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Running List For Storing & Eating Leftovers {With Free Printable}

Here's a simple way to make sure everyone knows what's available for eating leftovers from your fridge, including a free printable running list.

How to use a running leftovers list to make sure you eat your leftovers, including a free printable leftovers inventory form {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

If you need to throw away old leftovers in your fridge a lot, you need to find a method to eat those leftovers more quickly before they go bad.

There are lots of different ways to make sure your family eats leftovers, or at least doesn't waste food in your home, which we explored in the how to eat leftovers and not waste them article.

One of the suggestions in that article was to keep a simple list on your fridge of all the available leftovers so your family knows what is available.

How to use a running leftovers list to make sure you eat your leftovers, including a free printable leftovers inventory form {on Home Storage Solutions 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

To make that list one simple solution is to use a dry erase board which you can keep on your fridge, and as you cook new food that has leftovers, to add it to the list of what is available inside. When someone eats those leftovers that item can be marked off the list, and new items can be added as created.

In addition, upon popular request, I've made a printable list, which you can get below, which does the same thing.

Because you need to eat leftovers relatively quickly, with food safety experts stating that 3 days is the maximum time to leave leftovers before eating, whatever method you choose needs to have the ability to let you edit and change the list frequently.

Therefore, if you do use the printable below I suggest either laminating it, or placing it inside a clear page protector, and using a dry erase marker to write on it, so you don't need to print it out too frequently.

Notice in the printable I've added two columns, one for the food, but another for the date. This will help you and your family not have "science experiments" with past-prime food. You may forget exactly when you had that pot roast, but if you listed the date on the running list you'll remember and quickly answer the question for anyone of whether that food is still safe to eat or not.

Because leftovers don't last that long the date can also help you choose items that will soon go bad so you avoid more food waste.

Here's Your Copy Of The Free Printable

Free printable running list for eating leftovers before they go bad in your fridge {courtesy of Home Storage Solutions 101}
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