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Errands To Do List App Review: How I Use It In My Everyday Life

by Jessica
(Lewistown, PA)

Jessica shared how she uses the Errands To Do List app for iPhone and iPad to help keep her organized and on task in and around her home.

Jessica says:

I use this app all the time! It's great because you can have different categories; I have an "errands" category with a separate note for each store I frequent and a shopping list within each (you can choose to have a plain note or a checklist).

I also have my cleaning chores split up into things for each day and a "Home" category where I have a note for each day of the week with a checklist of my chores under each.

Since it doesn't automatically get rid of completed items, its easy to check them all off as I do them and then either work backwards (unchecking things as done) the next week or spend a few seconds unchecking each to be prepared for the next week.

I also have a running to do list note, as well as a to sew list, a to do list for things I want to ask my hubby to do, and other lists as necessary. For example, I am currently planning to make soap, so I have a "soap needs" list.

It's a great little app and its FREE!

I use it on my iPhone as well as previously on my iPod touch. As long as you sync to Itunes, you won't lose anything.

I don't have internet on my iPhone (have it as prepay) so I don't worry much about the cloud and haven't missed it.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your review of the Errands to do list app Jessica. This is one I hadn't previously heard of before a couple of days ago, when a Facebook reader said she used it too. It's so helpful to hear an explanation for how its used.

One thing I know I struggle with is dealing with recurring tasks, since I don't want to have to take the time to type them in over and over again, and this sounds like it handles that issue really well.

Has anyone else used the Errands app, and want to share how it works for you? Or, have you used another to list app, and want to tell us about that one?

If so, you can share your reviews and recommendations for apps here.

In addition, you can see my list of the best apps for organizing and home management in the HSS101 App Store.

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