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Declutter Craft Room {15 Minutes . . . At A Time Mission}

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Today's mission is to declutter your craft room, or if you don't have an entire room, the area you do your crafting in.

Craft Organization Challenge
As you may note from the headline of this article, I don't expect you to get this mission done in just 15 minutes. Instead, you should work on this 15 minutes at a time, and in fact, we've been working up all week long to this task.

This mission is designed to be done while working on the Craft Organization Challenge, which is part of the 52 Week Challenge here on this site, and all week long we've had declutter missions about crafts.

These included decluttering:I did this for a reason, and here is why.

When You Think About Your Cluttered Craft Room Do You Feel Overwhelmed?

I've been running these Declutter 365 missions for several years now, and inevitably when we get to this mission there is always an expression, from at least some readers, of feeling overwhelmed with the task in front of them.

Yes, I totally understand that feeling. Anything that seems like a big task, and that you know will take a lot of time, and where you have to make tough decisions, can feel overwhelming to take on.

The result of that can be quitting before you even start.

I don't want that to happen to you though, because you'll feel so much better when this task is completed, and you're able to enjoy your craft area or room again, and actually use the space to work on and enjoy your craft projects.

Here's a photo sent in by a reader, Erika, where she expressed her own sense of overwhelm and frustration:

cluttered craft room

Erika said: "This is a fraction of my sewing/craft room! Every time I walk in here to do a project I get very discouraged and just walk back out! I need an un-clutter 101 class in here!"

Here's my advice for Erika, and for anyone else that feels the same way.

Break Down The Project Into Smaller Parts To Stop The Overwhelm

When you feel overwhelmed with a project the best way to help yourself mentally trick yourself into getting started is to break it down into
smaller parts. That's, in fact, the concept behind the entire Declutter 365 calendar.

So if you work on all of the missions listed above, for previous days of this week, sometimes themselves for multiple 15 minute sessions, you'll have gained a lot of momentum toward this craft room decluttering mission as well.

But in addition to breaking it down into smaller pieces, time wise, which is what the 15 minute time increments are about, I suggest you also break down the task of removing your craft room clutter into smaller steps by either focusing on one type of item at a time, or one area of the room at a time.

For example, you could go through all of your yarn first, before you tackle fabric. Or you could focus on just one shelving unit, or one shelf on a shelving unit, before you move onto a new area.

You can also "trick" yourself into the decluttering groove by dealing with the easy stuff first, and doing several passes over the same area being more ruthless each time. If you start with the easy stuff, for example, getting rid of bobbins for a sewing machine you no longer own, then you mentally get ready for the tougher decisions.

Once you've gone through everything in the room, you may need to do it yet again, perhaps a couple of times. The reason is that you'll see how much space you've actually got.

You've got to keep decluttering until what you've got left fits into the space you can store it in, preferably with a bit of room for expansion so it doesn't all feel so jammed into the space.

I Know This Will Be Emotionally Tough

Decluttering craft supplies, and the room or area they're in, can be emotionally challenging. Crafts really are something we love, that are designed to bring us joy, so saying goodbye to some of this stuff can seem almost impossible.

Before you begin, if you're feeling overwhelmed not just from the sheer amount of stuff to declutter, but also from the emotions associated with it, read the article about decluttering unfinished craft projects where I discuss this issue further.

Below I've shown several pictures sent in by readers who've already taken on this mission to get you inspired to tackle your own craft room or area.

How to #declutter your craft room, plus before and after pictures from readers who've done this challenge for inspiration and encouragement {part of the #Declutter365 missions on Home Storage Solutions 101} #CraftRoomOrganizationuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Top photo courtesy of chrissy.farnan

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Declutter Whatever Space You've Got, A Room, A Closet Or A Corner Devoted To Crafts

How to #declutter your craft closet or crafting area, so that you can find your needed supplies and equipment more easily and enjoy crafting more {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #Decluttering #CraftOrganizationuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

I know I've focused in this article on a "craft room," but not everyone has a whole room devoted to their crafts or hobbies.

If you don't (I don't) that doesn't mean you're off the hook for this mission.

This is the day to focus on whatever area you've got that you use to store craft supplies and equipment, or the workspace where you work on the projects themselves.

Here's an example, above, from a reader, Lara. She showed the before and after when she tackled her craft closet. It looks great, doesn't it?

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With Clutter Removed I Feel I Can Breathe

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Mary sent in this before and after photo above. She stated, "No where near finished but I'm starting to breathe now."

Good for you Mary! It can be difficult to get started, but I can see how much progress you've already made and I'm glad you're starting to feel the positive effects from your decluttering efforts.

Those positive feelings can help you keep up your momentum to keep going and get it finished after some more 15 minute sessions!

Before and after photos of decluttered craft room, plus instructions for how to #declutter this space without the process becoming overwhelming {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #CraftRoomOrganization #Declutter365use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Here is another set of before and after photos, from a reader Amy, who also did this mission.

Decluttering really can make a difference, can't it?

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Getting Rid Of Craft Clutter Makes A Difference For The Room

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Another reader, Lori, also sent in her before and after picture as she decluttered and organized her craft room, shown above.

This looks great Lori! Awesome job!

How to #declutter your craft room, with instructions to help you not be overwhelmed by the process, and to help you get rid of both clutter and even excess storage containers {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #CraftRoomOrganization #Declutteringuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

In addition, here's another set of before and after photos from a reader, Kathy.

Kathy said of the before picture, "Here is my messy craft room." Then, of the after photo she said, "My organized craft room after three full days of decluttering and organizing."

Finally, to top it off, she sent in the other picture, describing it as "My tower of empties!!!!!" That's a great way to describe all the excess storage containers and organizers you may find you've got, after you get rid of the clutter. (You can find out more about decluttering storage containers here, because once you do a bunch of these Declutter 365 missions you might just find yourself with this problem! (Hey, it's a good problem to have, right?)

Once you've done this mission I'd love to see what you've accomplished too. You can click here to submit your own photos. The best ones will be featured here on the site!

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60+ craft storage and organizer ideas

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Comments for Getting Rid Of Craft Clutter Makes A Difference For The Room

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my clutter is overwhelming
by: Eugenia

We have moved recently into a temporary residence (until Apr 2017). Our belongings have been in storage for a few years and a few moves so now that we have them all in one place, it's time to start the sorting and de-cluttering process. I have been working on de-cluttering/reorganizing my craft stuff. I had things sort of unpacked and re-organized but as I unpacked/re-sorted boxes in other rooms, my craft room has bred clutter again. I have decided to close the door until the New Year. After all, it's just a few days, right? The photos you display are inspiring but I have no closets, no shelves or cubbies. I do have a large, old folding table to place my sewing machine, cutting board and some supplies on. I also have drawers for storing my craft supplies in, but asking myself how much do I need to unpack as this living situation is sooo temporary. I enjoy quilting, knitting and crocheting so have quite a lot of supplies. Oh I should mention the room is quite small too. Maybe if I just take one step at a time and the solutions will come. Someone mentioned overwhelming in the comments which I think has happened here.

Declutter craft rooms plus whole house
by: Diane from Iowa

I live in an "Oh, my God" house: That is a house where someone walks in, looks around, and says "Oh, my God!"

I have been trying to get this mess organized for 8 years. I'm starting over AGAIN! My first step, this time, was to buy a picture album. I have taken pictures of every room on the main floor and they show the mess in every room. I've always been a messy person and until this year, was not a dirty person. I'm so far behind that if I work on one room, my dishes become stacks. (No cockroaches or mice though). When I work on the dishes, the other rooms get worse than they already are. I plan on taking more pictures as, hopefully, I progress into neatness and they will be put in the album also.

Unfortunately, the 1st book I read about decluttering said to empty drawers, shelves, etc, all over the house, put everything into a big pile, and then proceed to pitch, give away, sell, or put away. That was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I am ADHD and then I added this to it. I have become so discouraged. Between the two, I give up and just sit down and say "forget it". (I know, I don't get anywhere that way.)

I swear I get part of the clutter cleaned up and then it refills faster than I clean it up. (Kind of like water from a flood).

You mentioned the craft rooms. Actually, I have 3 areas. My main section is on the main floor. It is a combination sewing room/office. It also holds material to be used in current to upcoming projects (with the dream of eventually being better organized).

In the basement, I have two main areas for my variety of crafting desires. The biggest area is devoted to material for my quilting. The 2 rooms in the basement need particularly to get all of my quilting materials organized to look nice and to be able to go to certain shelves/boxes so I can find what I need. I also need to find homes for yarn for knitting etc. and tools for metal crafting objects or jewelry designs. I also want to upcycle items to make into something new (Keep those items out of the junk yards. . . and, hopefully, to sell.

I am currently boxing everything up to move crafts/belongings to the basement, except office belongings and sewing machine/cabinet. Part of the reason almost everything needs to go to the basement/attic is because I need electrical work done in all of my rooms. An electrician will not be able to do his job if my belongings are in the way.

My friend told me I need to decide what crafting items I want to keep and get rid of everything else. She said the same thing about all my quilting material . . . approx. $3,000 worth of accumulated material. (Sorry, material not going.) She doesn't understand that I can't get rid of belongings until I find out what I have before I can decide what items are more important to me, if I have space for them, or which room they will be stored in. That doesn't mean that I'm not throwing away or giving away anything in the process. There are things that I know aren't needed and they go into temporary boxes to be moved to the trash or the church rummage sale as I fill the boxes. You should see all the papers that are throughout the house . . . They go back at least to 2004. I bring a box, at a time, of papers downstairs to work on. I don't know how I can get rid of so many papers and still keep finding more. Ha, ha.

I found recently the break off point of "keeping/destroying papers". I now have more papers to destroy. This is where you might hear a great big sigh, but I know that in the long run, it is a good thing. Once I finish the main floor, I need to head for the attic and the basement and do the same thing there.

This is a long and slow journey for me, but I am trying to take deep breaths, take "SHORT" breaks, and head for another set of 15 minutes. (While maintaining what I have already completed.)

Hopefully, this will be the year that I will be successful: not just on the main floor, but on all 3 floors. I will feel a great accomplishment and a big weight lifted off my shoulders when this house is at a normal capacity. However, the house might just float away when I have all the clutter gone. . . Then where will I live? Again, ha, ha.

I wish good luck to all the other souls that are on the same journey as I. Have a good year! -- Diane

by: Anonymous

1. Empty the room

The last three are givens. Then take the KEEP pile and repeat the process. Part of seeing what you actually have. You'll find all kinds of duplicates/triplicates because you couldn't find the ones you had before.

ADHD adds a real challenge
a. Time your tasks

4. Design a floor-plan that makes sense for you
a. Reaching distance,
b. Work flow
c. Strategically placed lighting

5. Stay in the 2nd quadrant (Steven Covey)
- QUADRANT 2 is all about:

7. Once you have your system in place, you'll find it needs tweaking - a work in progress.

REMEMBER: Be relentless in attacking this. It's demanding and difficult but not as difficult as being stuck in the clutter and not being able to get anything done.

The room of good intentions!!!
by: Anonymous

Oh dear, it is good to belong to the creative mess club with a world wide membership but you are right, it does become overwhelming. Currently there is about 2 square inches of room in which to stand and worse still it has become the dumping room!! The cover pro machine that was a must, has never been used in 2 years-it is buried under fabric.
The time has come after reading your advice on the emotional bind of clutter and trying to break through that barrier.

Tomorrow 25th October (in Australia) is D Day-D for declutter to begin. Better take a photo first.

How we dealt with kids crafts
by: Amy

We had issues with my daughter's crafting supplies and puzzles. She has a small room with little storage space. We discovered she/we were usually using the dining room table (pretty informal) for crafting and putting together puzzles. I finally put a nice cabinet in the room to hold all of the crafting supplies. It cleared up a lot of space in her room so that stays cleaner longer because she has space to put everything away, and the supplies are much easier to access without anyone knowing it is a crafting cabinet in my dining room.

The stress level of 2 constantly messy rooms has gone down.

Now to work on the rest of the rooms.:)

Tidied craft area walk way
by: Trish Raynor

Craft area is part of the conservatory, which I have 5 sets of 6 draw plastic draws, where card making, cross stitching, knitting kits, plus patterns needles, crocheting patterns, needles, etc. In the boxes are material, cotton, plastic bags, cardboard cut outs to make up into boxes. Two boxes contain bits for festive celebrations. Pens, pencils, stencils, glues, the list goes on and on.

Tidied walking area and round the chair, putting objects not used back into some kind of order. As a crafter I hate having to throw any thing away. Just need more boxes.

having to do decluttering for multiple rounds
by: Judy Cagle

Thank you —especially for saying that I may have to do it three or more times—— am on third, but see another coming!!

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