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Rubbermaid Kitchen Recycling Bin Review: Hidden Recycler

Pursuant to FTC regulations please be aware that Rubbermaid provided me with a free Hidden Recycler to use for writing this review. However, all opinions expressed are my own, and have not been influenced by Rubbermaid.

I recently installed a small kitchen recycling bin from Rubbermaid, called the hidden recycler, behind my kitchen cabinet door, and love the convenience of it. Here's my review of the product.

Here is my review of the Rubbermaid hidden recycler, which I placed behind my kitchen cabinet door, but which could also be placed in a bathroom {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #Organizer #Recycling #KitchenOrganizationuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

I think we should all take more efforts to recycle in our home, including myself! That's why when Rubbermaid offered to give me a free Hidden Recycler for use in my kitchen I jumped at the chance to review this new product, and see if it would really help my household do a better job with this task.

You can see some pictures of this product in action in my home below, and how I'm currently using it in my home. What I liked is that this kitchen recycling bin is a lined bag, which is machine washable, which hooks onto the inside of one of your kitchen cabinet doors.

Its got a lid on top, plus a handle that you can use to lift it up off the hook and carry this small container into a larger recycling container you've got in another area of your home, such as in your garage.

The bag is relatively small, so it can fit in your cabinet. I have mine under the kitchen sink cabinet, so whenever we have something to recycle we just open that door and throw it into the kitchen reclycing bin now.

rubbermaid hidden recyclerHidden Recycler available on
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Although it is relatively small in size, it can fit a milk jug or a bunch of recyclables with its 5 gallon capacity. That means we only need to empty it into the larger recycling containers about every 3 days or so.

One thing I like is that it is light weight, so one of my children can lift it off the hooks and empty the kitchen recycling bin into the larger recycling containers as one of their kitchen chores, instead of me having to do it myself.

I haven't needed to wash the bag yet, but I appreciate the thought from Rubbermaid to make it machine washable. The leak proof liner is nice, but so is the ability, to clean up any stinky or sticky spills that a kitchen recycling bin such as this one could accumulate with the types of containers placed in it on a constant basis.

I could also envision installing another one of these in our bathroom, to use as a satellite recycling container area since it is relatively small. I could use it to collect recycling in that room to bring to the bigger bins at the same time I (or the kids) empty trash cans once a week.

rubbermaid hidden recycler

Below are some pictures of this small Rubbermaid kitchen recycling bin in action in my home, from how I received it in the box until set up in my kitchen. The set up was pretty easy, taking me about 10 minutes, and it only took that long since I put the bag on backward at first, duh!

I used the hooks to attach it to my kitchen cabinet, and as you can see it keeps the cabinet door from closing all the way, by about half an inch. However, that way if I don't like where its located I can move it! It can also be attached with screws (not included) if you wish instead.

kitchen recycling bin

You can purchase the recycler through through the referral link below:

Kitchen Recycling Bin {Referral Links}

Here is my review of the Rubbermaid hidden recycler, which I placed behind my kitchen cabinet door, but which could also be placed in a bathroom {on Home Storage Solutions 101} #Organizer #Recycling #KitchenOrganizationuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Second and third photos courtesy of Rubbermaid Products

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