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Place Trash Bins Throughout House {15 Minute Mission}

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Today's Declutter 365 mission is to make sure you've placed trash bins throughout your house wherever they're needed.

Home Recycling Center & Trash Challenge
This extremely simple and quick mission is designed to be done while working on the Home Recycling Center & Trash Challenge here on the site, which is part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge.

The reason that I have this as a mission as part of a decluttering challenge is that one of the things we often need to deal with, when decluttering, is trash.

Why do we keep trash in the first place? Well, that is actually not a simple question, there are lots of reasons we keep things that are really trash, many of them emotional.

But there are practical reasons we might keep trash as well. One of those is not having somewhere convenient to throw it away, right close to where we are currently standing. I'm not talking here about food waste, typically, but this happens a lot with paper (which could also be recycled), or packaging, etc.

To the extent that one of the reasons we "just put it down for a moment" (that ends up lasting months!) is because we don't have a convenient place to throw it away right around where we are, right that moment, in the house, that will stop today.

Just having a place to throw away trash can really keep the clutter from accumulating in your home because when it is easy to throw something away, you do that, much more often! Amazing, right?

There are two things you need to consider when doing this mission, and I'll address each one briefly below.

The first is to consider which rooms you should place trash cans in, and the second is to decide how large (or small) those cans or bins should be.

What Rooms Should Have Trash Cans?

First you need to decide which places in your home should get a trash can.

I suggest the kitchen (I bet everyone already has a kitchen trash can though, right?), as well as bathrooms, the laundry room, your home office, and all bedrooms. You may also want one in your garage, shop, basement, craft room, or really,
the sky's the limit.

Think today about where you often throw away trash, or end up finding trash that later you need to get rid of, and place a trash bin there now if you don't already have one.

In addition, now that you're conscious of the fact that you might need more trash cans than you currently have pay attention over the course of the next week or two, and if you notice anymore places that need one that you didn't originally think of ]go ahead and place one there as well.

What Size Should The Trash Bins Be?

The second thing to consider is how large the trash can should be that you place in these spaces. What you're aiming for is what I call the Goldilocks trash can, which is one that is neither too big nor too small, but just right.

You want a trash can that is big enough to hold the amount of trash generated in that area over a reasonable time period, I suggest over a week time period. The reason I say a week is that many people get their trash picked up weekly, and so weekly, at a minimum, you should empty these trash cans throughout your home (more often if they contain food trash which could attract pests). But in between those trash days you don't want the trash can to be overflowing, so it needs to be big enough.

On the other hand, trash cans aren't typically lovely, and they take up space. So you don't want one that too big either that is an eye sore.

Pros and cons of various kitchen garbage cans
Typically the place you need your big trash can is in the kitchen, and in these other rooms a small one will normally be sufficient for most people. (If you want more guidance about choosing a kitchen garbage can check out my article!)

Below I've shown some photos that readers have sent in who've done this mission to show you how simple it really is.

It will only take you a few minutes but it can save you loads of aggravation and time when you aren't later decluttering trash from your home that should never have accumulated in the first place.

In this quick #Declutter365 mission you need to place trash bins throughout your house. The article provides two things to consider when doing the mission to make sure you're putting these bins in the right places and have chosen the right size. {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Results When Readers Did This Mission

Here are just a few examples of the photos sent in by readers when they did this simple mission.

The photo above is from a reader, Winnie, who said, "From the Dollar Tree. Perfect size for bathrooms. I only needed one for my laundry room to collect lint and surprises I get out of my son's pockets. 😆I now have all bases covered!"

In addition, here's a photo from Brandy, who showed all the small trash cans she's placed around her home.

All the places that Brandy has placed small trash bins throughout her home as part of the #Declutter365 missions on Home Storage Solutions 101

Notice that in many of these pictures above the small trash bins have a trash bag liner inside them. You can use plastic grocery or shopping bags for this purpose, and it's a great way to get rid of excess plastic shopping bag clutter you might be accumulating in your house. You can get ideas for even more uses for plastic bags around your home here.

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In addition, now that you've got all your trash cans in place throughout your home, make sure to adopt a simple trash day routine to get all that trash out of your home regularly!

Simple garbage and trash day routine for your home

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Comments for Results When Readers Did This Mission

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Household trash
by: PJ

We have small trash cans on both sides of the master bed, both sides of our loveseat recliner (where we typically sit) and 2 in the master bath (one beside the toilet and one across the room beside the basin). There is also one near the dryer for lint and a large red one that moves around with us when we are cleaning/decluttering. Sometimes one just is not enough... LOL

Trash cans do not have to be big, or even look like trash cans
by: Anonymous

I have found an effective method for getting myself to pick up those little bits of stuff that seem to end up on the floor (eg in the lounge), have a smallish bin on display on a shelf or similar accessible place, but IN THAT ROOM and not behind a door. Then, when you see that bit of dried playdough or that lone bead or broken paddlepop stick, you just pick it up and put it in the bin, which is right there as you walk past. Learn to work with the imperfect human nature that says 'it is too far to the bin' ''should vacuum but don't have the time' etc. Just pick up the few little bits through the course of the week and it really will be a lot longer before you NEED to vacuum! And since the bin is right there, and is a BEAUTIFUL container in a colour you love to have on display - then it is even a joyful experience to put that little bit of rubbish out of sight and out of mind until bin day. And you feel, oh, so beautifully organised! And it won't even look like a bin! I had a raspberry red pot plant container until it met with a sad accident during a cubby-building session. I just loved putting little bits of rubbish in that because I loved the colour. A cheap option would be wrap something in some beautiful paper / fabric if you can't afford/find something you love.

tidy waste basket
by: Anonymous

I found some large heavy duty rubber bands in the grocery store. They fit perfectly around the top of my waste baskets - keeps the bag tidy and in place.

How to have waste baskets with kids?
by: Anonymous

I used to have trash cans in most rooms, for many of the reasons you mentioned. But my now three year old would knock them over, turn them upside down, put things in that didn't belong, etc. So we got rid of all but the kitchen and bathroom. I have a one year old as well so now he's in that stage. We keep the bathroom door shut to remove the temptations of trash, toilet brush, and toilet itself because he's obsessed with the bathroom, but still struggle with him opening the kitchen trash to take things out or put things in. What to do?

by: Anonymous

I couldn’t afford multiple little bins but have ($1 clearance) pretty contact paper when the idea struck when having KFC! Washed the family sized chicken bucket with soap to remove any grease (have to be fast, can’t soak paper bucket!) and covered it with contact paper. Looks adorable as a trash bin and matches storage containers I’ve used the paper on in the laundry room.

The next one I did was a tiny one for my desk so the piles of used tissue had a place. Now it doesn’t look like an old lady’s purse exploded on my desk! The tiny bin matches the paper on the tiny box on the desk with lip balm, eye drops, nail clippers, aspirin, gum, etc.

Next will be a small bin by my coffee station for the ramen wrappers, tea bags, and misc. Small is fine as I use microfiber cloths, no napkins. Still awaiting the perfect container to upcycle!

More than one per ROOM
by: Beth

We have a long living room that has my office area at one end and the general seating area at the other. Each Area has its own trash bin and I also have a smaller decorated can on my desk to drop in schnitzels of paper or bent paper clips because the trash can I have in that area is a mesh can, not a solid one.

Also, in our bedroom, we have a trash can on each side of the bed.

I like the recommendation from someone else about that trash cans don't have to look like trashcans! I had a metal planter that I used to use on my desk at an old job for the little bits of this and that because I shared an office and the other person was a trash-can hog. LOL

Also, someone asked about keeping a toddler/baby out of the trash - my grandchildren are kept out by the trash can lids - they are the kind with the step-to-open types and rather heavy so not likely to be tipped by such little people. However, the 5 year old has enough experience to know and be able to step on the lever and open it.

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