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Get Rid Of Kids Clutter Hall Of Fame

Below is a list of kids clutter items to consider getting rid of. In addition, there's a hall of fame where you can share your own success or get inspired by what others have accomplished.

A round up of tips for getting rid of kids clutter all around your home, including toys, clothes, bedrooms, crafts, in the kitchen and more {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #KidsClutter #DeclutterKidsStuff #DeclutteringTipsuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Tips for getting rid of kids clutter {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

We love our children, but it is amazing how such a little human being can accumulate so much stuff, isn't it?

And this type of clutter is insidious. You step on tiny little pieces as you walk by, you trip over bigger items just left in the middle of a walkway.

We really don't need as much stuff as we have, typically. The same goes for our children as well.

There are several challenges within the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge that deal with children, and their stuff, in our homes that I encourage you to read:

I've also created quite a few decluttering missions that accompany these challenges, to help you get this area of your home more manageable.

Whether you've done these missions when I've scheduled them during the year, or any other time doesn't really matter to me. I just want to celebrate your success, so here's your chance to show off some before and after pictures when you've done one of the missions. If you're ready to share now click here to begin!

Get This Kids Decluttering Checklist + 32 Other Decluttering Checklists For Your Home

Right now you're decluttering kids' clutter, but as anyone who has kids around knows there's a lot of types and varieties of this type of clutter around your home.

Get your 6 page kids decluttering checklist, plus 32 other decluttering checklists, to help you declutter your entire home here.

Get this kids decluttering checklist and 32 other decluttering checklists for your home {on Home Storage Solutions 101}

I've done the hard work of breaking down these tasks into smaller more manageable steps for you, so you don't get overwhelmed or worry you're forgetting a task, and you can go at the pace you want, whether that's fast or slow.

In addition, you can tackle these decluttering tasks in whatever order you want when you use these checklists!

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Decluttering Missions Related To Kids

The items to consider getting rid of and decluttering missions for this area of your home include:

Kids Clutter Hall Of Fame

Here are the hall of fame submissions received so far.

If you're ready to share your own click here to begin!

bath toys
Declutter Bath Toys
DIY bath toy storage
Bath Toy Storage & Organization Ideas
kids artwork
Declutter Kids' Artwork

front of refrigerator
Front & Top Of Refrigerator {Of Artwork, School Papers, Etc.}
kids bedroom
Declutter Kids Bedroom
kids bedroom
Bedroom Ideas

under the bed
Declutter Under The Bed
kids clothes
Declutter Kids Clothes
kids closet
Declutter Kids Closet

dresser drawers
Declutter Dresser Drawers
Declutter Shoes
hanging closet organizer
Lay Out Clothes For Next Day

hand me down kids clothes
Organize Hand Me Down Kids Clothes
hair accessories
Declutter Hair Accessories
Declutter Outgrown & Broken Toys

small toys
Declutter Toys With Small Parts
toy box
Declutter Toy Boxes & Containerss
stuffed animals
Declutter Stuffed Animals

board games
Declutter Board Games, Cards & Puzzles
video games
Declutter Video Games & Electronic Toys
Declutter Playroom

kids playroom storage
Playroom Storage Ideas
Lego Storage Ideas & Solutions
stuffed animal storage
Storage For Stuffed Animals: Ideas

nerf storage on pegboard
Nerf Storage Ideas
kids' dress up clothes storage
Dress Up Clothes Storage & Organization Ideas
baby clutter
Get Rid Of Baby Clutter

repurposing used baby cribs
Ideas For Repurposing Used Baby Cribs
rock collection
Declutter Kids Collectibles & Collections
before and after kids closet organization
Children's Closet Organization

kids books
Declutter Kids Books
Declutter Backpack
school supplies
Organize School Supplies

Full Focus Planner Kids & Student edtions review
Full Focus Planner Kids & Student Editions
kids craft supplies
Declutter Kids' Arts & Crafts Supplies
pack lunches
Create Lunch Packing Station

Declutter Trophies & Awards

More Resources To Declutter Your Entire Home

Clutter rarely just accumulates in one area of your home, but instead with time can overfill your entire home.

Follow the Declutter 365 plan to get your whole house decluttered, one small step at a time, over the course of the year, and see fantastic results that you can maintain year after year!

Start with my free gift to you, a 12 month declutter calendar (a $20 value), which lists 365 different decluttering missions that will transform your whole house.

The step by step plan laid out in the calendar will guide you through the process of removing physical clutter, digital clutter and even set up foundational routines and habits for your home, to make it clutter free and organized from now on.

Free printable 2024 Declutter 365 calendar {on Home Storage Solutions 101}

You can also get additional services to help you succeed with the Declutter 365 plan, including receiving daily text messages about each day's mission, planner stickers, and joining a private and exclusive Facebook group devoted to helping encourage and motivate you as you work through the daily and weekly tasks.

You can learn more about Declutter 365 products here.

Declutter 365 products to help you declutter your home over the course of this year

Have You Gotten Rid Of Kids Or Toy Clutter?

Have you participated in one of the Declutter Your Home In 15 Minutes A Day Missions, either while it was running for the day or when it was convenient for you?

Are you proud of your accomplishments and want to show the world what you decluttered today, and are getting out of your home?

Here's your chance to tell me about it. Pictures are highly encouraged, but you can also just write a description of what you decluttered too (note you've got to at least explain what we're seeing in the picture you upload).

You can send up to four pictures in each submission.

Get Rid Of Toys & Kids Clutter Hall Of Fame

Here are the Hall of Fame submissions that have already been submitted.

Check these out to get inspired about what others have accomplished with the power of 15 minutes a day.

How To Declutter Kids Books 
Today's mission is to declutter kids books, from their bedrooms, playrooms, or whatever other living space in your home you keep them. The …

How To Declutter Games: Board Games, Cards & Puzzles 
Today's mission is to declutter games of all varieties, including board games, card games, as well as puzzles. This mission is designed to …

How To Declutter Toys: Start With Easiest First 
Today's mission is to declutter toys, and you should start with the easiest first. That is the broken toys, and also those that the kids have outgrown. …

Ideas To Repurpose & Upcycle Used Baby Cribs 
When your youngest child outgrows their baby stuff you're left with a mountain of things to get out of your house, including your used baby cribs. …

Kids Dress Up Clothes Storage & Organization Ideas 
I've gathered up quite a few kids dress up clothes storage ideas, several of which have been shared with me by readers, to keep all your children's …

Storage For Stuffed Animals: Ideas That Work 
If you've got kids you've got stuffed toys, and they can take up a lot of space. Here's quite a few ideas for storage for stuffed animals that have …

Lego Storage Ideas & Solutions: Real Life Examples 
Below I've gathered lots of Lego storage ideas and solutions from the real world, ranging from those for little kids to avid adult collectors. …

How To Declutter Backpack & Deal With School Papers Daily 
Today's mission is to declutter your child's backpack. Below are some easy instructions to follow for this mission, plus more tips for making this …

Kids Playroom Storage & Organization Ideas 
For those lucky enough to have a whole room where your children can play, getting some kids playroom storage and organization ideas is very much …

Click here to write your own.

A round up of tips for getting rid of kids clutter all around your home, including toys, clothes, bedrooms, crafts, in the kitchen and more {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #KidsClutter #DeclutterKidsStuff #DeclutteringTipsuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Top photo courtesy of a reader, Carrie

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