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Healthy Snack Ideas & Recipes Ebook
Healthy Snacks To Go

If you try to make healthy dinners for your family, you may also like to try some healthy snack ideas and recipes too, so you can feed your family real whole foods all the time, and save some money in the process.

healthy snacks to go ebook

That's why I'm excited that Katie Kimball, from Kitchen Stewardship, is letting all the readers of Home Storage Solutions 101 get a free copy of her 1st edition of her ebook, Healthy Snacks to Go, for a limited time (only until the end of February). ***Update: This giveaway has now concluded.*** However, I would encourage those who are interested in purchasing the second edition of this ebook below.

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Even More Healthy Snack Ideas, Changes And Additions To The Second Edition

I like this quote from the first edition, which drives home the point of how hard it can be to keep your kids well fed, when you're busy and on the go!

When you're out and about, it's so tempting to run through fast food or buy something packaged that has less-than-ideal ingredients and often costs more than what you could make at home. You need simple, nourishing snacks that can handle being packed in a lunch or even hanging out in a diaper bag or desk drawer for days (weeks?).

It can be even more of a struggle if you've got kids in school and have to pack their lunches, and snacks for sports events, etc. all the time too! Then, I know I often struggle to come up with healthy snack ideas that I can use over and over so things don't get monotonous.

I love how Katie suggests making plans to prepare snacks be part of your meal planning each week. That way, instead of realizing you need a snack RIGHT NOW for the hungry kids, when it's too late to fix something healthy quickly, you can do it ahead of time and pull some healthy recipes out of your hat when you need them. (I'm totally stealing that idea for the upcoming challenge tomorrow about healthy meal planning as part of the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home Challenge!)

Further, I have to admit I'm not a very good cook! (My husband does most of the cooking in our house, and I do the clean up - a fair trade we both appreciate.) However, I do tend to be the snack maker in the house. Therefore, I appreciate how Katie has coded each of the healthy snack ideas and recipes within the book to tell me if they're easy, medium or hard to make, to know if I'm biting off more than I can chew for a short period of time, for example.

I can also tell this book was made with Moms in mind, because Katie suggests which healthy snack ideas and recipes will work well in a backpack, lunch box, or diaper bag, and which must be refrigerated, etc.

Here's some information about the additions to the second edition of this healty snack ideas ebook:

  • More grain free options
  • Even less white sugar used in the recipes, with some discussion of natural sweetner alternatives
  • Dehydrator variations of certain recipes
  • Expanded to 85 pages
  • Includes many types of snacks, including granola, snack bars, crunchy treats, muffins and biscuits, backpack ready snacks, and lunchbox goodies

Click Here To Buy The Second Edition Healthy Snacks To Go Ebook Now

Here's An Additional Bonus Too! Free Recipe From Katie's Smart Sweets Ebook

smart sweets ebook

This isn't the only healthy recipes ebook Katie has created. In fact, another that intrigued me is the Smart Sweets ebook, which provides healthy dessert recipes that don't use artificial sweetners.

I personally dislike cook books which are "diabetic" or "healthy" but they just substitute artificial sweetners for white sugar, especially as I learn more about the unhealthy side effects of these unnatural ingredients.

Therefore, as an added bonus Katie has given everyone a free download of her recipe for her Apple Crisp, which can be found in her Smart Sweets ebook.

You Can Purchase The Second Edition With An Exclusive Discount Code {This Code Has Now Expired}

If you like the healthy snack ideas you see in the first edition you can purchase the second edition with an exclusive discount code only for Home Storage Solutions 101 readers, but only for a limited time.

The exclusive discount code for Home Storage Solutions 101 readers is "HSS101" (type it in without the quotes), and is good up to and including on February 29, 2012. The code takes $4 off the price of the second edition.

That means using the code "HSS101" you can get the second edition of the Healthy Snacks To Go ebook, for only $4.95. You can click here to purchase the second edition now (and don't forget to use your exclusive coupon code!).

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