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Bath Toy Storage Ideas To Keep Everything Clean & Organized

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Below I've gathered quite a few bath toy storage and organization ideas from readers, and around the web, to keep all these little play things corralled in your bathroom.

declutter bath toys: 15 minute mission
Any home with little kids most likely has a couple (or more likely quite a few) of these toys.

So, as always, when starting any organizational project, the first step is to declutter. You can check out my article on how to declutter bath toys here if you need some guidance and ideas.

Once you've paired it down to a more reasonable collection of these toys you next need to know what to keep in mind to make sure they don't get nasty and gross from improper storage.

So before I start showing you pictures and ideas of what you can do you need to understand what is needed with whatever organizational method you choose to use.

Bath Toys Can Get Nasty If Stored Improperly Between Uses:

A lesson I personally learned the hard way was not to get the squirty toys for my kids, since I find that they tend to grow mold and mildew inside of them over time, and that is definitely not something I want my kids putting in their mouth and squirting into the water while they bathe.

However, many people like them. One possibility is to glue the little holes shut (while new, so no mold is in them already), such as with a hot glue gun, so they don't actually suck up water. Then, the kids can play with them without water sloshing around inside
and growing yucky stuff.

However, they of course don't squirt anymore with that method.

No matter what you do, always rinse the toys off after each use and make sure all water from inside any of them is squeezed out.

But in addition, proper storage will ensure they dry properly so less yucky stuff grows on them. No one wants to play with a slimy icky bath toy.

Proper Drainage And Air Flow Is Important For Whatever Storage Option You Choose

A moist damp environment breeds mold and mildew, so it is important to make sure you choose a storage option that properly drains so there is no standing water and that the toys can dry between uses.

Therefore, options that are not good are a bucket (without drain holes in the bottom) for example, because it wouldn't drain well.

Also, another option you'd quickly regret would be a sealed plastic bag -- it will just keep damp air surrounding them and will quickly smell.

You get the idea now of things to avoid. So check out some good options below, both of products you can buy and also DIY methods readers have made for themselves.

***Update: A got a message from a reader, Kelly, who said: "I really like the wire basket seen in the first photo, do you know where I could purchase one? Thank you!"

Yes, I do actually! There are several that are similar, so I've provided links below. There are several shapes available from a shallow soap dish to a deeper rectangular container. Enjoy!

Shower Caddies With Suction Cups {Referral Links}

Lots of bath toy storage solutions and organizing ideas, including DIY methods, that really work in real life, and provide proper drainage {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Top photo courtesy of plindberg

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DIY Bath Toy Organizer Using A Mesh Delicates Bag

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A reader, Michelle, shared this this do it yourself organizer that she created for her kids toys. It meets all the criteria for storing them effectively, and is super simple.

Michelle explained: "Simple, cheap and functional bath toy storage. I have tried so many bath toy storage organizers but they never work and can be pricey. This system works great!

I just bought a $0.97 mesh lingerie bag from Walmart and a 2 pack of bath Command hooks for less than $4.

The mesh bag allows the water to drain out of the toys and when I want to clean them I can just throw the bag (with the toys in it) in the dishwasher or washing machine."

Delicate Bags For DIY Storage {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Completely genius, and you're right Michelle, this works really well.

I will caution people that for the wet environment of the bathtub/shower Michelle did the right thing by getting the Command Hooks that are specifically designed for the bathroom.

They are some type of special "magic" that keeps them staying stuck on the wall even with the dampness and wetness. I can't say enough positive things about Command Hooks!

Further, if you're just not the do it yourself sort, there are companies that make a similar product. Below is a picture from Caroline, who has a similar bag, but she bought it. The product is called the Jolly Jumper bath tub toy bag which you can get on Amazon (referral link).

Jolly Jumper bath toy bag

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Dollar Store Storage System For Our Bath Toys

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A reader, Sunny, sent in this photo of her system. She said, "This is our bath toy storage system. We used the shower Command hooks and dollar store baskets.

It's been up for over a year with the same hooks, so they are pretty sturdy."

You can get similar baskets and hooks here:

Storage Baskets & Command Hooks {Referral Links}

Here's another example from a reader, Vonda. She said, "This is my kid's setup. I used dollar store baskets with holes, and they are stuck to the wall with 3M Command Hooks."

DIY bath toy storage idea for your shower or bathtub, using dollar storage baskets and command hooks {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Add Storage Using A Tension Rod & Baskets

Add storage to your shower or bathtub with a tension rod, baskets and hooks, which can be used for storing bath toys, personal care products or anything else you need {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Another method for adding storage for your bath toys is to add baskets into the bathtub or shower using a tension rod and hooks. This method allows you to add several baskets in a row.

The first photo, shown above, was sent in by a reader, Kimberly. She said, this is "how we keep bath toys up and out of the tub when not in use. It's way better then those 'mesh bags' that never suction and visually pleasing. It always helps us "rotate" toys in and out."

As you can see from Kimberly's example, you can place the tension rod way up high so that only adults and taller children can reach the toys without help.

However, if you want your kids to be able to reach them more easily you can also place the tension rod and baskets lower in the bathtub. That's exactly what another reader, Joanne, did, and provided the photo below.

Joanne said, "I did the same thing in the bathroom. Cost me under $10, looks neat and tidy, and it's easy access for my son. I love it."

Bath toy storage made easy, with a tension rod, baskets and hooks {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

Storage Baskets & Tension Rod {Referral Links}

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Bath Toy Holder Held Onto Tiles With Suction Cups: Skip Hop Tubby Organizer

Sean shared this picture of the holder he uses for his son Owen's water toys. It is called a Skip Hop Tubby Organizer.

This product is held onto the tub wall with suction cups, and you put the toys in the pocket between uses. There is mesh around the bottom, side and front to help it drain and with air flow.

One thing I really like about this product too is that it is machine washable, because trust me at some point you'll want to wash whatever you're using to hold your bath toys, preferably at the same time you periodically wash the toys themselves.

Overall this product has gotten good reviews on Amazon, but I will note that with any product like this that relies on suction cups it can be hit or miss.

Skip Hop Bath Toy Organizers {Referral Links}

This is more a criticism of suction cups in general, not these in particular, but while some people haven't had trouble with the suction cups others have about pulled out their hair when the darn thing keeps falling off the wall. Just know this is a possibility with whatever storage solution you choose.

And yes, it can be a problem with hooks too -- it falling off the wall. Although in general Command Hooks do a fantastic job of sticking so I have found this to be less of an issue.

Bathroom Command Hooks {Referral Links}

Photo courtesy of seanmfreese

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Homemade Mesh Bag That Drains Held Up With Command Hook

by Amie

My aunt made this mesh bag and I hung it with a command hook.

We love it for our tub toys!

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Other Ideas From Reader For Storing Bathtub Toys

A couple readers shared some good ideas for more DIY methods for storing these items, and I liked them and wanted to share.

Both of their methods made sure to use something that would drain easily, and they didn't bother to try to keep the items on the wall with hooks or suction cups.

Use A Plastic Basket:

Gayla said: We have a plastic basket. Toys go in and the basket gets set in the bath tub for water to drain out. The next morning the basket is then set on the floor beside the tub.

Similarly, Anna said: I bought a square $1 crate with holes for the water to drain out. And it just stays in the kids' tub.

Another reader, Sarah, suggested a strawberry basket, and provided a photo, shown below. She said, "It is strawberry season where I live and these lovely plastic baskets are what you put the berries in. They are great because they have holes in the bottom so the water drains out. I also use the same type of basket for my clothes pins."

Use a small basket with holes for draining, such as a strawberry basket, for storing bath toys {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

Use A Small Planter With Drain Holes:

Chris says: I used to use a planter that was decorative yet easy to wipe out and heavy enough so the kids could not pull it over on themselves!

Similarly, Kate sent in the photo below, and said, "My solution is not for products but kids bath toys!! I put them all in a flower pot (minus the bottom tray). It gets moved from the shower cubicle to the bath. The excess water runs out the holes in the base. And you can buy so many different coloured pots, so you can coordinate with your bathroom or buy a bright jazzy colour!"

Use a flower pot, with holes in the bottom, to store bath toys {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

Use A Collander:

Sarah says: I use a large plastic colander.

These methods just contain the toys and then you move them out of the way when the kid's bath is done. This can be helpful if lots of people use the shower or tub, so adults don't have to deal with the toys when they're using the tub themselves.

Top photo courtesy of Daquella manera

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Homemade Way To Store Bath Toys That Stays On The Wall!

Kayte shared her picture for storing bathtub toys, and it is basically the same method as shown above. But that just shows the DIY method really does work!

Kayte says: "Bathroom Command Hooks (Walmart) and one of those bra laundry bag (Walmart)! Actually works instead of those sucky suction cups that fall!"

Tips For Cleaning Bath Toys

After spending all this time organizing and properly storing your kids' bath toys, make sure you're also keeping them clean for when they play with them.

Here are tips for cleaning bath toys, including dealing with mold and mildew, from the sister site, Stain Removal 101.

Tips for cleaning bath toys

Are You Ready To Organize Your Bathroom?

bathroom organization challenge
I hope these pictures have given you some ideas for organizing and storing your own bath toys.

I also hope it has gotten you in the mood to organize your bathroom. If so, I'd love for you to join the bathroom organization challenge here on the site. It is part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge, where we tackle various parts of our home each week, and slowly, over the course of the year, get the whole place looking great!

You can also see lots more {A-Z} Home Storage Solutions here in this massive round up page, on the site!

In addition, do you have ideas for storing these items in your bathroom? If so I'd love to see your pictures or see what products you use. You can share your reviews and ideas here and I'll add them to the page.

Lots of bath toy storage solutions and organizing ideas, including DIY methods, that really work in real life, and provide proper drainage {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #BathToyStorage #BathToyOrganization #BathroomStorageuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Some links on this page are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase a product through them I receive a small commission which helps me provide this information to you for free, plus support my family. My integrity and your satisfaction are very important to me so I only recommend products I would purchase myself, and that I believe would benefit you. To learn more please see my disclosure statement.

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Comments for Homemade Way To Store Bath Toys That Stays On The Wall!

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I use a lingerie bag too
by: Brenda

I do this too! I got a package of 3 mesh bags from Dollar Tree and it is a great idea!

shower curtain with mesh pockets
by: Janna

Maybe you know this and maybe not. There is a shower curtain that has mesh pockets all over the inside. We got ours on Amazon online. They are not just for kids either. In our bath we use them for razors, loofahs, and pumice stones.

what I'm using
by: Jennifer

I'm using my son's old baby bathtub. Works great!!

extra step when using command hooks
by: Angela

You also have to clean the wall with alcohol when using command hooks. Don't forget!

any ideas for bigger toys?
by: Brandi

What about dolls? We have a lalaloopsy mermaid, a Dora mermaid and 2 baby alive so none of these dolls are small so they don't fit in any of the traditional storage methods. Currently we have a boon frog (which has to be reattached all the time because neither the sticky pads or the suction cups seem to work on our tile so if anyone has suggestions for that too) and a small plastic crate. But the dolls we just stick upside down in the end of the tub since we're clueless what to do with them (and yes we need 2 dolls and 2 mermaids because 2 kids bath together).

idea for @Brandi re bigger toys
by: Angela

Maybe command hooks for the dolls?

Do the clothes have an area they could hook on around the neck of the doll? If not, maybe you could hand sew a loop (even an elastic loop) to the inside of the dolls clothes and hang on the hook.

Plastic easter basket
by: Anonymous

My son got a plastic tub of bath/swim toys for Easter. My husband put about 20 holes in the bottom of the tub and we still keep the toys in there. The fun thing is my son uses it like another toy because he can pour water in the top and make a shower from it. I even use the "shower" to wash his hair.

Nylon net potato bag
by: Anonymous

When my first daughter was little I was grossed out by the mold and mildew that I found in her bath toys. I threw them out and we started fresh with extra teaspoons, plastic measuring cups, and a plastic gravy separator. I put them in a nylon net bag from the 10 lbs of potatoes that I had just bought. At the top of the bag was a drawstring tie. I just looped it over the control valve on the shower wall. Super easy and it didn't cost anything.

Keep suction hooks on bathroom tile
by: MollyK

I’ve discovered that Vaseline thinly layered on the back of clean suction handles for the bath will stay up for a very long time. Clean the tile or tub too before applying.

I can't install anything
by: Anonymous

I have this problem too, but can't install anything. I'm in an apartment. There are great ideas on here with baskets, crates and such. I have these!

I was using a colander but they don't hold all the bigger toys like boats. But it's easily knocked over when I get in there.

And I was using a big wash bucket but of course no holes to drain water.

I have a slim cart and I laid a towel out on the top shelf to spread them out on to dry if that helps anyone.

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