door. That's why I've included at the bottom of the chart ten minutes of buffer time to allow for these unexpected little things without it throwing your whole schedule off and making you run late.

I suggest filling out the form backwards, meaning start with the time you need to be out the door in the very last line of the form, and then list the times for each task in reverse chronological order to figure out what time you need to wake up and get going to get it all accomplished. That way you're not trying to squeeze 45 minutes worth of tasks into 20 minutes, and then wondering why you never can get out the door on time!

When you're first trying to get in the habit of doing your morning routine you may find it easiest to have this printed out, and placed in a page protector sheet. Then, you can use a dry erase marker to check off each item as you do it until it becomes second nature.

Once you've gotten used to the routine it can still be helpful to place the routine chart in a visible location to help remind you of what tasks need to get accomplished and to keep you on track as needed.

Free printable morning routine chart to help you get ready and out the door on time each day {courtesy of Home Storage Solutions 101}
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Click here for your free printable
(opens in new window as PDF)

You Can Make Your Own Version Of A Morning Routine Checklist Yourself As Well

DIY kids morning routine checklist {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

I've created this printable as a convenience to you, but you can certainly make your own if that suits your needs or personality better.

Here's an example shown by a reader, Brittany, that she made for her kids.

She explained, "This is what we use in the morning, it is in a page protector that we can write on with dry erase marker to put their check marks. When my girls are done they have to show me they've completed everything on the list. I also have a list for the evening, and also a list of what needs to be done to clean their room. I hang all of them on the side post of their bed with a command hook. They love being able to check stuff off that they have done!"

This just shows how versatile and helpful this concept is, so make sure to adapt it to fit your lifestyle!

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