Over The Door Gift Wrap Storage Bag

An over the door gift wrap storage bag is an ideal way to organize your wrapping paper supplies and keep them in a convenient location without taking up either floor or closet space in your home.

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There are many types of wrapping paper organizers and storage systems available, and the reason for this is that each type if better suited to some people and some uses than others.

For example, in addition to the over the door variety, such as shown here to the left, there are also ones that can hang in your closet or go under your bed (see below for more information about these). Of course, some people don't have much room to spare in these locations.

That's why another great way to store your wrapping paper is in a gift wrap storage bag, such as this one, which utilizes a storage area you may not have previously considered -- a door in your home.

As you can see from the picture the bag hangs from the top of the door, and not only can hold rolls of wrapping paper, but additionally has a pouch where you can hold many of your other wrapping accessories, such as tape, scissors, bows, ribbons, etc. so everything is handy, and in one place, for when you need to actually wrap a gift.

This particular bag is made by TreeKeeper, which is a leading manufacturer for all types of Christmas storage products. I've provided you the link directly to their website, because I have found that it is cheaper to buy products directly from them, instead of buying their products on Amazon.com, for example, where they generally cost a bit more, but also you must pay shipping since they typically come from third party sellers.

When you purchase directly from TreeKeeper they offer free shipping with all purchases over $50. You can click here to purchase this product.

Other Wrapping Paper Storage Solutions

You can also see additional wrapping paper storage solutions on this site, since there are other ways to organize gift wrap besides just this over the door gift wrap storage bag.

For example, you could choose to use a product that hangs in your closet, to either hold gift wrap or gift bags (see below). There is also an organizer that is made to go under your bed. Choose the one which works best for your needs and the space available in your home.

hanging gift wrap organizer hanging gift bag organizer under the bed wrapping paper organizer
Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer Hanging Gift Bag Organizer Under The Bed Wrapping Paper Organizer

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