January Declutter Calendar
15 Minute Daily Missions For Month

Here's the January 2016 declutter calendar with a daily 15 minute decluttering and organizing mission for each day of the month.

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Remember, here are the ground rules:

1. Work for 15 minutes to declutter and do the mission listed, and if you need to work longer, and have the time, go for it. However, don't feel obligated to.

2. Print off the printable version of this calendar if you want to post on your fridge or some other area of your home to remind you what the daily mission is. To print it off scroll down on this page and click the picture of the calendar itself, or click the link directly under the calendar which says, "click here to get your printable January calendar."

3. You can also follow me through social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Google + and Twitter, to get a daily reminder of the day's mission.

Plus I've created a Declutter 365 Facebook group that you can join to get more reliable Facebook notifications of each day's missions, plus comraderie from others who are also working on decluttering.

4. If you're loving this month's calendar (which you can get below without subscribing) you can get the entire 2016 declutter calendar, all 12 months, by signing up for the newsletter.

Currently the entire calendar is only available to subscribers, although January 2016 is available for everyone.

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5. Once you've accomplished any one of these missions you can share your photos of what you have decluttered with me in the Getting Clutter Free Hall of Fame.

Plus, get some inspiration from the quote of the month, below.

January Decluttering Missions:

Get The January Declutter Calendar Printable

Here's a printable version of the calendar of daily missions that you can use. To print it is easy. Merely click on either the image of the calendar itself, or the words below which say, "click here to get your January Printable Calendar" and a new window will open with the PDF.

Please note there are ads on this page. If you are asked to download something to get this calendar you've not clicked on the right thing. There is nothing to download to get this PDF!)

Free printable January 2016 decluttering calendar with daily 15 minute missions. Follow the entire Declutter 365 plan provided by Home Storage Solutions 101 to declutter your whole house in a year.
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Don't Forget To Also Join The Declutter 365 Facebook Group

Declutter 365

You asked and so I delivered. I've created a Facebook group called Declutter 365 which does exactly what it sounds like. It follows along with the free 2015 decluttering mission schedule I've created and posts each mission, daily, to help remind you of the challenges and missions, and keep you on track.

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You Can Follow The Missions Daily On Instagram Too!

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Lots of you have also asked me to make sure the daily missions were on Instagram. Again, you ask, I deliver!

I've now begun posting each of the daily missions, plus additional organizing tips and storage solutions ideas each day on Instagram.

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Here's the Instagram post showing the January 2016 missions. Be sure to use the #Declutter365 hashtag when you participate so we can all cheer you on!

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Do You Want Next Month's Calendar Too?

You can also get the February decluttering missions here (including printable calendar).

In addition, all newsletter subscribers will automatically get the 2016 calendar, in full, so be sure to sign up today if you haven't already!

February decluttering missions

Free printable January 2016 decluttering calendar with daily 15 minute missions. Follow the entire Declutter 365 plan provided by Home Storage Solutions 101 to declutter your whole house in a year.
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