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How To Use A Food Saver Vacuum Sealer To Organize Your Freezer

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A Food Saver Vacuum Sealer, if you aren't aware, is a machine that allows you to suck all the air out of the containers, typically bags, that you store food in, typically for the freezer.

The idea behind these machines is that without all that air, along with the bags you use, freezer burn is kept at bay and your frozen food stays good much longer.

This is a product that lots of those who buy in bulk (and who often also have a large freezer, or two in their homes to store all those bulk purchases in) use often, because it allows you to repackage large amounts of produce, meat, etc. into smaller serving sizes.

In addition, it is hard to eat all that food within a reasonable time if you go by the normal acceptable freezer storage times. However, because these machines make your frozen food last longer it then makes more economical sense to buy larger quantities when they're on sale, or to save more of the produce you grow in your garden.

What you may not realize, however, is that a FoodSaver can also help you organize a freezer.

The key is in the way you freeze the contents of the bags.

If you're not careful when you freeze the food it can all be in a big lump at one end of the bag. Not easy to store and organize these unwieldy sized and shaped containers.

On the other hand, if you lay them flat so the contents freeze flat, and fill up the whole bag evenly, then you've made it a very handy way to organize your freezer.

If the frozen food bags are flat you can easily stack them, or lay them on their side in a freezer basket or other container and basically "flip" through the bags to grab the one you want for the next meal.

You can pack a lot more food into a freezer with this method as well, because there is less packaging and wasted space.

FoodSaver Vaccuum Sealer {Referral Links}

Below I've shared several reader submissions that explain why they love their FoodSavers, and why they like them to organize their freezers.

How to use a FoodSaver vacuum sealer to help you keep frozen food fresher, but also to organize your freezer {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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I Try To Freeze Items On Flat Surface First & Then Everything Is Stackable

Jeanette said: "I highly recommend using a Foodsaver as it has saved me a tremendous amount of money by allowing me to buy in bulk during sales, knowing items won't get freezer burned.

The downside is the bags can get expensive so to cut the costs I use it to freeze foods that I know will stay frozen longer than a month.

I also freeze baked goods as it allows you to stop the air vac process and not crush the items.

I try to freeze items on a flat surface first, then move them to their designated area just because the flat surface lets you stack them vertically, label side out- it is a much more efficient way to use freezer space.

We have used our Foodsaver to freeze items for picnics, camping and trips because it keeps the water out as the ice melts.

It also saves on ice since we freeze our ice in larger oblong containers, then use our Foodsaver machine to contain the water as the ice melts, then later refreeze them.

It's also a much more efficient way to pack the food we are taking.

I love, love my Foodsaver and wouldn't go back to my old way of freezing foods."

Food frozen in FoodSaver vacuum sealer bags

Similarly, another reader, Paula, sent in the photo directly above, showing the food she freezes with her FoodSaver.

Paula said, "This is what the frozen FoodSaver food looks like. Tomatoes, green peppers, beans from garden. Leftover spiral ham from Christmas. I have also done applesauce this way, but I ate that already."

Top photo courtesy of

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Almost Everything Takes Less Space In Freezer Using Vacuum Food Saver

by HSS101 Reader

We have used a vacuum food saver for over 15 years.

I buy meat and other things in bulk.

I also make my own meals in jars which the vacuum sealer seals for long term storage.

In addition, we freeze much of our summer produce in the vacuum bags.

Everything (except large cuts of meat like roasts and hams) can be laid flat to freeze and then stood on end to take up less space in the freezer.

Note: if you freeze your produce be sure to follow appropriate preparation steps.

Photo courtesy of libraryrachel

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The Key Is To Label Each Bag With The Date & Contents

by Susan Klein
(Mammoth Lakes, CA)

Susan says:

I could NOT live without my FOODSAVER, especially since I shop at Costco.

organizing a chest freezer
It keeps things so much longer since no air is getting inside, but of course the key is to label each bag with the date, and contents.

The only problem is that they are various sizes, which does make a bit of a challenge for storage.

I use 2+ gallon Freezer bags which I also label -- ham, beef, etc. which I put in the bottom of my chest freezer to store these items in which are various sizes.

Of course, I have a map of my freezer to show locations of items. It has saved me so much money and frustration.

FoodSaver Vaccuum Sealer {Referral Links}

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Ziploc Freezer Bags Work For Me For Same Purpose!

Overall, the reception to this article has been very positive among readers, but there are always ways to save money and I grant that this machine can be an investment.

A couple of readers wrote in to share with me how they use Ziploc freezer bags (although I would think any other brand would also work) for a similar purpose.

I've added their thought to the page for those who want to use this organization method, but don't want to invest in a FoodSaver.

Regina says:

A word of caution-- the bags and rolls are very expensive.

Depending on what was stored in them they shouldn't be reused, thus making them more expensive.

I have 6 kids and I almost never break out my food saver.

I find ziploc bags work fine up to 6 months.

There was no noticeable difference in grean beans from my garden stored in ziploc bags vs food saver bags -- both ate nearly a year later.

Gretchen says:

Ziploc freezer bags work great too. Fill the bag then lower it in the sink with water. The water will push air out, just be careful near the lip not to get the water in.

Works better than my sealing machine for things I can't seal flat like soup.

Also the gallon size sealing machine bags fit the tin foil type brownie pans perfectly.

I bulk cook foods into the brownie pans, seal them and stack them in the freezer. I make stuffed peppers, lasagna, chicken enchiladas, stuffed manicottis all this way.

I like to do this when I have a lot of sauces to use up.

Since I'm a teacher I bulk cook a lot just before the school year starts so I have a lot of "easy meals" prepared for when I get busy.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Bags {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

organize refrigerator and freezer challenge
Thanks everyone so much for sharing these tips.

I'd love to hear from even more people who've used a FoodSaver or similar machine to tell me what they like (or don't) about these machines, and your tips and techniques for organizing your freezer with them.

You can share your tips here and I'll add the best ones to the page.

Further, I've got lots more tips for organizing your refrigerator and freezer challenge, which is part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge.

I'd love if you joined the challenges here. If you do, you can join the rest of us who are, over the course of a year, tackling every room and type of item in our homes to declutter and getting everything into shape.

How to use a FoodSaver vacuum sealer to not only keep frozen food fresher, longer, but to also organize your freezer {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for Ziploc Freezer Bags Work For Me For Same Purpose!

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love mine
by: Kathleen

I have a vacuum sealer and I love it. Use it almost every day!

My vacuum sealer is wonderful
by: Mary

I am on my 2nd vacuum sealer. Nothing wrong with the first one, just like the new features on the new one, so I gave my daughter the older one. I love this machine. I buy bulk ground meat and vacuum seal it then use my rolling pin to flatten it out so they stack so easy in the freezer. I also make homemade cream corn and vacuum seal it.

Food Saver saves you on more than just food.
by: Patience

I am on my 3rd food saver (I literally used them till they died ). I have used mine for everything. We have used it to make bean bags for stuffed toys that needed weights in the bottom, to seal up emergency bags containing matches, dry socks, and such. I use mine to reseal chip bags, cereal bags, and quick fix frozen foods such as pizza rolls. They are very versatile. This is one gift I wish I had gotten when I first got married. My husband actually balked on the initial purchase of our first one until he used it himself on our first big shopping trip after its purchase. To me it is the one kitchen appliance I will never be without aside from my coffee pot. The best part is there are many brands of bags that work with the food saver models which does reduce the cost of operation.

Never Used One
by: Diana

I am trying to find a good (inexpensive - $50-$75) foodsaver, but have no clue what I'm looking for as far as quality, ease, etc. What would you recommend, as far a a machine, for a first time user?

Vacuum seal/ground beef
by: Maryann

I go ahead and season my meat, then divide it into the amounts I need. Then seal it, then get out my rolling pin and roll the package flat. It makes it easy to stack in freezer and really quick to thaw and use.

Vacuum seal/ground beef
by: Maryann

I go ahead and season my meat, then divide it into the amounts I need. Then seal it, then get out my rolling pin and roll the package flat. It makes it easy to stack in freezer and really quick to thaw and use.

My husband goes fishing
by: Virginia Sholin Smallwood

I had a Food Saver, but had this crazy idea I could use several layers of plastic wrap and just wrap it tightly before freezing. After just a few weeks, his beautiful fish developed freezer burn and off flavors.

Finally, I was talked into actually using my Food Saver for the fish! Good grief! Why didn't I do this before?!

Since that time, the fish seems to keep for months and months (at least). It comes out very fresh and without any freezer burn or off flavors.

Refreezing meals
by: Anonymous

If I freeze meat and thaw it, can I cook the meat and then use the food saver system to refreeze the dish?

tip for soup
by: Anonymous

I use silicone loaf pans to freeze soups, sauces etc and then when the soup is frozen, I take it out and seal it. (because you can't seal liquids)

I have a fancy foodsaver that automatically starts the suction process when you insert the edge of the bag and it seals a set distance from the edge of the plastic, but I would actually choose to go with a cheaper model next time. If I had one of the models that you place the bag in and then close the lid and start the sealing process, I could put seals down the middle of the section of sealer bag and make smaller bags for snack portions etc.

Be careful of the model you purchase
by: Anonymous

I liked my older model of Food Saver much better because the bags would be shaped flatter. The new model seals several inches off the countertop causing many items to slide to the bottom of the bag and making it more difficult to store in the freezer. I'm going to order several freezer bins to help control the bags from slipping and sliding in the freezer due to the "rounder" shape of my sealed bags.

Easy soup storage
by: Pamela Reband

I make a whole crock pot of homemade soup at a time. Then I freeze the soup in single serving sizes right in the bowls I'll use to heat and eat later. When the soup is frozen it's easy to slip it out of the bowl by just lowering the bottom of the bowl into hot water and sliding the chunk of soup out. That can then be placed in a freezer bag. Now when you want soup there is an easy, single serving ready to just slip out of the bag and into your microwave safe bowl, which it exactly fits. This has also helped keep me on my diet by giving me only as much as I should have at a time.

by: Anonymous

Here is a ridiculous question from a person with ADHD. If I don't see something it is like it doesn't even exist and I can go years. I used the food saver to freeze a bunch of hamburger and chicken. It has sat in the chest freezer for a LONG (year) long time. It has no frost and has never been unfrozen, can I still eat it?

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