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GoodBudget App Review: Previously Known As EEBA

Kristen (and others below) shared reviews of the GoodBudget app. It is a free app which is available for both Apple and Android, and which was formerly known as EEBA. It uses the idea of the envelope method for budgeting.

Kristen says:

The Easy Envelope Budget App changed to GoodBudget recently. I only began using it after the change.

My husband was not thrilled with the idea of my walking around with envelopes of cash and carrying around a sheet of paper with the information was not working, so this seemed like a good compromise. It has turned out to be!

I like that I can use it on the computer or my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S3).

I do wish there was a way to zero out all the envelopes at the end of the month in one fell swoop (and maybe I just haven't figure it out yet) but that is my only complaint.

Others who used EEBA before the change are complaining though--saying that the former app was better.

I can't compare, but I'm pretty happy with the GoodBudget app.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for this review Kristen. I've got some additional reviews below of this app when it used to be called EEBA.

Where To Get This App

You can get this free app through my referral links here:

Reviews of the free GoodBudget app, for Apple and Android, that helps you budget using a paperless version of the envelope system {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Easy Envelope Budget Aid App (EEBA) Review: Great Budgeting App

by HSS101 Reader

An HSS101 reader shared an app she loves, the Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA) app.

HSS101 Reader says:

This is a budget app using the envelope system. I love this app because I like the concept of the envelope system, but don't like carrying around envelopes full of money.

This app allows me to use my credit cards, but still stick to our budget.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing which budget and financial app you like the most!

As I mentioned before this app is free, and available for both Apple and Android products!

Where To Get This App

You can get this free app through my referral links here:In addition to this envelope budgeting software program, I have also personally tried Pear Budget (click to read my review and information about it), and have really enjoyed this.

I'd love to hear from even more people who have used this or any other home budgeting or financial apps, sharing what you think about them, good or bad.

***Update: A reader, JJ, wrote in with his opinions about this app as well. He said:
This is a wonderful budget system. I can manage all my monthly expenses online! I highly recommend this program and it is accurate, convenient, and easy to utilize from my iphone, ipad, and PC.
***End Update

You can read my recommendations for great organizing apps in the HSS101 App Store, or share your own reviews and recommendations.

Reviews of the free GoodBudget app, for Apple and Android, that helps you budget using a paperless version of the envelope system {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for Easy Envelope Budget Aid App (EEBA) Review: Great Budgeting App

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love this app
by: Hope

I LOVE this app! It has helped me budget my money for about 6 months.

love it too
by: Steph

I love this app! It helps track spending w/out having to enter your bank details. I love trying to come in under budget each month!

reduces our fights about money
by: Kara

Love this app! Since we started using it we haven't hit our overdraft. Also reduces "fights" about money. If it's in the envelope we can spend it. If not we wait. Also can use it on your PC.

need to have a budget first
by: Melanie

I've had it on my phone for months, but haven't used it yet! You kinda need to do a budget first and we just rebooted that last week.

have been using for almost 2 years
by: Marla

I have been using Goodbudget/EEBA for almost 2 years I love it - it fits very well with our virtual envelope/Dave Ramsey system, and they have excellent tech support.

Love this app!
by: SydneyGen

I love this app! It has saved us from going over so many times!
You can zero out envelopes via the website (for future reference)
I love that my android, and hubby's apple, all sync together :D

I use Budget Ease
by: Anonymous

I use which allows me to text or use siri to enter my expenses as they occur at the check out and it also will send my wife and I an instant text on how much money is left in our envelopes. Great when shopping at the same time in different locations, for instance where we are trying to conquer our christmas list.

It does cost $6 dollars per month but there are no ads and it is really effective to help my wife and I stay on point.

I like that it helps me visualize where my money is going
by: Rhonda

Just downloaded it and put in my first payments. I like the way it works and it helps me with visualizing where my money is going. I think I'm going to really enjoy this app. Wish it was unlimited envelopes for free but I can manage :-)

My husband and I love it!
by: Sandra

My husband and I use this app and love it! We don't have to carry cash but we can still keep track of our budget!!! There is a way to zero out at end of month. I do it online and I just reset the values of the envelopes. Then my app is updated. is the best and FREE
by: Sara

I've been a user for 5+ years and it has completely changed my life. I have paid off credit card debt, planned for and saved for big purchases, increased my wealth, organized my financial life, changed my financial behavior, i.e., spend less thank you make. Always.

Does it work on iPad?
by: Anonymous

I see links for iPhone or android. Is there a version for iPads?

Resetting budget each month
by: Anonymous

If you go to "add money", you can reset all envelopes to the budget amount at the end of every month. That’s what I do. It doesn’t roll over an extra from the previous month but I like starting out with the same amount each month.

love this app, super easy!
by: Stephanie

I love this app! We started using it during our debt pay down a few years ago and it was wonderful because we both prefer to not carry cash. We made 10 envelopes in the app and loved the confetti backdrop when we hit a savings goal after we became debt free.

Super easy to sync between our separate phones and computer.

going to start using it again
by: Amanda

I used this a long time ago. However due to being baby step 4 - 6 in Dave Ramsey's program as well as covid-19 I'm looking into not only returning to it but getting the paid version as well.

love this app!
by: Stephanie

I love this app! My fiancee and I are able to access the same account in real time, so we can see each other's purchases as soon as they're entered. We would round up to the next $5 and we were able to save up for a house with no effort.

The only negative I have is that you have to remember to put the purchases in, it's not automatic. But that means you don't have to connect bank accounts or credit cards, which is nice.

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