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Below is a list of hobby and craft clutter items to consider getting rid of. In addition, there's a hall of fame where you can share your own success or get inspired by what others have accomplished.

craft and hobby clutter

If you love doing crafts or have a hands on type of hobby (like I do) you know how easily you can accumulate a lot of "stuff" for those activities.

While having some items around your home to enjoy in your down time is definitely recommended, any time these things get so out of hand that they take up too much living space, or you can't even find what you want to DO the hobby you've got too much.

I encourage everyone to take the following of 52 Week Organized Home Challenges that deal with these areas of your home:

I've also created quite a few decluttering missions that accompany these challenges, to help you get this area of your life more manageable.

Whether you've done these missions when I've scheduled them during the year, or any other time doesn't really matter to me. I just want to celebrate your success, so here's your chance to show off some before and after pictures when you've done one of the missions. If you're ready to share now click here to begin!

Decluttering Missions For Your Crafts & Hobbies

The decluttering missions for these kinds of items in your home include:

  • Create files for inspiration projects from magazines and catalogs (or use Pinterest!)
  • Books
  • Cookbooks
  • Kids' books and coloring books
  • Create area to hold checked out library books (and other library checkouts like videos, CDs, etc.)
  • Camera equipment and supplies
  • Craft projects you don't want to do anymore
  • Hobby and craft supplies (such as sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, beading, painting, etc.)
  • Kids' hobby and craft supplies
  • Art supplies (including paper, paints, crayons, markers, etc.)
  • Craft and hobby equipment
  • Create place to store kids' artwork
  • Trophies and awards
  • Collections
  • Collectibles
  • Paint and decorator supplies
  • Comic books
  • Baseball cards
  • Board games and card games
  • Video games
  • Puzzles

Craft & Hobby Clutter Hall Of Fame

Below are the hall of fame submissions I've already received.

If you're ready to share your own click here to begin!

unfinished craft project
Declutter Unfinished Craft Projects
craft supplies
Declutter Craft Supplies & Equipment
craft room
Declutter Craft Room

fabric storage solution: file it
Store Fabric By Filing It
kids artwork
Declutter Kids' Artwork
Declutter Books

In addition, here are over 60 craft storage solutions and organizers, for many types of crafts and hobbies, to get your supplies, tools, and equipment organized and ready for you to use and enjoy (referral link). Once in my store scroll down to find this list.

60+ craft storage and organizer ideas

Get Started With The Decluttering Missions Today!

Free Printable Declutter Calendar

Do you want to participate in the 15 minute daily missions? Grab your FREE yearly printable decluttering calendar here and get started today!

In addition, if you'd like to join a community of others who are all commmitted to these organizing challenges and decluttering missions, and want more interaction with me, as well as weekly group coaching sessions for the upcoming week's challenge, I'd urge you to become a patron of the site, and then join the closed Facebook group. You can learn more about becoming a patron, and joining the Facebook group here.

In addition to the live video chat inside the group each week (which has a replay if you've missed the live version), I also post the Declutter 365 missions daily within the group, and additional tips and ideas relevant to what we're focused on that day or week.

Learn more about the Declutter 365 Premium Group

Have You Gotten Rid Of Craft And Hobby Clutter?

Have you participated in one of the Declutter Your Home In 15 Minutes A Day Missions, either while it was running for the day or when it was convenient for you?

Are you proud of your accomplishments and want to show the world what you decluttered today, and are getting out of your home?

Here's your chance to tell me about it. Pictures are highly encouraged, but you can also just write a description of what you decluttered too (note you've got to at least explain what we're seeing in the picture you upload).

You can send up to four pictures in each submission.

Get Rid Of Hobby & Craft Clutter Hall Of Fame

Here are the Hall of Fame submissions that have already been submitted.

Check these out to get inspired about what others have accomplished with the power of 15 minutes a day.

How To Declutter Craft Room Or Crafting Area 
Today's mission is to declutter your craft room, or if you don't have an entire room, the area you do your crafting in. As you may note from …

How To Declutter Unfinished Craft Projects 
Today's decluttering mission is to declutter abandoned and unfinished craft projects. And if you love to craft, even a little, you probably have …

How To Organize & Store Fabric By Filing It: Simple, Cheap, & It Works! 
Here's a great idea from a reader, Tracy, showing how to store fabric. She files it. This method is really simple to implement. All you need are …

Click here to write your own.

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