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Printable Pantry Food Storage Chart: Shelf Life Of Food

Here's a pantry food storage chart listing the shelf life of common food items kept in your pantry or cupboard, to make sure you're eating your food in the time period you should.

Free printable pantry food storage chart listing the shelf life of common pantry items {courtesy of Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

After I've listed the information here on the page scroll down for a free printable version as well, which you can print and keep for reference somewhere, such as your household notebook.

Shelf Life Of Common Pantry Foods

Food Item Storage Time Packaging
Baking powder 1 year  
Baking soda 2 years  
Beans and peas, dried 18 months  
Biscuit mix 12-18 months  
Bread crumbs 2-4 months  
Cake, brownie and cookie mixes 1 year  
Canned fruit 1 year Unopened
Canned meats and gravies 1 year Unopened
Canned vegetables 1 year Unopened
Cereals, ready to eat 6-12 months
2-3 months
Cereals, hot 1 year  
Chocolate chips, semi-sweet 1 year  
Chocolate, unsweetend 18 months  
Cocoa powder 2 years  
Coconut, grated 1 year Unopened
Coffee, ground 3-5 months (after
printed date)
3-5 months

After Opening
Coffee, instant 2 years  
Coffee, whole bean 6-9 months (after
printed date)
6 months

Cookies, packaged 2-4 months  
Cornmeal 1 year  
Cornstarch 18 months  
Crackers 6 months  
Croutons 6 months  
Flour, cake 6 months  
Flour, white 10-15 months Opened, in air
tight container
Flour, whole wheat 6-8 months Opened in fridge
Frosting, canned 8 months Unopened
Fruit, dried 6 months  
Gelatin 12-18 months  
Grits, instant 8 months  
Grits, regular 10 months  
Honey, molasses, and syrup 1 year  
Hot chocolate mixes 6-12 months  
Infant formula 12-18 months  
Jelly, jam and preserves 1 year
8 months
Opened in fridge
Juice, canned citrus 6 months Unopened
Juice, canned non-citrus 1 year Unopened
Ketchup, barbeque sauce 1 year
5 months
Opened in fridge
Marshmallows 3 months  
Mayonnaise 4 months
2 months
Opened in fridge
Milk, evaporated 1 year Unopened
Milk, non-fat powdered 1-2 years  
Milk, sweetened condensed 1 year Unopened
Mustard 2 years
1 year
Opened in fridge
Nuts, unshelled 8 months  
Oils (canola, corn and vegetable) 1-2 years
6-8 months
Oil, olive 2 years  
Onions 4-6 weeks Dry dark place with
lots of air circulation
Pancake mix 6 months  
Pasta, dried 2 years Once opened keep
in air tight containers
Peanut butter 6-9 months  
Pickles, olives, relishes 1 year
3 months
Opened in fridge
Popcorn, unpopped kernals 1-2 years  
Popcorn, microwaveable 6-8 months  
Potatoes, white or sweet 3-5 weeks Dry dark place with
lots of air circulation
Potatoes, instant 1 year  
Pudding mixes 8-12 months  
Rice, brown 1 year  
Rice, mixes 6 months  
Rice, white 2 years  
Salad dressing 10 months
3 months
Opened in fridge
Salt Indefinitely  
Sauces, condiments 1 year Unopened
Shortening 8 months
6 months
Soft drinks 6-9 months Unopened
Spices and herbs, dried and ground 1-2 years Airtight containers,
discard when scent fades
Spices, dried and whole 2-3 years Airtight containers,
discard when scent fades
Sports drinks, bottled 9 months  
Stuffing mix 6 months  
Sugar, brown 4 months  
Sugar, granulated 2 years  
Sugar, powdered 18 months  
Tea, bags and loose 6-12 months  
Tea, instant 1 year  
Vinegar (balsalmic, cider, rice,
red wine, white, and white wine)
Indefinitely Do not store in metal
Yeast, active dry Follow package date  

These Guidelines Are Only Estimates

5 food storage safety tips

The estimates provided are that, only estimates. Read all information on packaging regarding expiration and use by dates, and how long the item is safe to consume after opening. If a date on a package is shorter or longer than the dates listed, rely on the dates on the package instead.

These listed dates are for pantry shelf-life of foods, and if it states “unopened” for the packaging column, there is typically a shorter shelf life once the item is opened, and in addition it may need to be refrigerated. Look at the packaging for details. You can find out more about refrigerated food storage guidelines here.

Also, use your senses of sight and smell to be sure food is safe to eat. Even if it says it’s within the expiration date periods, if it smells or looks funny throw it out!

For more information about food safety, check out my article with 5 food storage safety tips, plus visit

Printable Pantry Food Shelf Life Chart {Cheat Sheet}

Free printable pantry food storage chart listing the shelf life of common pantry items {courtesy of Home Storage Solutions 101} #PantryOrganization #FoodSafety #FoodStorage
use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Click here to get your Cheat Sheet (4 pages) (opens into PDF)

Organize Pantry Challenge

I've created a printable version of this information for you so it is easier for you to reference when cleaning out your pantry as part of the Organize Pantry & Spices Challenge.

This cheat sheet will help you both know when to throw certain foods out and also when to plan to eat them while they'll taste their best.

In addition, check out the articles about fresh fruit storage tips and fresh vegetable storage tips, to learn more about the fruits and vegetables that can be stored at room temperature, instead of in the refrigerator.

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