I Use PepperPlate App For Recipes & Meal Planning All In One

Pepperplate is a free grocery list, meal planning and recipe organization app that several readers have recommended. Below are the reviews I've received about it so far.

WendyJo says:

You should check out PepperPlate.

You can copy and paste your recipes into it, make meal plans, and shopping list from those meal plans, AND IT SYNCS to all your devices.

I usually put all my info in on my laptop, and shopping with my tablet, but husband and kids can all see what's for dinner on their iphones as well.

Taylor says:

Thanks for this quick review WendyJo.

This app is available for free for Android here.

It is also free in the Apple app store the last time I checked.

I'd love to hear from others who've used it to share their experiences, and how it compares to some of the other apps available. You can click here to share your review now.

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I Use Both The App On Kindle & The Website On My Computer

by Elisabeth

I use the Pepperplate app on my kindle and the website on my computer.

It is awesome for storing recipes electronically and cooking with them from my kindle.

The only downside is importing recipes. Several of the bigger recipe sites import automatically and they have an import button you can download to your computer, but at the beginning I had to do a lot of typing in recipes by hand or copying and pasting online.

However, it has some awesome features like adding recipes to a menu plan, and adding recipes to a shopping list so you don't forget that one ingredient that you need.

All in all I am very satisfied with it.

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Pepperplate Is A Great App: I'm Amazed It's Free

by Marlis

Marlis says:

I've been using Pepperplate for over a year. It still amazes me that it's a free app.

It has met all my requirements.

I create and edit menus and shopping lists wherever I am.

I can import recipes from lots of recipe sites and if I can't import a recipe I can manually enter it.

I've used it when away from home to cook favorite meals on the spur of the moment, and then when the meal was a success I'm able to email the recipes to others who want them.

It's an amazingly flexible app and I highly recommend it.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your review Marlis.

There are quite a few of these grocery list/meal planning/recipe organization type apps available, and it can be difficult to figure out which one is best for your needs.

More Meal Planning, Grocery List & Recipe App Reviews:

Has anyone used any of these apps (or another one) for this purpose? If so, I'd love to hear your reviews and thoughts about them.

You can share your review and experience here and I'll add it to the site.

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Comments for Pepperplate Is A Great App: I'm Amazed It's Free

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best plus free!
by: Trudie

I use this app. I tried a lot of meal planners and Pepperplate was the best by far and it's free.

Android version
by: Carrie

The Android version isn't very good as it is severely lacking the functions that make their site awesome.

love it
by: Erin

I LOVE my Pepperplate...makes things so much easier!

can use with Kindle
by: June

LOVE it, especially since I can have my menu and recipes on my Kindle!

Used to use it
by: Cayla

I used PP for awhile and really liked it. I've recently started using Yumprint because of its social features.

Don't do it!
by: Ronna

I had used this app for over a year. Spent months putting in recipes from family members who had passed. Treasured. Then, thinking they were safe, I was de-cluttering & threw away the paper copies. Stupidest thing I could have done. One day I opened my app & all but two of my recipes were gone. I didn't panic as I had backed them all up on the Pepperplate site. Well, they were gone from there too. I contacted their support crew for help. I kept getting stupid excuses as to why they were gone. I tried for months to work with them to get them back to no avail.

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