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Declutter Expired Coupons & How To Avoid Wasting Coupons In The Future

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Today's mission is to declutter expired coupons. Here's my article on not only what to do with those expired coupons you declutter today, in this 15 minute mission, but also how to avoid having expired coupons that you've got to deal with in the future.

Using Coupons Is Exchanging Time For Money So Use Your Time Wisely

How to #declutter expired coupons from around your home, plus tips for how to avoid accumulating too many of these old coupons from now on {a #Declutter365 mission on Home Storage Solutions 101} #Couponinguse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest
We almost all have them. The clipped pieces of paper lovingly cut out with the hope and expectation of saving ourselves a bit of cash in the future on a purchase by using a coupon.

There is nothing wrong with using coupons. But you have to realize that when you coupon you are exchanging time for money.

Again, exchanging time for money is fine. That's what jobs are, after all. But whenever we engage in any exercise like that we need to make sure that the time invested actually makes sense for the return you're getting.

For every coupon you clip and then have to throw away, because it is expired, you've gotten zero return for your time investment. In fact, the fact that you've got to declutter the expired coupons, on top of already wasting time cutting that coupon out, makes it a double time waster.

That is the type of actions that gives couponing a bad name. It makes people feel like couponing is more trouble then it is worth. And if all you're doing is cutting out all kinds of coupons, never to actually use most of them, then yes, it is more trouble then it is worth.

How To Avoid Having Expired Coupons In The Future

So here's what you can do to avoid wasting coupons in the future, so you don't end up with huge stacks of expired coupons!

Only Clip Coupons For Items You're Likely To Use

It stands to reason that if you aren't going to use a coupon then you should not use your time to cut it out. There is zero gain in such an exercise.

So if you see an awesome coupon for half price _________ (fill in the blank) but you hate that product,
just pass that coupon on by. No use clipping it to begin with.

Gather All Your Coupons Together In One Central Location

Once you've clipped coupons that you plan to actually use, such as for products you buy consistently each week or month, then you need to be able to actually find them.

Have you ever been to the store, ready to make your purchase, and then remembered you had a coupon, but it was at home? Yeah, me too.

Or maybe you actually did think ahead, and knew you were buying something, and you had a coupon for it, and then spent way too long searching for that coupon amongst your various stashes in your house? Yeah, me too.

Both of those actions waste your time, and lead to expired coupons.

So you need to designate a single place in your home for all your coupons. Gather them all up from places like the bottom of your purse, in your wallet, the glove compartment of the car, your kitchen junk drawer, or wherever else, and put them all together.

Organize Your Coupons

How To Organize Coupons Challenge
Finally, once all your coupons are in one location, the final step toward avoiding expired coupons in the future is to organize the coupons you've clipped and collected. You can read my article on how to organize coupons here.

Only when you know what you have, where it is, and can readily access them when you need them, can you actually maximize your savings with your couponing efforts.

Once you have done that all of a sudden you'll see that couponing isn't a big waste of time, because you're not spinning your wheels wasting time on things that don't save you money. Instead, for the time invested you'll find out how much you can really save with coupons, making it completely worth your time!

And yes, I know that today's 15 minute declutter mission is to declutter expired coupons. So see below for my suggestion of what to do with expired coupons!

Top photo courtesy of Carol Pyles, and collage image photos courtesy of two readers, the top from Brandy and the bottom from Sherry

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What Is The Oldest Coupon You Found While Decluttering?

When #decluttering expired coupons you may come across some very old ones, like this participant of the #Declutter365 missions did! {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #Couponinguse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

When you're decluttering these old coupons you may come across some really old ones! Instead of worrying about it, treat it like am amusing game.

That's what happened with a reader, Christy. She said, "Found in my junk drawer. I think my Decluttering is WAY overdue!! (Expiration date: 1986). YIKES"

I'd love to hear what the oldest coupon is that you across. Tell me below, in the comments!

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What To Do With All Those Expired Coupons

Once you've done today's declutter mission you'll most likely be left with a big stack of expired coupons.

You need to get them out of your home. They're paper clutter, since they're no use to you.

How to send expired coupons to military families
At first, these may seem like trash (or recycling actually, please!) but don't be too fast in chucking them all out the door.

Did you know that although these expired coupons won't do you any good they can be used by someone? Well, at least some of them can.

You can donate these coupons for up to six months after expiration for military families to use in commissaries. Here's my article on how to do it.

So don't feel guilty for letting those coupons expire before you could use them. Instead, bless someone else with them and still get them out of your home!

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How to avoid accumulating expired coupons, with practical tips and habits to implement {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Top photo courtesy of EvelynGiggles

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Comments for What To Do With All Those Expired Coupons

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my system to avoid expired coupons
by: MamaBear

I keep my coupons in envelopes in a small 13-pocket (coupon) file, with envelopes for each aisle. Before the last shopping trip of the month I pull out all the coupons that will expire the next month (so at the end of February, I pull all of the March coupons). I sort these by expiration date. Then, when I make out my weekly list I check to see what's expiring that week. If there's something I'll use I put the coupon in my "store" envelope. If a coupon I don't need is expiring that week, it goes in my "Troopon" envelope. At the end of the month (when I pull out the next months' expiring coupons), I sort and send my "Troopons".

Old coupons that never expire!
by: Megan

I haven't found any that expired in 1986, but I have some from then that don't expire! My mom gave me her coupon filing system when I started couponing and it had some old coupons inside that don't expire.

coupons expire before I even clip them
by: Anonymous

The expiration dates have been getting extremely short. Most coupons barely last 6 weeks. If you haven't used your coupon book in a month, you can almost just dump them all out.

Expiration dates are too short
by: Matt

I used to use coupons all the time, but the expiration dates are getting way too short. It's almost impossible to time them with a store sale.

I toss them in a pile every week, then clip them once a month or so, and plan to use them in a week or 2. 75% are already expired, the other 20% are junk I'd never buy, 5% I clip, I bring 10 with me to the store, 5-7 aren't on sale, too expensive even with the coupon, and those expire in a few days. I used to use 20+ coupons a month, and now am down to 2-3.

Couponing in Canada
by: Marla

I'm curious!!! Do any of you coupon in Canada, specifically Saskatchewan? Is it possible? Any leads for somewhere to start!?

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