How To Store Fabric: File It!

Here's a great idea from a reader, Tracy, showing how to store fabric. She files it.

This method is really simple to implement. All you need are some empty file cabinet drawers and some hanging files, and of course your fabric stash.

Just drape the pieces of fabric across the file folders and voila, you'e organized your fabric pile.

I like this method because one, it's simple. And two, when you place the fabric on the file folders all of a sudden you're really able to see what pieces you've got, and can retrieve the piece you want without sorting through a big stack.

This is what Tracy had to say about this method:

"I thought I'd send this picture as it's a great idea to try and store fabric. It won't fade as no direct sunlight and is all protected from little creatures and easy to find the fabric you are after!!"

Brilliant! In fact, this idea was so popular my friend Emily saw it on my Facebook page and immediately implemented it for herself. You can see her pictures below as well.

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Sewing Fabric Storage Solution: I Love Filing It!

by Emily

So here's my friend Emily's pictures as well. This took her very little time, at least as compared to some organizing projects.

She explained, "Stole this idea from my friend Taylor! Now all my fabric for sewing is neat and organized!!"

It looks great Em!

So has anyone else utilized this method for organizing their fabric? If so, I'd love to see your results. You can submit your photos here for this or any craft organization project, and I'll add them to the site.

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Comments for Sewing Fabric Storage Solution: I Love Filing It!

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Great idea!
by: Anonymous

Also, as you are hanging it over folders, you can put a note in the folder as to what you planned it for, or even a pattern, notions etc. Organized sewing stuff .. what would I do?

Wonderful Idea
by: Renee

My mother and I have LOTS of fabric. I grew up with piles of fabric and her searching for just the right one for sewing. We both have relatively unused file cabinets, problem solved. Thanks.

use a shirt-folding board
by: Anonymous

To keep my fabrics orderly, I use a shirt-folding board. It works great for me. Try it, it will work for you. In addition, you can make your own with cardboard.

Love this
by: Marialce

I'm going to try this I have an empty cabinet from purging.

won't work for serious sewists and crafters
by: Anonymous

For most quilters this would not work! It looks like there might be room to organize the fabric for one or two projects, but most of us have two or three (at least) big storage totes full of just projects in progress! One friend had a huge tote of JUST threads for her crazy quilting!

I have a four drawer file cabinet of just clothing patterns. Since I am working on packing things for storage in order to list my house, I have seven 12 X 12 X 12 boxes from Walmart with quilting books, jewelry making books, polymer clay books, beading books, painting books and a couple with other mixed crafts like book binding and mixed media/ paper crafting art.

Serious sewists and crafters need MUCH larger storage areas for all kinds of materials and tools.

Although the filing is OK for the person who may make a throw pillow now and then for home dec, or a Halloween costume each year, just not enough for those of us who spend most of their day (or free time) sewing and crafting.

response re won't work for serious sewists and crafters
by: Taylor

As always, there is no one size fits all ideas out there. The beauty of organization is there are lots of potential solutions, you just have to find the one that works for you. That's cool if this won't fit your needs. I hope to add more to the site that can give even more fabric storage ideas in the future, which can work for larger fabric stashes. :)

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