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Newspaper Recycling & Decluttering 15 Minute Mission

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Newspaper recycling and decluttering is today's 15 minute mission.

Organizing Magazines, Newspapers & Catalogs Challenge
This mission is designed to be done in conjunction with the Organizing Magazines, Newspapers & Catalogs Challenge here on the site.

It is also pretty self-explanatory. Newspapers, to the extent that you even still get them, quickly grow too old to be very useful or interesting anymore.

That is kind of the point of "the news" after all. Once it gets past a certain age there is very rarely a reason to keep newspapers.

So why do we often keep them stacked up around our house? If you don't actually have time to read all the newspapers you receive I would seriously suggest you cancel or at least cut back on your subscriptions.

You definitely don't want the self-created stress of feeling the need to read all these papers if you are behind, or would prefer to do something else. There's no shame in starting fresh and culling out all the old ones, or even admitting defeat and canceling your subscription going forward.

How to recycle and declutter newspapers from your home, including tips for not accumulating such newspaper clutter in the future, and factors for you to consider about whether you should even take the paper anymore {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest
So during this mission go ahead and clear out the big stacks of newspapers you have laying around, and then, if you don't already have a habit of disposing of older issues when you get a new one, go ahead and institute such a policy for yourself from now on.

It's as simple as one in, one out, so when you get the new one the old one goes into the newspaper recycling bin. (You can see a picture below, from a reader, who has a similar system, for ideas for yourself).

If you get a daily paper I suggest not keeping more than 3 days of papers for reading, and disposing of any older than that.

Also, please do make sure when you are decluttering that you do recycle these papers, not throw them in the trash. Just about all recycling facilities take newspapers, and if you don't know where in your community they do a few quick calls will quickly identify where you can take them.

Make sure your home recycling center, where you collect your recycling, has a spot for newspapers if you receive them, so they do not clog landfills needlessly, and you can properly dispose of them with your new one in, one out rule.

So grab a stack or two of these papers and get rid of them if you haven't read them and they're at least a week old. Happy decluttering!

Below I'm going to discuss briefly how to keep newspapers from cluttering your home from now on.

Top photo courtesy of Ian Lamont

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Designate Spot For Old Newspapers Until They're Recycled

Have a container for your old newspapers that can hold them until they go out for recycling, so you don't accumulate newspaper clutter around your home {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

As I suggested above, it works best to keep only a limited few days of newspapers in your home, so you want to create a spot for the old ones that will be recycled.

A reader, Paula, sent in this photo showing how she does this simple step to keep newspaper clutter at bay.

She said, "Newsprint and burnables go here, near back door. I can just drop whatever it is into the box as I walk by."

Make sure to institute a similar system for yourself, perhaps throwing them directly into the recycle bin each day, so these papers don't clutter flat surfaces and make stacks and stacks in your home.

The key is to have a storage space for the "to be recycled" newspapers that holds a few, but not too many, and then to make it part of your routine, perhaps as you take out the trash and recycling weekly, to empty this spot of old papers so they don't pile up there.

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Ask Yourself, Do You Really Need To Get The Newspaper Anymore?

Along with actually decluttering your excess newspapers in this mission, I want anyone that needed to work on this mission for multiple 15 minute sessions to seriously ask themselves the question -- "Do I really need to get the newspaper anymore?"

As always, while it feels great to get rid of clutter in your home, it is even better to stop it before it comes in the door.

Some people genuinely enjoy receiving the morning paper, spreading it out at the kitchen table and digging in to the day's news while eating some breakfast. If you do it consistently and enjoy it, and are able to easily part with older newspaper issues, then you're fine. Don't worry about this.

But for those buried under piles of newspaper, why?

If your excuse is coupons, remember those typically only come in the Sunday paper, so you could easily cut down from the daily paper to the weekly or just Sunday paper and still get your coupons.

In addition, many coupons are now going digital anyway. You may want to explore this option instead of getting paper coupons at all, especially if you're not utilizing your coupons from the newspaper to their fullest extent anyway and often find yourself throwing out expired coupons.

Further, don't forget that these days a lot of news is online, and free. This includes local newspapers, so you can keep up not only with national news, but local and state level events as well.

Even some of the sites with paywalls, such as the New York Times, allow you to read a certain number of free articles before you are charged.

Online, if you can get used to it, can definitely save you from a lot of paper clutter, and may save you a few bucks at the same time! So if it took you a long time to do this mission definitely at least consider these alternatives to save yourself headaches and stress in the future.

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In addition, if you've got a lot of newspapers to get rid of as part of this mission, make sure to check out these 7 uses for newspapers around your home to give you ideas for how you can repurpose some of these papers for other useful tasks!

7 uses for newspapers around your home

Photo courtesy of shauser

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Comments for Ask Yourself, Do You Really Need To Get The Newspaper Anymore?

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Decluttering jobs
by: Anonymous

I think it's a great idea to declutter; however how many jobs are you causing to be lost by telling people to cancel their subscriptions. Those newspapers employ a lot of people. The more people read and do online, the more people are unemployed.

response re decluttering jobs
by: Taylor

Hello Anonymous. I respectfully disagree with you. I cannot in good conscience tell people they need to keep purchasing a product with their hard earned money if they do not, in fact, use and/or enjoy it, it is actually burdening them with clutter in their home that they have to deal with, and that is basically a waste of environmental resources because they're not even using it! You are basically saying that everyone should continue to do things that they no longer enjoy or that actually harm them (and yes, clutter can harm you in many ways, both psychologically, emotionally and physically, not to mention cost lots of money) to subsidize an industry that needs to think of another way to survive. Yes, technology has changed the landscape of newspapers. But this is a larger issue than one person canceling their subscription because they never use it. These newspapers are businesses, and many of them, themselves, expanded out into the online realm and they can make money from it, they just need to figure out how. Heck, I make a full time living online personally. That is what my job is -- to write for these websites that I own, and my husband and I support our family from the income. I also employ several people who help support their own families from all the work these websites require to maintain. So I do not accept your premise that as things move online more people are unemployed. The jobs may shift, that is true, but I am living proof that you can make a living online. And I would not feel good telling people to do something just because it has always been that way in the past. If someone feels that to them, these days, their newspaper subscriptions are clutter I will continue to tell them to discontinue them. If, on the other hand, they enjoy taking the paper, I will try to help them figure out ways to keep on top of the paper inflow so that it doesn't become clutter for them in the future.

Give to dog pound
by: Anonymous

It is a little trouble to take the papers there, but a very good way to recycle them is to give them to the dog pound. They use an awful lot of papers to line dog pens & cages. I think they have to change the papers at least once a day!

by: Denise

We only buy one paper a week on a Saturday. The paper comes with a magazine, a weekend lifestyle section, money supplement, property supplement and travel supplement. These are all interesting and this is the problem. I don't make time to go through them all and don't routinely chuck them, just in case I miss something - especially on the travel. May need time out to just do it and then do the one in/one out thing. I think that's a major problem with magazines, papers etc - some of us think that we will miss something vital, if we don't go through all the papers that come into the home.

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