Remote Control Organizer Ideas & Solutions

Here's quite a few remote control organizer ideas and solutions you can use to keep track of your remotes, so you don't have to constantly search for them anymore.

While I've written this article to generally apply to the living or family room, it can also equally apply to the bedroom, den, or anywhere else you have either a TV or other electronics with remotes as well.

The problem that many of us encounter is that we don't have a "home" for our remote (or these days, more likely, multiple remotes). When you don't have such a home you do not have a consistent place to put these controls and then you can't easily find them when you need them.

The theme that you'll see with all of the ideas and solutions below is that basically you're just making a place where you and your family can consistently place these objects. Then, once you get in the habit of using the organizer, holder, or caddy that you've designated for the spot you've determined, it becomes much easier to keep track of where the remote is all the time.

Some people, like this reader, Heather, who has shown her picture below, have developed this habit without needing a specific product or solution to help them. She said, "Always on coffee table between recliners." So her secret is it already has a home!

make it a habit to always put your remote control back in the same place each time

But for others of us making a specific place takes a bit more effort, and sometimes having a place to hold these items together can really help you develop the habit of placing them there more easily. So scroll down to see the ideas!

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Consider Using A Universal Remote To Reduce Number Of Controls To Keep Track Of

One of the biggest hassles, when it comes to remote control organization, is just keeping track of ALL those remotes.

It seems like just about everything these days comes with a remote, and to watch TV sometimes I feel like I need several different ones, this one to turn up and down the volume, this one to turn the channel, this one to turn the whole thing on and off, and on and on. Uggghhh.

So if you're suffering from this problem, before even investing in any of these organizers and other ideas shown below, consider a universal remote.

Quite a number of readers recommended just this solution because it is so much simpler to keep track of one remote than five, for example. The picture directly below is from a reader, Ashley, who said, "This amazing thing was given to us last year at Christmas. It's incredible! Highly recommend it! It does it all."

universal remoteLogitech Harmony Universal Remote Control
{Click here to purchase on Amazon}

a universal remote cuts down on remote control clutter
The brand that is most recommended (at least so far) by readers, and also highly rated on Amazon, is the Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Control.

Several other readers provided the suggestion of using a universal remote when we discussed remote control storage and organization, so I made a collage of the pictures of their remotes that they submitted, which you can see on the right.

The left hand image was submitted by Sarah, who said, "Logitech Harmony is THE way to go. This is the only remote we have on the end table. It works for our media player, Xbox, satellite receiver, TV and DVR. It's a bit of an investment up front, but it really has simplified things!"

The top right photo in the collage is from another reader, Knat, who explained how she organized and kept track of her remotes, saying with, "One of these bad boys, it's pretty awesome!! I even have all our stuff except tv of course in our laundry room since the remote works long distances!"

Finally, the bottom right photo in the collage is from Deona, who said, "Get a harmony! It's seriously the best money I've ever spent!"

Top photo courtesy of David Fulmer

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Remote Control Holder To Have Designated Spot For Remote Storage

remote control holderSpinning Remote Control Holder
{Click to buy on Amazon}

Once you've winnowed down your remotes to a more manageable number, next you need to decide what type of organizer or other product you'll use to help you create a home for them.

I've provided ideas for several types here on the page. One possibility is a type of remote holder that has compartments so you can keep all your remotes in one location, perhaps sitting on a coffee table or another place convenient to where you normally sit to watch TV.

The picture above is a spinning remote holder that is quite popular on Amazon. There are several colors and varieties of these available:

But you don't have to use something fancy. For example, a reader, Jennilyn, found a great little holder for her remotes at the Dollar Spot at Target. She explained, "I use a desk/pen organizer from the dollar spot at Target. I have a couple controls that I can't get a universal for (ceiling fan, digital tuner) so this works great for the controls I have." (Her picture is directly below.)

DIY remote control holder from desk organizer

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A Remote Control Caddy Can Be Perfect For Keeping Remotes Close To Where You Sit

remote control armchair caddyRemote Control Caddy For Armchair Or Couch
{Click here to buy on Amazon}

Sometimes a holder, as shown above, that sits on a flat surface such as a coffee or end table, won't work for you, because you don't have one of those pieces of furniture in your living or family room, for example.

So that's where a remote caddy can come in. Many of these caddies fit over the arm of a chair or the sofa or couch so they are always handy, and the remotes stay in one place and always within easy reach.

There are a couple different varieties available:

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Remote Control Storage For Your Bedroom

bedside remote control storage pocketRemote Control Storage Pocket For Bed
{Click here to buy on Amazon}

Most of these other ideas have been especially designed for your living or family room, but many of us have televisions or other electronics in the bedroom where you might have a remote control as well.

Of course, you can just keep your controls on your bedside table, or in one of the drawers of your nightstand, for example, and that works for many people.

But there are also organizers made for your bed that can work. For example, above you can see a bedside pocket organizer that has places for remotes, tissues, books, your cell phone, or whatever else you wish to keep close to your bedside.

Here are a couple of available organizers designed specifically for the bedroom:

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DIY Remote Holder Pillows

remote control pillow
The last idea I've received from readers is to make a remote control pillow or pocket holder to keep on the couch. This type of solution makes sense because it is both cute and keeps the controls quite handy on the couch where you'll use them.

The picture above is from a reader, Gena, who said, "I turned my husband's old jeans into a remote control pillow."

Similarly, to the right is another reader's photo, Roni. She explained, "Handmade for me because I love owls."

So how do you organize and store your remote controls? I'd love to see what you do as well. You can submit your own photos here and the best ones will be featured here on the page.

More Home Storage Solutions

{A-Z} Storage Solutions & Ideas
I hope you enjoyed these ideas for remote control storage and organization.

There are even more ideas for storage and organizing on the site in the {A-Z} Storage Solutions & Ideas round up page. Go check it out if you'd like to see even more ideas.

In addition, if these ideas have inspired you to organize even more things in your living or family room make sure to read the Organizing Living Room & Family Room Challenge, which is part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge I run on the site!

Some links on this page are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase a product through them I receive a small commission which helps me provide this information to you for free, plus support my family. My integrity and your satisfaction are very important to me so I only recommend products I would purchase myself, and that I believe would benefit you. To learn more please see my disclosure statement.

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Comments for DIY Remote Holder Pillows

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every single thing I own must have a home
by: Anonymous

One of the most useful tips I've learned is that every single thing I own must have a home. For example, a home for our tv remote controllers is in a basket on an end table. The remote control must return to its home as soon as possible, not stay on the couch where it is homeless. When I think of my items this way, I am much more likely to return them to where they belong.

by: Anonymous

When our kids were very small we allocated one area for remotes that was in range for all devices. We fastened them there with Velcro, so the baby couldn't wander off with them, and they could be used in situ by the rest of us.

I also use velcro!
by: Anonymous

I have a solution that has worked for me for a long time. I use Velcro on the back of the remote and the other piece wherever I choose to stick the remote.

Homemade remote caddy
by: Bev in IA

These are easy, quick & relatively cheap to make. I like them because they can match my d├ęcor or holiday themes. I use a piece of cloth material about 9, 12, 15, or 18" wide depending on the number of items I want to store and the space available. I finish the edges by turning them all under slightly and gluing them down. Next I take a second piece of cloth and fasten it so it comes up about 9" from the bottom of the first piece and glue it around. 3rd is another piece of clothe about 6" up, but before attaching it I glue down the middle and then the edges before attaching it. 4th piece is about 4" up and needs to be glued to make 3 or 4 pockets and then around the edges for more remotes or possession. Then I take a piece of lace or ribbon to go around the whole outside or the piece and to trim it off. This can be used on the couch/chair arm or between the mattress and springs on your bed.

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