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Declutter Home Office Supplies {15 Minute Mission}

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Today's mission is to declutter home office supplies. This is all the stuff like paper clips, rubber bands, clips, post it notes, staples, notepads, and computer supplies like printer cartridges, etc.

Notice I didn't say pens and pencils, just because yesterday we had that as its own mission, but if you didn't get to that yet, today's the day for those writing instruments as well.

Home Office Organization Challenge
This mission is designed to be done concurrently when taking the Home Office Organization Challenge here on the site, which is one of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenges.

This mission is pretty simple. Just gather all of your home office supplies from all the corners of your home where you have them stashed, including within your home office, junk drawer in your kitchen, or wherever else you have them.

Throw away anything that no longer works, or is broken.

Next, once all of your supplies are in one place you'll easily be able to tell if you have too much of one type of thing. Winnow it down to a reasonable amount that you can use in a year, or less. At least that's my personal rule of thumb.

If you've got excess that you cannot use within that time frame I would personally suggest donating such items, such as to your church, a school, or somewhere else that can get more immediate use from them.

Then, redistribute back to all appropriate places the supplies that should be there, now that you've kept a more realistic amount.

You should have some stored in whatever places make sense for where you consistently need to access the supplies. For most this is a home office or desk top area, but it could be your kitchen for example, if that's where you do your
household paperwork.

In addition, I would suggest if you do have large amounts of a specific supply you've chosen to keep, such as the jumbo bag of rubber bands you purchased since you feel you will use them all before they get kind of dried out and don't work as well (you know what I mean!) I wouldn't keep ALL of them in your home office desk drawer, for example.

Yes, in general it is a good idea to keep like items together. But especially with things like office supplies, that are often bought in bulk, trying to keep every single binder clip, paper clip or rubber band in your small desk drawer will quickly lead to a feeling of chaos and clutter.

Free printable home office supplies list
So if you've got large amounts of certain staple supplies I would suggest considering a small supplies area that you keep the larger stashes and keeping a much small amount in your desk or kitchen drawer for current use. As long as your larger supply stash is organized and fairly easily accessible when you need it, it won't be a problem to just visit it to get restocks of certain supplies as needed.

Finally, I hesitate to say this during a mission where I'm telling you to declutter these supplies, but this is also a good time to assess what supplies you do have and make sure you've got the right stuff. So here's my printable home office supplies list, that says the essential supplies for this room.

Below are photos from readers who've taken on this mission and really cleared out some of their old supplies. Tell me how you've done as well in the comments, or submit your own photos here. I'll add the best ones to the site!

Top photo courtesy of Charles Barilleaux

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Purging & Organizing Home Office Supplies

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Susan from Camp Slinkard shared what she did when she took on this mission, in the two photos shown above.

She said: "I decided to make a mini-office drawer in the island to keep a few basic office supplies handy. I also took advantage of an EMPTY storage box for small hardware (screws, nails, etc.), and purged all of that stuff neatly from the house and sent it to live in the garage. I don't have a 'before' photo of the island drawer because I just decided one evening to dive right in. Here's the 'during' of the process…"

"Here's the after. I even segregated the writing utensils. Toby is often looking for red or green pens (he IS a teacher, after all;)), so I put all of them in a single container. I also culled all the pens that don't work and the extra 37 mechanical pencils with no lead!"

How to declutter home office supplies, with instructions and before and after photos from readers who've already taken on this #Declutter365 mission {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

The photos above are all from a reader, Dora, who decluttered a couple of drawers full of home office supplies in her home. She explained of the top photo, "I started working on the office desk drawers.
My husband's idea of organizing is putting everything in baggies 😝 I took all this mess out of one drawer." She then worked on each drawer removing unwanted items, and the end results were cleared out drawers with a lot less stuff in them, making it much easier to find the supplies she needs.

Before and after when Brandy took the Declutter Home Office Supplies challenge {on Home Storage Solutions 101}

Finally, here are photos from a reader, Brandy. After she did this mission she sent in her before and after photos saying,"I don't have a home office, but I do have supplies. This is all neatly packed and in a spot for easy access but still out of the way (under my dresser)."

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Comments for Purging & Organizing Home Office Supplies

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Ideas where to donate these items
by: Beth

I've donated large bags of pens to the post office. Other great locations who use pens are doctors offices and any place you have personally filled out forms. Check ink before donating. I also have given my church any and every type of office supply even cards. Any non profit organization would love excess. I just called before I donated.

by: Bernice

While you're at it, don't forget to wipe the pens/pencils with some type of bleach solution/wipes. It's the only thing that kills pretty much most lethal germs. Clean the containers, and all high touch areas, especially the top of your soap dispenser.

Appreciative Recipients
by: Grace

This is so hard for me! Office supplies are my weakness. I stock up on freebies at conferences, banks, and insurance companies. I donate to charitable organizations so they will send me note pads and pens. I shop office supply stores on a monthly basis (I have cut back). And I keep track of my inventory and agonize over what will happen if I'm unable to find replacements when my current stock runs out in 17 years. (Am I a hoarder?)

Thank goodness (says my husband), I have a good friend who periodically wanders around thinning my stock. She delivers my treasures to smaller churches and day care centers, foster families and small town libraries, the local women's shelter. Many places appreciate these useful items but don't have the budget for them.

And, best of all, it provides me an excuse to head back to my local store!!

hard to resist when on clearance
by: JoAn

Who can resist buying one more pack of clearance Post-Its, markers, pens, etc.? Not me. I am gathering all of my office supplies together today and sorting them. Then, I will put what I need near my work space and have one place to keep my extra supplies, using up what I have before I go past another clearance sale. Also, donating some to a charity if I have an over-abundance.

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