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Holiday Ornament Storage Bag

Use a holiday ornament storage bag or pouch for fragile keepsake decorations that need to be well protected from bumps and jostling.

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Everyone has got at least one or two very special, fragile ornaments that need to be well protected while they are in storage.

Ideally, you will have saved the original box for each of these, which contain that specially shaped styrofoam which completely encases the ornament in its own box, and keeps it from harm.

However, that never happens all the time, does it? These boxes get lost or broken, and merely wrapping the decoration in some tissue paper doesn't seem like enough protection.

In those situations I recommend this pouch from TreeKeeper, the leader in Christmas storage solutions to do the job nicely. You can feel secure in placing your precious ornament in storage (ideally inside another box with other decorations) knowing it is protected from harm by the bag.

Honestly, these bags are too expensive to use for all of your ornaments, but I think almost every home could benefit from one or two, at least, for some of the most special and fragile decorations you own.

There are two bags or pouches available, with the difference being that one is wide, while the other is tall. Make sure to choose the one(s) that best fit the decorations you have in mind.

wide holiday ornament storage bag from TreeKeeper
Wide Bag
tall holiday ornament storage bag from TreeKeeper
Tall Bag

Additional Ornament Storage Solutions

There are many ways to organize these Christmas decorations, including other types of boxes, bags, and other types of containers. You can read my general suggestions for Christmas ornament storage here.

Further, below you'll find additional items that I recommend which may also suit your needs.

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